How to let go of bad housekeeping habits

Good housekeeping habits not only keep our house clean but also welcoming. Here’s a list of bad housekeeping habits you need to let go of to keep the good ones intact:

Don’t pile up clean laundry here and there

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After your clothes are out of the washing machine and dried, make sure to fold them immediately or hang them in their designated spots. Don’t leave them lying around here or there as a growing pile of clothes in the corner will only make your room look messy and unkempt. Make this a habit as it won’t take much time and your closet will remain organized.

Don’t leave your bed messy in the morning

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Make it a habit to do your bed once you’ve awake. Not only does a messy bed look unwelcoming but it might need changing as well. It is really important to wash your bed sheets, pillow covers, quilt covers every now and then so they are fresh and new. Fresh bed covers also help you sleep better.

Don’t use dirty cleaning tools/appliances

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For sure cleaning tools are used to clean other surfaces and objects around the house but it is as important to wash them as well. A dirty cloth will only attract more bacteria rather than picking up dust.

Make sure to also give your washing machine and vacuum cleaners attention in this regard. While washing machines can be cleaned with hot water and vinegar, vacuum cleaner bags need to be emptied out every now and then.

Don’t create a mess in your drawers

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Mostly people forget cleaning out their drawers because they simply think if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Try and empty out your drawers every now and then and throw things which you won’t need.

Don’t forget to empty and clean your fridge and food cabinets

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Mostly people buy food items and forget about it. In this way, they stay in the food cabinets and the fridge while getting spoilt and rotten. Don’t be that person! This will only accumulate fungus on the food and smell bad. Repeat this process every two weeks so you can make a habit out of this.

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink

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Make it a habit to wash dirty dishes once you’re done eating in them. Some pots and pans need to be soaked for longer to get the grease and oil off them. A dirty sink will only attract bacteria, insects and bugs. So make it a habit as it is much more easier to wash lesser dishes than washing a huge pile of them afterwards.

Clean while you cook

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They say a good cook is one who keeps his cooking area clean while s/he cooks. While your delicious meal cooks on the stove, make sure to wash a few dishes in the meantime. In the end when you’re tired and done with cooking, you won’t be welcomed with a huge pile of dishes and utensils thus leaving you time to enjoy your meal.