Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 1 Story Review – A Solid Beginning

Ohkay so, written by Umera Ahmed, directed by Farooq Rind & produced by Nina Kashif & Momina Duraid Productions; Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is based on the widely-read novel of Umera Ahmed. This also happens to be the drama that marks the return of Mahira Khan on television after years & after watching the very first episode, I can already see why the big names decided to associate themselves with this project.

Characters, Introduction & The Story So Far

The first episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay established the equations that all the main characters share with each other. The most common theme of the story is the involvement of three cousins & how their lives have been intertwined. The direction was pure Farooq Rind fashion with a lot of slow-mo’s, OST & loud background music, however, the way it unfolded & ended definitely makes me look forward to it. First & foremost, I will definitely appreciate the attention to detail with which the characters & their looks were designed. I could immediately see the similarities in the features because of which the kids were picked to portray the young age of the characters. Also, all of the parents & the grandmother looked young in those scenes & the moment Shamim Hilali showed up after the time-lapse, it was beautiful how her character had aged, even the difference in the body language made it obvious. The credit goes to the actors as well as their stylists who made sure to do justice to this aspect of the time & age difference.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 1 Story Review - A Solid Beginning

The theme that was established in this entire episode was how the events & surroundings affect children & contribute towards their character building. I liked how it was implied that regular & casual conversations that parents deem normal, end up being a lot more damaging than they think. Everything that happened in Mehreen’s life when she was young was enough to shape her character but Mashal who seemingly has had a normal childhood turned out this way only because of the undue comparisons & behind-the-door conversations she heard from her mother. It was interestingly shown how on the surface people tend to put up an act to make it look like everything is normal & fine but the reality is quite opposite.

Mehreen’s (Mahira Khan) parents Rabia (Laila Wasti) & Mansoor (Omair Rana) led a normal life until Mansoor got involved in illegal activities & developed alcoholism. It showed that before Rabia figured everything out, she had an ideal life with her husband earning well & her Mehreen being the ideal child. Mehreen happened to be everyone’s favorite which obviously led Shagufta to draw unnecessary comparisons between her & Mashal. This comparison only stemmed from her own insecurities & complexes but instead of addressing it the way she should have, she found it easier to just give words to her negative feelings, without thinking about the consequences & how she was causing a dent in her child’s self-esteem.

Mashal (Kubra Khan) is Shagufta (Zainab Qayyum) & Tahir’s (Ali Tahir) only daughter. She happened to be that child who not only listened to what her parents talked about but also spoke about it because it was something absolutely normal for her. She was exposed to such negative thoughts, mindset & conversations that without even realizing it, she imbibed it in her personality. Aswad (Usman Mukhtar) happens to be the son of Tahir & Rabia’s sister Saleha (Huma Nawab). Saleha lived in Kuwait & now it seems she has moved to Pakistan after her husband’s passing & Aswad is working abroad.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 1 Story Review - A Solid Beginning

The first episode established the equation between all the characters. I will however say that for a grandmother (Shamim Hilali) to say ‘bhar mai jaye Mehreen’ sounded a little unrealistic because no matter what happens, in such situations, people are the most concerned about kids. I found this dialogue problematic & unrealistic in this regard because in general, this family was shown to be loving towards Mehreen & also the kind of family that had high regard towards all the members. It was also suggested that maybe Mehreen’s mother re-married that is why her grandmother informed her that Rabia will be coming with her daughters. All the actors played their parts well but in some of the scenes, their acting seemed a bit caricaturish & a bit exaggerated. Aswad has grown into a decent & charming man, but he also made it obvious that he too has some personality issues & his father seems to have been contributed to it. It was nice to see how each & every character seemed so layered in the very first episode because this mostly happens as the drama progresses but in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay the director made sure to establish it right from the beginning.

