Hania Amir’s Latest Shoot

Hania Amir is a very beautiful actress. She looks beautiful and innocent which makes her a choice of many designers. Hania’s overall innocence makes her shoots fun and pretty. She did an advertisement campaign for the bridal collection of a brand and needless to say, Hania looked stunning. Hania starred in the campaign along side Hasnein Lehri and the couple looked awesome. Hanein was wearing a grey tuxedo and looked extremely handsome, all thanks to his good genes and the smirk.

Hania wore a baby blue sharara with a pink dupatta. Her hair was styled in soft curls and she was wearing beautiful jewellery. Hania looked stunning in the pictures and is definitely giving everyone some wedding wear inspiration. Here is the duo rocking their looks:

Hania sure is defining innocence and beauty in her shoot. Isn’t she?

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