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HUM TV Awards to Finally go on-air! Rare Pictures Revealed!

After little pause in the blowing air, HUM Awards are again successful to create a hype among the viewers of Pakistan’s Drama industry. It was only few days back that the channel announced its first official ceremony to pay a tribute to the leading dramas of the channel for the year 2012-2013. From the nominations to the results, the event seemed quite controversial where either the audience raised questions about the criteria been set for the nominations or the fact that the results were bias and no decisions of the audience were given respect.

It was also amusing to find that the event that took place on March 12th, took more than a month to actually get edited. It is now that the promos are been shown but the award ceremony is still under the label of “Coming Soon”. As predicted, the upcoming award show will become a tur turnover r the channel especially in regard of its ratings.  We did share all about the Hum TV Awards, updating you all with the minute-to-minute happenings; that is, from the nominations, to the results, from the pictures to the feedback and what not.

We are here again with a bundle of worth watching pictures from the Awards ceremony that are lately revealed on the social media. These clicks speak pretty well for the show and would definitely leave you curious and anxious for the event. Have a look!

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The pictures seem interesting enough to keep your breaths hold for the most awaited show coming this April. Share your views about the Hum TV awards ceremony and the celebrities that are been seen here.


Nida Zaidi