Mohsin Abbas Haider, Amna Illyas & Sadaf Kanwal’s Dance Performance Videos

Mohsin Abbas Haider, Amna Illyas and Sadaf Kanwal all are immensely talented. They have proven their mettle in different fields of showbiz but this is the first time that all three of them were seen together on stage performing in front of a massive audience at the HUM Style Awards. The selection of the songs was superb and the energy with which these performers danced was faultless. This dance performance had some challenging steps but they pulled it off with ease.

It is evident from these videos that Mohsin Abbas Haider especially has many talents and he excels at all of them. Amna Illays’ dance moves are impressive. Sadaf Kanwal who has already mesmerized the audience with her dance moves on the big screen, shows that she can perform just as energetically in front of a live audience. This dance performance certainly is something to look forward to!

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