Here’s What Momina Mustehsan Has To Say About Breakup Rumors

There were rumors that coke studio debutante, Momina Mustehsan and her fiancé have broken up their engagement after almost four months. Fans of the popular singer were already rejoicing since their sensation was believed to be single but neither Momina nor Ali Naqvi confirmed the news.

After all the hoopla, Momina decided to speak up, she slammed all the websites and social media pages for publishing false news’.

In an Instagram post, she writes; “I have a personal life that I have every right to keep to myself. Please don’t turn it into a joke and a source of entertainment”.

She urges the news websites and social media pages to take down articles that have been spreading rumors about her personal life and adds, “If there is something that needs to be shared with the world, I’ll make the announcement myself. Please stop spreading stories based on guesswork, especially when they are none of your business.”

She urged the publishers to stop selling her personal life for business, “I’d appreciate if these so-called news pages remove these stupid articles they’ve been circulating. Please stop selling my personal life for clicks and views.”

We can feel your pain Momina!

Rimsha Butt