Hina Altaf Got Uncomfortable During Shoot With Faisal Rehman!

Recently a video went viral on social media. The video had actress Hina Altaf and actor Faisal Rehman. Both of them worked together in Gumrah, and a video from behind the scenes emerged online. In the video, Faisal suddenly tries to remove a mike being visible on Hina’s clothes. Hina gets up as she was startled by his action. Hina had a very natural reflex to the situation but the video became a talk online since people love to dig masala in every situation. Here is the video:


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People had opinions all over that Faisal should have asked Hina about the mike while others were of the opinion that Hina reasonlessly overreacted. However, the video became a huge fiasco for the online audience and everyone typed away their thoughts. Gumrah was liked by the audience and people had a good reaction to the story as well as performances. The BTS video caused a stir that shouldn’t have happened but that is the power of social media. Everything becomes an issue. What do you think about this video getting viral over the internet? Share in comments!

Pakeeza Dar