Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 19 Story Review – The Truth

Ohkay so, this entire episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was dedicated to Aswad & the lies that he was fed. I do understand that the writer has tried to show Aswad as a victim of circumstances & now the entire blame is being put on Mashal for what she used to say about Mehreen. However, instead of seeing Mashal responsible for what Aswad went through, I solely & completely hold him accountable for being so obnoxious. I really don’t think falling out of one guilt into another is going to be redemption enough for Aswad!

Mehreen Is Not Guilty

Mehreen was still hallucinating & I was relieved when she spoke to Saleha about it. At least it showed that there was now hope for Mehreen to get better because now she was wording the things that were bothering her. This was definitely the first step that Mehreen took unconsciously to figure a way out of the deep pit that she was falling into. Although Saleha has never really helped Mehreen’s case but the way she told her that Mashal does not exist anymore with a definitive tone did make Mehreen realize a thing or two. That entire interaction between Mehreen & Saleha was done well where it was quite obvious what Mehreen was feeling & how Saleha was shattered seeing what has happened to her favorite child that too in her home, right in front of her!

Aswad found out about everything & more than that, Shabo came clean about the mistake she made which took Mashal’s life as a result. Mashal did not commit suicide which was good to know but unfortunately, it was saddening to learn that she was so driven by her hatred that she was ready to kill Mehreen & poison her tea too. This entire suspense was definitely done well & probably one such thing about this entire drama that kept the viewers guessing & made them look forward to every single episode. With this, I really think we’re now approaching the end of the drama & I must say I am glad they decided to keep Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay short in comparison to the number of episodes that dramas usually run for these days.

It was Shabo’s confession that gave Tahir a clear picture but even after figuring out everything. Shagufta was just not ready to accept what had just happened, more so that Mehreen was not responsible for Mashal’s death. Shagufta has been sickly obsessed with Mehreen her entire life that she just could not take the fact that as much as she wanted Mehreen to be responsible, she just wasn’t. It was nothing short of relief that Shabo finally spoke up & settled everything for good. I will however say that Aswad cutting the ties with Tahir was so out of the blue – hearing him say that made me wonder how & when did he find himself in such a position to say so.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 19 Story Review - The Truth

Mehreen’s demand for divorce actually seems like the only right thing she can do. There is absolutely no way for Aswad to be forgiven, especially now when he heard the truth from Shabo. He should definitely be left to sulk in yet another guilt of losing Mehreen only because he chose not to use his own brains & conveniently allowed Mashal’s lies to cloud his judgment. I really think if it was a teenage boy instead of Aswad, I would’ve given him the benefit of doubt considering the tender age but for a mature man like Aswad to behave so foolishly is not an excuse enough to be forgiven. Although the exchange of expressions between Aswad & Mehreen when she sensed some difference in his behavior did suggest that she might give him a chance but in all honesty, that just shouldn’t happen. I am sure the writer has established it really well so far that Mehreen has absolutely nowhere to go, so it won’t come as a surprise if she will choose to stay with Aswad but I will see that as an opportunity wasted where Umera Ahmed could’ve shown that a toxic man like Aswad should never be given a chance – no matter what!

A Decent Wrap Up

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was definitely better than the last so many episodes that I have watched. The episode that aired last week was definitely the best after so many weeks. Mahira Khan’s performance throughout has been phenomenal. She has portrayed Mehreen’s character with a lot of finesse & grip. Usman Mukhtar’s performance has definitely improved along the journey but sadly the character of Aswad is simply intolerable therefore it serves as a major distraction from the actor’s craft. I am glad that after a lot of slower episodes, we’re now heading towards the end with some impactful & happening episodes of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Thanks for the Review Zahra. Brilliantly written!!!
    Finally the drama is back on track. The novel ends on this part where Aswad gets to know the truth. I hope Mehreen stick to her decision of not staying in this relationship. Hoping that Umera Ahmed has written it this way now onwards. Aise kaan k kachay insan k saath reh k kya krna. Emotional Abuse is such a reality which is hardly even shown in our plays. It is as toxic and lethal as domestic abuse. Mehreen is intelligent and was looking after her finances through her art work, she can do that after getting out of this relationship.

  • I agree with your thoughts! The wrap up has been handled well. Also, it is good that this is not going to be another drama to be stretched to achieve the 30 mark. Is Sang-e-Mah replacing this?

    All this while Mehreen’s mother didn’t think of taking Mehreen with her as she thought this will not go down well with her current family but in the next episode she says that she wants to take Mehreen with her. I can’t believe it took her so much to be able to take this decision for Mehreen.

    I somehow think Mehreen will make peace with Aswad, while I also think that Aswad has gone too far to be able to redeem himself. Mehreen had confessed that she loves him, two episodes ago. May be on this grounds she will agree to go along with this relationship.

    I was surprised to hear Aswad say that he doesn’t have the courage to apologize, when Saleha suggested so to him. I instantly thought, he is not even good enough to apologize for his mistakes. He has never owned up to his own mistakes but he made Mehreen apologize for something which she has not done. Aswad is really a toxic character and doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.