The interactions between Mehreen & Mashal were enough to show the kind of sour relationship they both have. Mashal doesn’t like Mehreen & Mehreen not only knows that but reciprocates it as well. I kind of feel bad for Mashal because she wouldn’t have turned out this way if her mother hadn’t done what she did when she was a child. Mehreen has her own baggage, especially because she saw how her parents’ marriage fell apart & then how her father passed away all miserable & helpless. She shared a beautiful bond with her father though & that explains why she still dreams about him.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 1 Story Review - A Solid Beginning

A Solid Beginning

The very first episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was definitely well directed & laid a solid foundation for the rest of the story to unfold. I can already see this drama is going to have its fair share of slow-mo’s with loud music echoing in the background. However, I will say that the OST is beautifully composed & sung, plus it is easy on the ears, so here’s to hoping that it is not going to be overused to become a buzzkill. The entire supporting cast gave solid performances & it was only because of them the first few scenes which were necessary to hold the attention for the rest of the episode ended up being so engaging. The child artists perfectly fit the characters & my favorite out of them all was the young child who played Shabo, her expressions were on point & I am glad that Kaif Ghaznavi is playing her too. I, however, wish Shabo wasn’t this problematic but let’s see how she will contribute to the story, but then again, it is understandable because she too was a young child when she became Shagufta’s helper, therefore she can’t help being this way.

Shamim Hilali, Huma Nawab, Ali Tahir, Zainab Qayyum & Laila Wasti were brilliant. I am glad that Usman Mukhtar is getting to play a character who is not so uptight & reserved. His body language in the scene where he was on a call with his mother showed that he has become a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. It also adds more mystery to his character that maybe Aswad only puts up such an act to hide what he actually is feeling or going through. There was not a lot of coverage given to Mashal but Kubra Khan definitely fits the character well. Mahira Khan’s performance was impressive as Mehreen. She added little nuances to her performance which I enjoyed seeing, like being totally easy around her friend but becoming awkward the moment she spotted Mashal approaching her. I think it makes Mehreen a lot more believable & real because she shows anger, she also makes her frustrations visible & doesn’t hold back in letting others know too. It was a thoroughly enjoyable & engaging first episode, let’s see how everything unfolds. Please share your thoughts about the first episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Right after end of first episode, drama related hashtags were part of social media trends, esp people discussion on return of Mahira Khan was topping the chart. Writing of Umera is main attraction here, followed by the strong cast and directions.

    The beginning was nicely elaborated. Surprisingly, Huma Nawab’s acting didn’t irritate me this time too! But hopefully, she will get least screen time…. Insan ka pata thorraee chalta hai, kab gardan aik taraf ker k act karna na shuru karay….

    Mahira rocked with her not-seen-before style and Kubra was stunning. The opening scene when Rabia came and joined her mother and sister while their bhabhi was busy cooking was quite interesting and realistic presentation.. it reminded me when jab Ama k saray bachay apney bachoan k sath, yahan tak k un grandchildren k bhee bachay kisi khushi k moqay per Ama k paas jama hotey hain, maza aajata hai!

    Anyway, let’s see what’s in store for us… Umera bore to naheen honay deti. Na hee ap k reviews. 😊

    • Thank you so much, it really means a lot. :) I love reading your fun take on every drama too. :) Yes, the first scene was quite realistic & laid a solid foundation of what the family dynamic was like. There’s no doubt about the fact that the big names associated with this project have definitely helped with the hype. However like you said, Umera Ahmed’s novels always have something special for the viewers to take away & that will be interesting to watch. :)

  • I thought the same about it being Farooq rinds direction! Also the transition from one room to another in the same shot..
    I’m already having a problem with loud music lol..
    I read the novel when its teasers came out… Loved it totally because of umera ahmeds writing style.. Let’s see how the drama goes..
    I don’t like kubra khans dialogues delivery style… Phansa Phansa sa bolti Hai :/
    There will be four main characters… Aswad mehreen mashal asfand.. I think Haroon shahid plays asfand.. Anyway, yeah rabia is remarried. Mehreen ki upbringing mashal se comparisons se hui Hai ke mashal achi Hai wo buri plus uske nashai bap ke tane that’s why Aswad has begun to develop a liking for mashal kabhi usne call pe mummy ko kaha mashal bhi to Hai ap sirf Mehreen ko dekhti hain..
    Gonna be fun watching this serial… Thnx for reviewing it..

