Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 14 Story Review – Repetitive

Ohkay so, this turned out to be quite a slow episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. There was absolutely no progress in the story & it seemed like we were back to square one with the case once again being opened against Mehreen & everyone around her being focused on putting her behind bars.

Repetitive & Slow

I actually feel we have invested a lot of time in understanding what Mehreen thinks and what she feels, therefore most of the scenes that covered her feelings & emotions actually seemed repetitive. Mehreen knows what the truth is but somehow, even she has been feeling guilty because no matter how much she resented Mashal, she never wanted to see her dead. The guilt is now creeping in & it can be clearly seen with how Mehreen behaves.

Aswad continued to be the loser that he is. I really wish there was more to his scenes apart from him throwing his phone carefully on the bed in a hope that he doesn’t end up with a cracked screen. I guess Aswad has invested a lot of time in believing the lies but it is unfortunate that he is choosing to side with it & not really trying to analyze the situation. As if Aswad didn’t have enough reasons to hate Mehreen that he has now found another grudge against her in regards to his mother. Saleha really doesn’t know or understand her son, therefore she thinks ignoring him will get the message across. Saleha can clearly see how Aswad is punishing Mehreen, therefore what makes her think the way she is dealing with him will help the situation? All this while I actually thought I could rely on Saleha but she is turning out to be just as unreasonable as others in the equation.

At this point, I do feel the drama has become quite stagnant & now there will be an influx of flashbacks and slow-mo’s. I also found the background score & music to be quite loud in this episode, that at one point I hate to mute it because the scene seemed never-ending. I would hate to see this happening to Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay because so far, the pace of it is what has kept this drama quite interesting & worth watching.

Honestly speaking, I have stopped feeling sympathy for Tahir & Shagufta. While Mashal was alive, it was all about Mehreen for them & even after she has passed away, it is once again all about Mehreen. They have lived all their lives wishing their daughter was like Mehreen & now when she is not in the equation, they are hating the same person they actually idealized to be the star-kid. I do understand this is how the entire equation must’ve been written in the novel but seeing it repetitively is actually making me feel for them less & less!

In this episode, the change in Nani’s attitude was noticeable. She has finally started addressing the elephant in the room & seems upset about how her children are not on talking terms anymore. Nani also missed Mehreen which actually goes to show that no matter what she said to her, deep down she was fond of her too & loved Mehreen to some extent. I really wish there was more to Rabia as well. Seeing her talking about her husband & his concerns every single time makes her character quite plain. I really think Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is the kind of story that needs to be told with proper pacing because if they will slow it down, things will become boring real quick.

Take The Story Forward Please

The preview of the next episode also didn’t really promise much. I really think it’s high time that Shabbo tells the truth because it is quite obvious that she has been guilt-stricken & realizes that she has committed a grave sin. The conversation she had with Nani also showed that she is actually scared of Shagufta & knows that she has nowhere to go, therefore she is trying to save herself as well. Let’s see when the guilt will get the better of her & she will spill the beans – but yes, it’s high time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Zahra Ji,

    You said it…..

    “Repetitive and Slow.” “Please take the story forward.”

    Yes, reviewing is a very difficult job, but brilliant writing this…. sincerely appreciate it.

    Makes it a lot easier for us to ditch the drama… half way through.

    We are at it again,

    “Going round & round the mulbary bush, with flashbacks, back to back, round & round the mulbary bush, watching good actors, doing nothing but that.”

    Sidra Ijaz Ji, in an article about, the reaction from fans said, that fans have gone to the extent of naming this drama as
    ” Hum Kahan Kay Psycho Thay”.

    Momina Duraid Productions, the stake holders of this drama must understand that,
    the Intelligence and Emotional Quotient of the masses, fans, critics, all & sundry is of the highest calibre and standard.

    The production house has stooped so low, that they are making a mockery of their own fraternity.

    There was a time, a golden era, when stories/ dramas concluded in 13 brilliant episodes….

    “Kahaniya Terah kiston mein Achey aur Sachay Thay.”

    Thank You & Regards,

  • Hi Zahra, Nice review. Yes, the pace was slow & sometime irritating as well but still drama is worth to watch for overall story & performances. Mahira is excellent throughout this episode as well. For me, it is her best drama so far. The dialogue when she says, “main dheet hoon, yeh waqt bhi guzar lungi”, wraps so much pain she goes since her childhood & still it is continued. Another when she says, “mera chehra hi jhoota hai”, also describes others opinion about her. No one except Saleha understand her feelings. Well said about Tahir & Shagufta comparing Mehreen with Mashal, even now. Nani being a elderly family member has disappointed much since beginning, so her realization for Mehreen does not appeal much.

  • It’s depressing, dragging and the viewers are getting fed up of replays. Please save us from this disaster and give us a breather! Life is not a bed of roses these days and I think we had our fill of plain Mahira !

  • I request Director of this serial to bring a twist .If not this will be another toxic drama with useless & baseless inspite of strong StarCast…Don’t ruin the beauty the way it begin

  • This was one of the worse piece by an awsm writer. The novel itself is bad enough but the execution of the novel make it unbearable.

  • HKKST is directed by Farooq Rind. He ruined Ishq Zahe Naseeb in never ending repetitive scenes. Dragged PKS a bit. And now this.