Here Is The Ultimate Remedy To Lighten Dark Knuckles

Low maintenance, little to no skin care routine and poor diet are some of the reasons for your physical appearance and bad skin. Parts of your body, like knuckles, elbow, knees get dark really fast, but don’t worry, forget expensive chemicals because we have brought you the most convenient remedy to enlighten them after just a few applications, with egg and milk.

Apart from eggs and milk being a source of protein, they can also benefit your skin as beauty products. Yes! Milk was already famous for enlightening skin tone naturally and the market is full of many milk soaps, but now eggs are on the list, too. Eggs provide nourishment, elasticity and hydration to the skin, leaving the skin soft-textured and hydrated

In Nida Yasir’s morning show, talking about the benefits of eggs and milk, Dr Batool Ashraf shared the ultimate remedy to enlighten knuckles with just egg and milk.


Egg White

Powdered Milk 1 tbsp

Vitamin C Drops/ Lemon 10-12

Dispirin Tablet 1

How to:

  1. Mix egg whites, powdered milk, Vitamin C drops and Dispirin.
  2. Apply on knuckles/elbows/knees and massage upwards to remove wrinkles.
  3. Leave for 5 minutes and wash.

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