Hamza Ali Abbasi Not Happy With Ayyan’s Bail

Hamza Ali Abbasi keeps on sharing his opinion about everything that is hyped up by the media or is of importance for any reason despite of the criticism which he very often faces for having this habit of something to say about everything. Hamza Ali Abbasi thinks that social media is “not a place to show off what outfit i am wearing today or what kind of food did i have for lunch, infact, social media is a place to share opinions and ideas.”

hamza abbasi

He also says that in our society sharing your opinion or having an opinion different from others is considered a taboo so he is working to break free from this taboo by giving people an open forum to disagree with him.

Ayyan Ali was recently bailed from court. Hamza Ali Abbasi thinks that it is very sad that the court let her go like that and he also does not like the way in which Ayyan Ali was given so much attention by the media.


Here is what he had to say about Ayyan: