Hassan Ali with his Wife Samiya for their Wedding Event in Pakistan

Hassan Ali and Samiya visited Pakistan for the first time after their marriage. Hassan’s family was super excited to welcome him and his beautiful wife. The whole house was decorated with rose petals, and the couple was warmly welcomed. 

Hassan took his wife to Islamabad to visit famous places of Pakistan like Faisal Mosque, Monument, and a roof-top restaurant Monal. She did the shopping for herself as well during her visit to Islamabad. 

Hassan and Samiya got married in Dubai. They had their wedding functions there with close family members and friends. So, a reception was arranged by Hassan’s family to meet all their relatives. 

Samiya looked a desi bride in off-white formal dress with gold jewelry. She even made a fish-knot braid that looks perfect with the dress. Hassan wore green shalwar kameez with a navy blue waistcoat.

Here are some of the latest pictures of Hassan Ali and Samiya ready for their wedding event in Pakistan. Have a look! 

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