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Guide to surviving university

Transitioning from school to university is one of the most hardest and crucial turning points of an individual’s life. Here’s a guide for you to help you survive those crucial university years:

Set a routine

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Having a set routine allows you to be organized with your everyday tasks. You should have time to do all your work and still relax. Set a routine around when to sleep which should essentially be around 8 hours of sleep so you wake up energized and still have time for breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day while keeping your energy levels high throughout the day. A set routine doesn’t mean you can’t change things here and there but it certainly does help keep you productive. Use it as a guideline instead of a timetable.

Interact with people

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While we make friends in school, it’s really hard to part with them when we enter university. Everyone chooses different career paths thus making it difficult for people to survive in an altogether different environment. It’s almost the same as going to school for the first time. Seek this new experience to allow you to interact with new people and make friends with individuals with the same mindsets as you. You’ll definitely be needing them for projects (JK!)

Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them

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It is OK to make mistakes while you’re in university. After all it’s a new learning experience which is totally different from what you were taught in school. You need to give yourself time to get adjusted to it. Even if you fail at the first try, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t get upset over it, instead take it as a challenge to move forward and do better.

Get a planner to organize things

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A planner will help you organize your daily tasks and even keep things in mind. Jot down all the important tasks and chores you need to accomplish throughout the day, week or even month wise. You can also color code them so it becomes much more easier to remember.

Don’t compare yourself with others

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Different people have varying skill sets. Some might be better in math, others might be better in English, while some might be better in presentations. Thus, don’t compare yourselves with others and focus on yourself. Your grades are going to speak for you and you only. Don’t get into the rat race of being number one just to compete with others but be in the race to compete with yourself.

Set a budget aside

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This is absolutely crucial when you’re starting university! If you learn to budget well from the very beginning, that skill will continue to be your saving grace for the next three or four years you have in university and even afterwards! Don’t splurge unnecessarily as this skill will teach you how to budget in your professional life as well. On the other hand, don’t be too harsh or strict on yourself and learn to have fun alongside. Enjoy the ride while it lasts!