Grey’s Anatomy (Made in Pakistan) to air on Hum TV- Rumour or news?

Hum TV  has been lucky enough to have successful projects one after another in hands that keep its viewers bind to the channel. I recently found out a news on a social media that the channel would soon come up with a Pakistani Version of Grey’s Anatomy, which is an American Television medical drama been aired on ABC Channel. Making it easier to understand to the people who never followed any of the nine series of this American drama, the story is somewhat similar to the Indian Sanjivini and Dil Mil Gaye, where the fictional lives of the surgical intern and residents have been showed. It is a journey of how newly graduates turn into a professional doctors.

If you go back to the eras of 90’s, you will find Marina Khan’s Dhoop Kinaare which was based on same storyline too. Now that if the news is true, Hum TV has again all the chance to increase its ratings like anything as the cast which has been shown in the poster, comprises of celebrities who together can break the TRPs of any popular show. We can see Fawad  Khan,  Sanam Baloch, Javed Sheikh, Imran Abbas, Humaima Malik, Hina Bayat and Shehroze Subzwari in the poster.


While I was reading the comments of the people on a social media, people are confused whether they would be liking the local version of their favorite American drama or like previous projects, this one would be a disappointing too. Many think its a photoshopped image, Though whatever it is, if such kind of a thing appears on screen, how would you take it, Share your views!

It might be a photoshopped image revolving like a fire on social media, but there is one thing for sure, all the celebrities look amazingly good in the avatar of doctors and surgeons :)


Nida Zaidi


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  • this is photoshop ofcourse. and pain killer which is going on air on ptv , they are copying DR WHO very badly
    and real life doctors can understand this that how bad they are in copying DR WHO.
    i hope this news is fake i dont want to watch such a disaster

  • hum tv plz dont do it, jo thori ezat hy ap k channel ki wo b khatam ho jay gi. greys anatomy main jo dikhaya jata hy wo pakistani society main totally unacceptable hy

  • This is a very good Idea of Gray Anatomy; Let's see how it works, If not in the upper class level people but for sure lower class definetly will learn some thing they don't aware of it. This is just for awareness for those who don't know what to do in kind of situations. I wish we all should have a decent and little cheaper system in Pakistan, Like all other countries respect and care for Ambulance, Just to save one life no matter what we should give way to Ambulance. That's my feelings which I want to share with others, thank you for bare with me.

  • I know and have the picture of the American show poster which is in very angle except for faces like this poster so it is just a photoshop .

  • for GOD sake r u guys BLIND … it can b seen from every angle that this is a photoshoped picture … get a life n open ur eyes plus minds

  • idea is not bad pakistani drama has its own class which can beat any american version…….. greys anatomy ka pakistani version sound interesting…….

  • The poster is photoshopped! Think about it…the Pakistani actress (sorry cannot recall her name) playing Bailey is not as fat as she has been shown in that poster. Also, Imran Abbas, does not have that broad of shoulders, it seems like Mark Sloan's body. Also all their faces, especially Pakistani McDreamy Fawad Khan's face, all look clearer than the rest of their bodies…so ya I'd say photoshopped! Too bad :)

  • Javed sheikhs hand is black…..definitely photoshopped….hina bayat looks so artificial….bad editing whoever did it.

  • i think it will be very nice , provided you dont make it to american… all the charm of our culture and romance will go away….. american drama serial is very seductive so make it real and romantic.
    Marina khan did a wonderful job in dhoop kinare and it was a great production… touch of humor too.

    try it HumTV … but keep it short and classy!

  • Its 100% photoshoped, Yeah but idea is good Hum should Definitely try it, I think the casting should be revised, Maira Khan as cristina wont look good at all and fawad as mark sloon no way…

  • I like grey's anatomy alot I have seen all 9 seasons and waiting for 10th and I like these GA forums if any one knows about these forums and any other series like GA let me know plz

  • I like grey's anatomy alot I have seen all 9 seasons and waiting for 10th and I like these GA forums if any one knows about these forums and any other series like GA let me know plz.


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