Hadiqa Kiani Files Defamation Suit Against British Website

Internationally acclaimed Pop-star Hadiqa Kiani was a part of the headlines when a British website ‘Metro UK’ reported the news of she being caught in smuggling cocaine at the airport. Hadiqa is sueing Metro.co.uk for allowing fake site ‘metro-uk.com’ to defame her and the country by airing false news regarding her arrest.

According to reports, on February 14 the British news website quoted local authorities saying that Hadiqa Kiani was arrested for trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee inside two suitcases. However the ‘Boohay Barian’ singer strongly denied media reports that she was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London, soon after she tweeted that she is in Lahore with her family and the rumour is entirely baseless.

As a result of this news, fans and friends of Hadiqa Kiani from all over the world were shocked and so she reacted strongly to the entire scenario and has finally filed a defamation lawsuit against the website, claiming that it harmed her reputation in the country.

Rimsha Butt