How Hamza Ali Abbasi Became Muslim

We all are very well aware of who Hamza Ali Abbasi is? He is a Pakistani superstar known for his tremendous acting in hit Urdu dramas. Hamza is also known as a strong political supporter who was there to stand for the rights of civilians. 

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Well, Hamza has decided to leave his acting career and follow the right path, the path of Allah. He shared a video message with his fans in which he talked about the reasons and scenarios which lead him to take this decision.

Hamza Ali Abbasi 

He said that he was 13 of 14 years old when he questioned his existence, the universe, why is he here in this world, and what is the purpose of life. Hamza became an Atheist! It was science that bought him back toward his Religion-Islam. He found satisfying answers to all his questions. 

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After finding answers, Hamza decided to help others who feel the same. He will continue his life talking about Allah Almighty and Islam. He will take a long break from acting because he will be talking about some serious stuff and acting sometimes require to do non-serious stuff. 

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Hamza Ali Abbasi will use all sorts of mediums to spread his message about Islam and to bring people closer to Allah Almighty. Watch the video for more details. 


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