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Hamza Ali Abbasi Wants Celebrities To Use Social Media Sensibly

Hamza Ali Abbasi is known for having and sharing opinions which are always different from other celebrities and most often more meaningful too. This time Hamza Ali talked about the way most celebrities use social media and the way he thinks it should be used. In a talk show Hamza shared that most often celebrities focus more on themselves, what they are eating and what they are doing as opposed to focusing on things which truly matter.

He also said that God has put us in a position where people listen to us and follow us. He said that celebrities should use this power given to them responsibly to spread messages which are important. Hamza Ali Abbasi recently decided not to be a part of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani sequel because he wants to be part of only those projects which offer something bigger than just entertainment. Hamza has also spoken against item numbers in films repeatedly and very often uses his social media accounts for sharing his views on politics and social affairs.