“Hina Dilpazeer is an ‘Art Diva’ “- Says Anil Kapoor

Pakistan is a country where you see all the talent existing and yet waiting for a platform. Thanks to the privatization in the entertainment sector, the emerging new channels have given the industry a real boost and have taken the entertainment world above its initial level. Now that the Pakistani content is getting a global exposure, even the celebrities outside the country are praising the quality of acting and versatility which are one of the significant attributes of the A-class actors of Pakistan.


Recognizing the power of Pakistani talent, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, recently appreciated the acting skills of the highly talented Hina Dilpazeer, the ‘Momo’ of Bulbulay. The actor stated that he is impressed by her acting which naturally comes out on screen as a reality, and for sure, this is truly a gift with which all the artists are not bestowed with.  He further praised her adaptability of different roles simultaneously and declared her as an ‘Art Diva’.


People who might not know much about him, it is more than a news that he is running an acting academy where he teaches his students the subject of acting and he disclosed to the media during the same interview that he motivates his students by presenting Hina Dilpazeer as a model.

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It is more than a pleasure for all the Pakistani drama lovers that Pakistan has overpassed the reign of Indian dramas craze within the country and now it is the Pakistani content which is been admired by the world outside by known celebrities who have even won Oscars for their contributions in the field of acting.


We wish more power to Hina Dilpazeer,


Nida Zaidi


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  • Mashallah that is so nice to hear! Our talent is finally being recognised outside our country! :) And we’re no longer known as a ‘terrorist’ nation. (Of course, we never were! ;)) What a breath of fresh air, Alhumdulillah. Thanks for sharing the good news, Nida. :)

    • Exactly Urva!
      I guess it is just the beginning, our industry has a lot of potential and it is more than a pleasure that we now have the right direction as well!

      Cheers :)

  • NZ a great piece of news, it was in 80’s when we read in print media that in Poona Art Academy of india dramas of roohi bani, khalida riyasat, toqeer nasir, uzma gilani and other great actors of that time are part of syllabus.

    After a long time, Hina is at same place where her acting is used to teach acting to students of arts.

    you mentioned bulbullay it is a comedy play produced by Nabeel, but most of Hina work is with Faseeh Bari/S Mazhar Moin team, who are known for a different class of drama, there is along list, QSKB, Mohabat jaye bhar mein, rinchore line ka romance, burns road ki nilofer, lady boxer, some of these are really annoying dramas. It would be interesting to know which drama of Hina is used as a teaching material, hope its not QSKB

    • one unique thing of Hina is, she is perhaps the only female artist who has played role of HIJRA in some dramas, otherwise only male artist were considered suitable to play a HIJRA role

    • Salam Brother Rashid,
      I absolutely agree with you on QSKB, I so wanted to mention this one in my write-up but apart from the fact that Hina has done a flawless work in all her characters, the script of the drama sometimes go out of the track.

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