Heartwarming Patriotic Advertisements For 14 August 2022

Pakistani dramas and music have always gathered praise all over the world. Now, Pakistani films are also progressing and we have had several projects over the years which got a lot of appreciation. However, one department that always remains under appreciated is our ability to make the best and most emotional advertisements out there. On this Independence Day, we also saw a plethora of advertisements tugging our heart strings. Check out some below:

Heartwarming Patriotic Advertisements For 14 August 2022

1. Zong:

Sheheryar Munawar in this advertisement for Zong paid tribute to Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla who composed our National Anthem. The ad is heartwarming and connects us to our National Anthem even more.

2. J. Fragrances:

J. Fragrances went on and showcased the fragrance of all the provinces of Pakistan.

3. Green Palms Gwadar:

Green Palms Housing showed he beauty of Pakistan and her story of progress in 75 years.

4. Urban Sole:

Urban Sole teamed up with Adeel Afzal and had some hard hitting questions for Pakistanis at he 75th year celebrations of Independence.

5. Habib Metro:

Habib Metro portrayed the 75 years of journey of Pakistan in a human form. A beautiful peace indeed.

6. Fatima Fertilizer:

Fatima Fertilizer with its Sarsabz Pakistan campaign gave us the strength to hold on to hope.

7. National Bank of Pakistan:

National Bank of Pakistan delivered the message of Unity.

8. KFC Pakistan:

KFC Pakistan focused on the contributions of Pakistanis for the homeland.

9. #PakistanZindabad:

Mohsin Abbas Haider decked up as a 75 year old man shows the world what Pakistan is in just 75 seconds.

These advertisements refresh the saying of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and make us think about Unity, Faith and Discipline. We at reviewit wish Pakistanis a very happy Independence Day. May our country prosper with peace and resilience.

Pakeeza Dar