Rehaai Episodes 4 & 5

My apologies for the delay, but this review will cover episodes 4 and 5. Rehaai seems to be moving in a pretty steady pace. In episode 4 we see Shehnaz at her Baji’s and she realizes that Shamim was right….she should never have listened to her sister and killed Kulsoom’s baby. When Shamim comes to get her, she readily leaves saying Vasim’s house was at least lesser of the two hells as her brother in law is a complete jerk and her sister is a hypocrit. There is a very important line that Shehnaz says to her baji in this episode…”agar karamat wale baba jee mein itna asar hota to woh pehle apni zindagi sanwaarte.” It is very important for people (mainly women) to understand this. Allah is the only one that will help us and of course only through HIM are his Messengers and Walis. But no pious person will ever do a ‘chilla’ to abort someone’s child. Women need to realize that all of this is not only crap, but against Islam and humanity in general. Shehnaz is finally brought home by Shamim and she apologizes to Kulsoom and Vasim. Vasim is a jerk as always.

We also get an official introduction to the Kashf Foundation in episode 4. I really like the stark contrast between Vasim’s family and Akmal’s. Akmal’s father is sick and can no longer work. Nasrin Baji introduces Kashf Foundation to Shakira and her husband and gives her example of how they helped her so much. After a little hesitancy, Shakira’s husband agrees to let her work (Shukar hai) and we see the positive effects of that in episode 5.

Episode 4 ends with Kulsoom expecting again and calling Shamim from the bathroom in pain and episode 5 starts with Shamim taking care of a very sick and weak Kulsoom.  While waiting, oh how I wish I could slap him when he says stuff like “mere bête ko kuch nahi hona chahiye.” Kulsoom finally gives birth to a baby girl that Vasim doesn’t even look at for about 15 days. I was really disturbed to see the look of pain on Kulsoom’s face when she sees the baby girl…as if thinking ‘what if her daughter’s future is also like hers.’ Once the baby is home Shehnaz completely redeems herself for her prior act. She genuinely loves the baby and cares for Kulsoom…to the extent that we see her giving the baby the bottle while half asleep letting Kulsoom rest. She tells Shamim that after seeing what Kulsoom went through with the baby, she no longer hates her. She actually sympathizes with her because when Vasim is abusive towards her, she at least knows what is happening, but Kulsoom doesn’t even know what torture she is going through. Even when Vasim slaps her, Shehnaz is there to comfort her. You can finally see the chemistry between Maria Wasti and Saaniya and it is fantastic

Vasim is thoroughly upset about not having a boy and so enter his future 3rd wife…Noor Jahan. Nosheen Shah plays the extremely flirty and divorced Noor Jahan who has a son. She manages to get free suits for her and her mother and Vasim also starts to call her. He completely forgets that he already has two wives and a daughter. I guess Nosheen Shah is on a negative-character-role-spree these days. Didn’t like her in Mera Pehla Pyar and already don’t like her as Noor Jahan.

On the Akmal front, looks like bechare ki pitai hone wali hai ‘bhai’ se. He is getting a little too close to Kulsoom and now baby Rabia (such a lovely name waise). I’m hoping Vasim divorces Kulsoom so she can happily marry Akmal. Danish Taimour is doing a great job as Akmal. I just wish he would put on less make up then the women in the drama.

Episode 5 ends with Kulsoom coming back from the doctor after learning she is expecting again. Vasim is adamant this time it must be a girl. Why someone cannot tell him that Vasim himself is responsible for the baby’s gender is beyond me. Perhaps Kashf Foundation can also educate the jaahil men and women on the fact that the father is responsible for the gender of the baby, not the mother.

I think Rehaai is moving at a steady space but has become a little predictable. Acting wise, everyone does justice to their roles. In episode 3 Saaniya seemed to have extremely blank expressions, but she was outstanding in episodes 4 and 5. No words for Samina Peerzada and Nouman Ejaz’s acting. Mehreen is, as always brilliant in direction and the script was pretty solid in the last 2 episodes…looking forward to episode 6.

I’d like to take a minute here and say that all the comments on this review and the drama are highly appreciated. I do however request that if you are going to criticize the review, director, script or even the actors, please do so respectfully. Thank You.


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