Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 12 – Forming New Bonds

Okay, so this show really needs to pick up some speed. It is getting more and more depressing by the day and I again felt like pitying Irfa and her condition. Shayan again turned out to be very disappointing as he did not bother to come back from his trip even when Irfa gave him the news that he just had a daughter. He wanted to extend his trip and had planned to travel to Europe for another 10 to 12 days and when Irfa protested, he actually cut the phone on her face! He is least bothered about Irfa and his new born daughter. I had expected him to care for his daughter but Shayan again turned out to be a huge disappointment. Irfa and Rahima both have no importance in his life; he is too self-centered to think of anybody but himself.

Shayan returns almost a month after his daughter’s birth and the first person he meets in his own house is Dr. Bilal who had been a support system for Irfa in the past month when she was all alone and in dire need of help. Since Dr. Bilal’s wife is out of town, he can visit Irfa without offending Manahil. Shayan was surprised to see him at his doorstep and did not welcome his presence. Dr. Bilal understood that he was not welcomed and left immediately. Their second meeting was more dramatic than the first one and this time, Shayan showed his displeasure at his presence and Dr. Bilal left again without being offended in the least. Shayan got disturbed by his presence in his house as he does like to see Irfa getting close to anybody but him. This is what we call hypocrisy! He used to tell Irfa to become open minded and now he himself is showing how close minded he is.

Dr. Bilal has become attached to Rahima and he was surprised to know that Irfa has not even thought of a name for her child. I love the scene where Irfa asked him to suggest a name and he said Betiyan To Allah Ki Rehmat Hoti Hai; Rehmat Se Rahima Kaise Rahega’ Dr. Bilal is slowly becoming my favorite character in this show. He has a grace and charm which leaves one impressed with his character. Irfa is grateful to him for all the help he has provided to her in the worst situation and she will always respect him for the kindness he had shown. They had unknowingly formed a very strong bond and I am sure now that Dr. Bilal will support Irfa if Shayan leaves her.

Irfa has totally given up on Shayan now and she knows very well that he spends all his time with Maleeha but she had just stopped protesting when she realized how useless it is to stop Shayan from doing something that he wants. She clearly told him that she does not need his time or love anymore and she had learned to live without both. Shayan is Maleeha’s personal puppet and he does whatever she tells him to do. Irfa had asked Shayan to come back home early so that they can take Rahima to the doctor as she seemed unwell but Shayan stayed with Maleeha when she insisted and forgot about his daughter once again. Dr. Bilal came at the right time and helped Rahima whose condition was worsening.

Whenever I watch a show a question pops inside my head that is what makes me watch this show? And the reason why I watch this show is Saba Qamar and Mohib Mirza’s spot on acting. Their brilliant performance keeps me hooked even when the story is stagnant. Sana Askari, however, fails to offer anything new as she is playing the same kind of character that we have seen her in a hundred times before. Shahood Alvi has also managed to impress me with his character and I think this role was tailor made for him.

Let’s see what is in store for us in the coming episode! It would not take Shayan much longer to marry Maleeha and leave Irfa. The story really needs to move on now!

Keep Watching!

Mariam Shafiq



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