Ushna Shah Supports ‘we are proud of you’ girl & Slams The Trolls

After Yasra Rizvi, an innocent college going girl had become the latest recipient of social media hate. It wasn’t long ago when we heard of a girl who was trolled for quoting the one-liner out of context. Social media police didn’t took long to troll her in every possible way, and there were news of the girl not attending her college anymore due to embarrassment.

The Oye kuch kar guzar actress Ushna Shah has a video message for the girl who was trolled and gave a befitting reply to all the trolls. In a video, Ushna retained that she was shocked to learn that the said girl was thinking of committing suicide and went on to say that those who were making fun of the girl were actually exposing their insecurities and repeating what British rulers used to do with our ancestors for not knowing their language properly.

There were rumors of the girl thinking to commit suicide and leaving college. However, recent reports suggest that the girl’s teacher clarified that she was fine and would be expressing her viewpoint in a television show soon.

Rimsha Butt