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“We Hope To Educate Against Illegal Immigration”, Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan has come leaps and bounds in terms of acting. Even though her characters till now have mostly been of the same genre, Armeena’s performance is consistently improving.

She is also very vocal about social issues and has been awarded for her concern and activism. Recently, we are seeing her in Daldal as the loving and simple Hira whose life is ruined by the ambitions of her greedy mother in law and husband. He goes abroad illegally and hence it becomes impossible for Hira to join him or for him to come back. The story elaborates the trials faced by the distanced couple.

Armeena spoke to BBC Asian Network and in a very cultured tone explained the whole idea behind the play. She said she had always wanted to be part of plays like Udaari and Sammi, so when she was offered Daldal, she did not think twice.

She said that they want to raise awareness about the hazards of illegal immigration and hope that her play will do its part in educating the people that they are going to be stuck in limbo if they use underhanded means to go abroad. She expressed her wish that government should provide opportunities for people to flourish in their own homeland so they are not tempted to leave this country without valid travel authorisation.

Here is what Armeena has to say about this very sensitive, yet very important topic;


HUM TV's Daldal has been praised for raising awareness about illegal immigration. Actress Armeena Rana Khan says she can see the impact it's having on society.

Публикувахте от BBC Asian Network в Петък, 12 януари 2018 г.