Hamayun Saeed Talks About “Bin Roye”

Hamayun Saeed has done a lot for the Pakistani drama industry not only by acting in the dramas but by making a production house which has given the Pakistani viewers some unforgettable dramas. Recently Hamayun Saeed talked to a newspaper about his film Bin Roye among other things. Many people are criticizing Hamayun Saeed playing the lead with Mahira Khan because he is so much older than her. Hamayun explained, “Age makes absolutely no difference. If Aamir Khan could do 3 Idiots at his age then anything is possible; one just has to work on his character and appearance to make it appear real. Mahira and I both had to look ten years younger in Bin Roye and I think we’ve done a convincing job.”

bin roye

He also said something that will come as a surprise to many, “Ironically the film’s requirement was that we NOT have chemistry……….The film is very real where relationships are concerned.”

bin royee

The film Bon Roye did really well on the box office. Hamayun Saeed believes that happened because it was a female centric film unlike many of the other films that were not based on such stories.