Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Latest Statement About His Upcoming Film

Hamza Ali Abbasi has something new to tell his fans about his upcoming film and what better way to do that then to make good use of the social media. Hamza Ali Abbasi in his latest facebook update made it very clear that he was unaware that the two songs which are in the film were there or were being shot in that manner. He also said that he will not take part in the promotions of the film if those songs were not taken out of the film, something which is highly unlikely!! Hamza Ali Abbasi endorses the view of the general public when he says that he thinks that the two songs in the film “are very inappropriate and show indecent visuals.”


Hamza Ali Abbasi also informed his fans that the humor in the film was very “clean” and that he was not getting paid for the film, which again comes as a surprise to many. He also explains, “For whatever reasons, I was part of something I oppose. And hence, as i cherish the trait of self criticism, I resigned from PTI Culture Secretary office, apologized and raised a voice against it.”


This recent statement of Hamza Ali Abbasi is in line with what general public thinks about the film but how will his “friends” who acted in this film and produced it feel about it??

Here is status update of Hamza Ali Abbasi: