Kadurat Episode 07 – Mina vs Alina

This was another episode of Kadurat in which Mina continued executing her plans to make her step family’s life miserable. The interesting thing is that no matter how evil Mina may be but she expects to be loved. The way she felt after she was rejected by Daniyal went to show that she longs to be loved and accepted despite of all her weaknesses. I find this part of Mina’s personality very relatable because every human being wants to be accepted by others and feels rejected and led down if he doesn’t get enough love, no matter what kind of a person he is. Girls who are either deprived of their father’s love in childhood or are overprotected tend to be the way Mina is; she tries to woo her psychiatrist, wants to marry Daniyal, gets hurt when Asad shows affection towards Alina and wants her father all to herself. What she does is a direct outcome of her insecurities and the yearning to be loved especially by the men in her life. It is almost as if she is trying very hard to fill a vacuum in her life. There’s a saying that goes like this “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” – that is so true!


Atiqa has taken an about turn; the “I will save my family at any cost” demeanor did not last for long. She found it hard to tolerate Shaheen’s rude behavior and threats because she isn’t Mahmood’s daughter but Mina is allowed to cross all limits only because she is Atiqa’s step daughter. Giving her everything (and everyone!) she wants is not the solution of the problem especially when it involves another person as well. What makes Atiqa think that Daniyal will gladly agree to marry Mina? The part where Atiqa asked Alina to “sacrifice” was unbelievable. Mahmood’s reaction on the other hand was much more convincing.


I breathed a sigh of relief when Daniyal and Alina talked about their problem and managed to sort them out. That was definitely the way things should have been. Had this engagement ended because of what Mina did, it would not have been relatable at all. Junaid Khan’s hairstyle in the scene in which he is talking to Alina to convince her that he wanted her in his life was terrible.


The scene in which Shaheen tries to woo Mahmood was definitely very distasteful and awkward. The story could have easily moved forward just as well even if this particular track was not added in it. The scene after this one in which Mahmood walks in on Mina while she is taking some pills seemed like it came out of nowhere. There were a few other scenes as well that seemed like a case of a poor execution, like Alina walking in when Daniyal and Mina are together. That particular scene could have been done well.


Sanam Saeed’s performance was flawless yet again all through this episode. She was especially brilliant in the scene in which she meets the psychiatrist and tells him about his suicide attempt. I found it somewhat unbelievable that everyone except Asad fell for Mina’s fake suicide story. Nida Khan performed well in few of the scenes but in most of the scenes she was completely expressionless. Mina is actually contemplating killing Alina; which is a very scary thought!


The preview of the next episode suggested that Atiqa is finally going to pay a price for her wrong attitude towards the problems her children are facing because of Mina. This latest episode was very happening like always but like all the previous episodes the surprise element was missing because we already saw in the preview what was coming our way. This time around as well, the main twist in the next episode was revealed in the preview! Sanam Saeed makes this show a treat to watch; her performance has been very powerful throughout.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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  • good review.i am liking kadurat very much.every episode of it is so much interesting and sanam saeed is really doing very well as mina.i think next year she will get two awards one the best actress for zgh and the next one best negative actor from kadurat wow superb performance by her.story,acting,direction and editing all are superb.waqi mein yeh 3 sanam toh chaa gayi hain sanam saeed,sanam baloch and sanam jhang.the way sanam saeed portrayed the character of mina is superb no one can do it better than sanam saeed.lakin haan imran aslam ka character asad abhi tak khul ker saamne nahi aaya hai i mean asad ka abhi koi itna bara role nahi hai.

    • Thank you Fahad, you are right about the 3 Sanams. Sanam Saeed’s performance in Talkhiyaan was mind blowing too; did you watch that play? Asad may not get a lot of screen time but he knows Mina better than anyone else in the house and he is the only one she is slightly intimated by.

  • nice review fatima, the best drama by aabis raza and yes they just reveal everything in highlights of next episode.

    its still unclear what play will mina do with psychatrist. Nida khan has been on the scene for past three four years and still cannot make a big impact despite sizable roles in parsa, ahmed habib kee betiyan, mastana mahi

    • Thank you so much for following the reviews. You are so right about Nida Khan; she was just as expressionless in her first play, she has not improved at all. i wonder how she gets all these important roles.

  • Sanam as usual stole our hearts…. and as u mentioned the best scene was when she was telling to doctor about her suicide attempt… In that scene she was just brilliant !! Btw i didnt get the doctor… Does he really trust whatever mina says??

    • Silver Eyes, you know I was also wondering whether the psychiatrist just plays along with what Mina says or he actually believes whatever she says. I think that he used to believe everything she said before he had that conversation with Mahmood but now he doesn’t. Because when he talked to Mahmood, he blamed him completely but later on when Mina came to see him, he tried to make her understand that her step family wasn’t that bad after all. Yes, Sanam Saeed has breathed life into Mina’s character, love the way she changes her expressions especially in the scene in which she is torturing herself with the hot candle wax.
      Thanks a lot for following the reviews and giving such an honest feedback.

  • Good review. This drama is certainly very interesting, and a new concept. But I have to wonder about the psychiatric, hedoesn’t ask Mina about her past, doesn’t talk aobut her insecurities or demons! What kind of a psychiatric is he!? He could easily hypnotise her and know the truth, or talk her into it, since that is his job!

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