Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 6 – Viewers Zara Tham Ke!

This episode took dragging a certain issue which seems more like a non-issue right now to a whole new level and I have to admit that even though I was being really patient and tried my best to enjoy these conversations but I just could not do that!! I love Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s dialogues but only when they go well with the situation being presented on screen. Also, it is particularly odd that even these young people who are supposed to be fun loving and carefree speak like philosophers! It reminds me of the days when I was teaching; when we got an extra class and didn’t have enough to content to keep the students occupied, we sometimes used to talk about irrelevant things which were important generally but had nothing to do with that particular class!!

Gulrez might be sensitive and he will probably not take rejection well but the fact that most of the conversations in this episode revolved around Gulrez’s state of mind and whether Maheen will accept or reject the proposal was truly annoying especially because this has been going on for 3 episodes now!! The thought running through my head during this episode was, “God!!!! these people really need to get a life!!” I hate to say this but the first episode of this drama gave a completely different introduction to the story. It promised something meaningful and intense but what we are watching right now are a lot of heavy duty dialogues with very little context!

I am glad that Ayeza Khan is experimenting with her looks but her loud make-up, those curls and especially the dress she wore tonight when Maheen was out shopping was a little too over the top! That was a formal outfit which no one will wear to a mall or even during day time when they are out and about. Maheen should have been dressed in a fun and trendy manner but her overall outlook is more exaggerated than anything else. Fajr got a lot of screen time in tonight’s episode and her over excitement was cute as long as it looked like it will eventually lead to something but after those long scenes in which she tried to convince Gulrez that he should go ahead and hold Maheen’s hand (since that somehow will do the trick!) when Gulrez just backed out and turned to his foxy for comfort, I felt cheated!

The only conversation which I enjoyed was the one the entire family had when Maheen was at ami begum’s house. It was good to see someone talking about Waqar for a change! I am also surprised that ami begum values and loves Maheen more and was being very judgmental about Waqar even at this point when he was supposed to be very close to her.

I still feel that all the characters have a refreshing feel to them overall but the story so far does not have a lot to offer. The previous episode ended with Jia arguing with her father and this one too ended with him looking at Maheen while she got up to leave the party. Is there a connection between these two? The way his character is being gradually revealed, it seems like there is more to this track. Honestly speaking, I am tired of watching Faryal Mahmood play such roles and just like Ayeza Khan, she too is wearing a lot more make-up than required. Waqar Ahmed apologized to Maheen in this episode and it is highly likely that there is an “agenda” behind this apology. I have no idea why the background score was so romantic every time Waqar and Maheen met, it seemed out of place.

This episode was just as slow-paced as the last one and the conversations were highly repetitive. I hope it picks up pace and becomes more interesting in the upcoming episodes. I am pretty sure now that the viewers will have to watch this drama “zara tham ke” since the writer is in no hurry to take the story forward ;) Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar ko “halka na lei”!!!

PS: The review reflects my views about this episode and not the drama as a whole therefore like any other sensible and open-minded person, I am more than willing to enjoy future episodes if they are enjoyable!!!

Fatima Awan

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