Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrities Share Beautiful Messages

It’s Mother’s Day today and celebrities are wishing their mums a happy Mother’s Day. Celebrities shared beautiful messages for their mothers, who continue to remain a driving force in their super successful lives.

Happy Mother's Day! ?❤️ #momson

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‪Meri maa ❤️ ‬ ‪Happy Mother's Day dostoon‬

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Happy Mother's Day to this beautiful woman ❤️?

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My world ⚡️?, #happymothersday meri jan ❤️

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I asked my mother what she wants for Mother's Day and she said ……you . My family my world.

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Happy Mothers Day to this beauty!!! Luv u MA!! ❤️?

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Happy mothers day❤❤❤u know I couldn't do it without you?#mom#mummy#ama#ammi#ma

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Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful hard working mothers ❤

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– Happy Mother's Day – (Part 1)

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Happy Mothers day mama❤️ who ever I'm today is because of you❤️

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"Love Letter inbound to Heaven” Lets start of by saying how important it is to live out each & every moment of our lives with the people who hold us the most dearly, most sincerely & love us unconditionally; our parents. I pray the Almighty Allah to give a long, healthy & happy life to all the parents in the world & for their children to make full use of the the time that they have been blessed with. On a rather paradoxical note, i will ask you this; if (and the emphasis is on ‘IF’) you were given a choice to choose which parent to hold on to & which parent to let go off (God Forbid), who would you choose? Your father or your mother? Before anyone gets all emotional & blows a rationale in my comments section, i would want to clarify that this is no manner showing your loyalty more to one parent, choosing a better person or any other ludicrous reason; this has been asked just to get our inner selves to speak. I will choose my mom; knowing that how close i was with my dad & how many sleepless nights i have in a month where i think about him or read his poetry. Why i say #MOM is because years of parenting has taught me a simple yet extremely significant difference between a father & a mother. A father would only understand, negotiate, punish or award etc a ‘black & white’ scenario; a mother on the other hand lives her entire dealing in the ‘grey areas’. Ammi, today you are in a better place with Papa in heaven looking over all of us & imagining what we all are up to. We miss you, i miss you, i miss your curious yet worried eyes, your silent yet expressive smile & there is nothing i would want more than to spend some more time on the dinner table sitting across & noticing how much i eat & then decide wether i look healthy or not. I can keep on writing but i also know Heaven keeps you busy & papa keeps you happy, that alone is more than enough for me to stop troubling you with my petty emotions. Know this however, i cannot be more thankful to Allah that i had you as a mother & i can’t be more grateful to you for shaping me in to the human i am today.

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Happy Mother's Day Amma!!!

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Happy mommy day my ever gorgeous! ?

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