Here’s What Our Favourite Celebrities Have To Say on Pakistan Day

With the country flag hoisted everywhere and those perfectly practiced parades all over Pakistan, the spirit of national pride was high among everyone today, for the Pakistan day.

Pakistani celebrities took to social media to show their love for the nation with messages, wishing their followers happy Pakistan Day. Some showed their love for the country with patriotic posts, powerful and strong messages and some simply wished their fans.

Home is not a place, it's a feeling. Happy Pakistan Day!

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Pakistan resolution day ❤#sabaqamar #Onepk #beonewithwhatyouwear @beoneshopone #pakistanzindabad #23rdmarch

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Happy Pakistan day #humsabkapakistan

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23rd March 1940 A single man's dream was put onto paper for an entire nation to pray. This wasn't as simple as it sounds; this action changed the very looks of the world map! Years to follow, my father sat me down & explained the importance of this day, stories I will never forget & never take lightly. Last night my dear friend, Aijaz Aslam reminded me of our childhood routines on the 23rd March. Waking up early to sit on an already dressed breakfast table with the TV turned on to enjoy the National Parade & to dream about joining Air Force the first year, Army the second, Navy the third & even drooling about being a Special Commando for my country. Not saying families don't do this anymore but looking at the younger generation I do realize that the same 'spirit' of the day is missing. We take 23rd March as a national holiday but never reminisce over the importance of the day. I wish us all a strong Resolution Day & urge everyone to pass on the knowledge to our younger ones to remind them that this country was earned through a lot of hardships & blood spill. #pakistanzindabad #pakistanday #23rdmarch #parade #adnansiddiqui

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Hum Zinda Hain, Hum Zinda Hain, Hum Zinda Hai. Yom-e-Pakistan Mubarak! ???? #sanambaloch #official #exclusive

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Alhumdolillah #23rdmarch #Pakitstanday #rabiabutt

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Rimsha Butt

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