    • Bus ki chatt pe charhne wala scene boht scary tah… Wo kisi bhi waqt gir sakti thi :( but I liked the scene jese use relate Kiya gya with her car ki roof pe bethna in childhood when she had a car..

    • Thank you so much LG for sharing your insights & for reading the review too. :) Appki baat sahi hai, kuch scenes kafi FR style walay the, jinhon ne mujhe Ishq Zahe Naseeb aur Pukaar drama ki yaad dila di thi, bas I hope yahan wo style ziyada haavi na ho.

      Oh, when her friend took Sami’s name I thought that would be the character played by Haroon Shahid, but appke hisab se wo Asfand ka character play karainge, chalain dekhte hain. No doubt ye sab issues first episode mai kafi achay se address kiye gaye hain, but yes, apas ki bonding aur bitterness in teeno ki jab elaborate hogi to aur interesting hoga. Appse is drama pe gap shap laganay ka kafi maza ayega. :)

  • Amazing!! I was waiting review by you your words make me watch drama differently I watch after you review so thank you for lovely reviews as always I love this first episode and I do see UM is getting comfortable front of camera he looks good too it’s a big opportunity for him for sure….
    Request!! I want you do to Parzaad review this drama gave me goosebumps the guy who act his acting is amazing… thanks and stay blessed:)

    • Thank you so much Zaman for your kind words, it means a lot. :) Parizaad drama is already being reviewed by Fatima, I am sure you can join the discussion there & enjoy it too. :) Yes, Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance is top-notch, it sure is one of the best dramas on air right now.

      Usman Mukhtar’s performance was impressive, I am glad he decided to take this role. Let’s see what does his character offer in the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to watch. :D

  • Asslam o Alakim Zahra..😊how are u?i hope u will be fine..😊
    Always enjoyed ur reviews.. i was not watching dramas but read ur reviews… it was v interesting n motivation novel…i have already read it..jahan tak mjhe yad ha mehreen mansoor ka chrcter iss trhan ni tha wo bht hi aam c shaklusurat wali lerki thi complaxion b itna fair ni tha uska mahira ki b jye “sanam saeed ” iss chrcter k liye fit thi but mahira ha to its ok she is a good actress.. well said nani ka ye dailoug thora awkward tha”bhar m jye mehreen”i think wo mansoor c nfrat krti ha iss waja c uski beti ko b psand ni krti but khair wqt k sath sath unki thinking mehreen k liye change ho jayein ghi… i think mashal ka dimagh khrb krny m uski maa ka bara hath ha werna childhood un dono ka jis trhn guzra bry ho kr dno aik dosre ko dekhna b psnd ni krti its v realistic…mashal jitna km bolti ha utni hi meesni ha ye drama queen na ho to😜😜
    Shaboo ka charcter mazy ka ha realistic chrcter ha batein idhr ki udhr lgany wali jo ajkal mostly ghroun m km waliyn krti ha nakhry asmanu ko choo rehy thy 😜nakhrili kam wali iss ki littt bht hi irritating lg rehi thi😂
    Pathetic moment! Where on earth women travel on bus roof??Jo bechari sath khari bus m dakky kha rehi thin unko b bus ki chatt per charha dety…😄
    jb parents k dirmiyan iss trhn k jagry hu to bht hi bura impact perta ha bechon ki personality m umera ahmed ny bht khubsurati k sath ye highlight kia ha bechon ki shaksiyt per kia asrat muratab hoty ha jb parents sath ni rehty unko bht kuch face krna perta ha n mehreen b kry ghi lets c…
    Keep writing zahra..anxiously waiting for the next episode n n ur review…❤️😊

    • Hahahaha funny comments. I’d add that everyone’s hairstyle stayed the same from childhood to adulthood.

