Green in Fashion

Time to time new colour trends emerge. There is some sort of a fashion and every one wears something related to that color. As in winters dark color trend emerges and people start wearing blacks and blues and dark purple shades. Same as this, in summers people prefer lighter shades like beige or baby pink and yellow etc. Apart from this there are some neutral colors as well and they can be worn in almost every season like white, red, orange and green.

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I will be discussing the color green in this article. Many people get bored of the trends of colors. It is natural if we see everyone wearing the same color we usually start getting tired of it so at that moment green is color that breaks the trend and makes you look fashionable at the same time. At the time when you are fed up of watching the same colors then try adding green to your wardrobe, jewelery, bags, shoes and even other accessories. Green is a very cool color. One thing I always feel when I see green is the feeling of walking on wet grass. It actually gives me a soothing feel. Green is a color of vigor and courage and at the same time peace and relaxation.

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Apart from this green is our flag’s color so we must be in love with it. It has so many shades including; parrot green, bottle green, olive green, apple green, sea green, lime and so many others. A green bag can actually make you stand out in a crowd. It’s the color of freshness and coolness. The biggest advantage of this color is that it suits almost every skin tone. This is what makes it popular. It is a very pretty color which goes with fairer skin tones and also with tanner skin tones. It is a great combination with white, beige, peach, black, navy and many other colors. I will definitely recommend it to every one of you. Try wearing it and see the change.

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It is very important to choose the perfect shade of green. Try to watch yourself in all shades and see what suits you best. Green can be worn as a plain color or you can add different shades in one dress. Apart from this you can add more feminine items such as polka dots, ballet flats and pink shaded mufflers. What I do is in winter specially, I have a bright green colored long coat, I match it up with blue skinny jeans and a bronze sweatshirt and I m ready to go. Sometimes I open up my hair and sometimes I tie them up. Another advice is that if you have dark colored hair use lighter shades of green and if you have lighter hair then use darker shades of green. Green and red is not a good combination for me atleast.

Dark green can be blended with other shades of green like pastel green and mint green. This creates a very different yet stylish look but this does not mean that one should wear everything colored green. It will look odd. It is necessary to break the colors you wear. Contrasts are more in these days so try to wear contrasting colors. A pastel green jean looks very trendy and graceful with dark green top or printed shade in green Bag. To give trendier look you can use mint green accessories, like watch, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings and other much more. You can also use mint green clutch and nail paint for chunky look.

Mint green is very lovely color and has many beautiful contrasts. You can use mint green accessories with golden, silver, pink and lemon shaded dresses. This will certainly look fabulous. Especially in summers its very perfect and fantastic color to glamorize your look. Mint green is very energizing and different from others. This is a great shade for almost any occasion. Either you wear in morning or evening. Not only in parties but also can wear for causal purposes. However, be careful to wear this color in small portion, otherwise you risk turning from a princess in to a frog. Last but not least, if you are bored with black or other dark colors and want to bring change then spinach green can be the best option to go. This was what I knew about green. Give your valuable comments if you know some more interesting ways to look perfect in green. Your comments are appreciated.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.


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