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Hina Altaf Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

Hina Altaf has lost a lot of weight in the past few years. She has gone from being overweight to being perfectly toned within a period of a year. Hina Altaf shared in detail how she lost all this weight. She started by saying that losing weight is not as difficult as people make it sound like but at the same time she also shared that losing the last few inches was the most difficult experience of her life.

Hina Altaf said that leaving all white edibles like white rice, white flour, white sugar etc is the first step towards weight loss. Then she shared that walking or running is a must. She shared that if someone cannot leave the house to go for a walk or to the gym then they should workout in their own lounge or room.

She said that she is doing just that nowadays and it works. She shared how important it was to exercise and what a positive effect it had on the body and even mind.

Hina Altaf also said that losing the initial weight was easy but to lose the last few inches she had to leave all oil, sugar and salt from her life. She said that those were the most difficult 4 weeks of her life.