    • Aw Walaikum Asalam Ana Zai, longggg timeeee. Bohat acha laga appka comment dekh ke, it’s been ages. <3 :) I am glad ke app abb bhi reviews parhti hain. :) Chalo ye to acha hua ke Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay ki discussions mai appki contribution rahaygi. Yes, I think I have heard ke drama mai kuch changes kiye gaye hain aur novel ko as it is dramatize nahi kiya gaya, maybe isi liye ye changes appko as a novel reader feel hue hain.

      Bus ki roof wala scene kafi awkward tha, meinne ye nazara aj tak nahi dekha waisay lekin uske ilawa realistic portrayal tha ke jo batain bachon ke zehan mai bachpan se bhari jayein wo unki personality ka hissa ban jati hain. LOL appke comments on Shabo, mujhe to Shabo ke baray hone ke baad us choti Shabo ki latt ki story samajh ai. :D

  • Zahra Ji,

    You have said it all…

    A lot of effort has been put in by the team in terms of high production values.

    The colour, the settings, the design, the background, the art work, the cinematic expression, the out-door shoot and the screen play.
    Yes, I completely agree with you…. the OST should be used sparingly……

    I am just wondering if the makers of this drama forced Usman Mukhtar to go in for a voice modulation…. the bass in his voice is missing and his pitch is lower….. yes, it could also be a strategy used to gradually scale up his tone as the drama progresses to get that punch in the performance, when it is needed the most…….. looking forward for this to happen…. those episodes will certainly be explosive and brilliant…..

    Your review is well written as always…..

    Thank you so much for reviewing this drama.


    • Hi Ketan, thank you so much for sharing your insights & for reading the review too. :)

      Absolutely right, the first episode ticked a lot of boxes but yes, I am just scared about the abundance of slow-mos & OST in the rest of the episodes. I think Usman Mukhtar’s character will evolve & have a lot of layers too, the first impression was deliberately given to make the viewers feel he doesn’t have much issues. I must say he performed it brilliantly though. :)

  • The story seems typical Pakistani pattern. It’s only the cast that might add some value. I was disappointed, in the past two years none of our channels were producing creative story lines. After Diyar Dil and Alif, I have almost stopped watching our dramas. Moved to foreign content, really enjoying unique and unpredictable content. This season, I might watch Parizad and perhaps this drama too. I really look forward to some best dramas in our industry as our dramas have strong impact and inspired all other countries in the past.

    • Ah, Diyar e Dil & Alif were special. I think the basic setting of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay might be typical with cousin rivalry & one guy in the picture but its the layers of the characters that will make this drama an interesting watch. I hope it’s able to grab your interest. Parizaad is definitely above all the dramas that are airing these days, I enjoy watching it too.

  • Thank you for the review Zahra. I was hoping that you’ll review this drama and I’m glad that you’re. The first episode didn’t impressed me much but I’ll definitely watch this because of Umera Ahmed.

    • Thank you so much Chandni for your kind words & faith in me. :) It means a lot. I really hope that you continue to watch it so that you can contribute to the discussions. :D

  • Hello Zahra Ji,

    I use your blog to select new dramas. As it is weekend now, I will watch it today or tomorrow.

    There have been some issues regarding comments (not) displaying on this website, today comments are displaying and it is good to read readers comments.

    One reader has said, She does not watch dramas but read your reviews. I also do so and I am glad I am not alone.

    Hope Covid situation is under control in your neighborhood. Stay Safe.

    With Best Wishes and Regards

  • Hi Zahra,
    How are you? Good to see after long time. Nice review by the way. I got attracted to this drama by the writer name, let’s see how it unfolds. So far new angle to old cousin theme. New angle because the victim here is not silent. She is frustrated, angry and vocal. Aswad actor is doing good, so as Mahira. The good thing about OST is it’s voice. While driving & listening this OST, I forced my mind to recognise the singer and found to be correct, as it is Yashal Shahid. I like her song Sajna, very much. With this OST, it looks like we found another Quratul Ain Baloch. See you later

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