Hina Altaf To Play Zebu In Udaari

Hina Altaf Khan is a talented young actress, best known for her acting in Ek Thi Misal and Abroo. She has an innocent face because of which she’s been typecast as the weeping bechari. IMG_20160707_195415 Hina Altaf just confirmed that she will be playing the role of Zebu in Udaari. There will be a time jump in Udaari and the child star will be replaced by Hina Altaf. Udaari is a drama which talks about the issue of child abuse in a very sensitive and intelligent manner. Hina confesses that she is nervous and understandably so, because this is quite a challenging role. She is a good actress and here’s hoping that the brilliant director, Ehteshamuddin brings out the best in her. IMG_20160707_195311 What do you think? Is Hina Altaf the right choice for playing Zebu? 


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