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Rehaai Episode 3 – Review

The third episode of Rehaai was visually more digestible than the first two. We see a scared Kulsoom being protected by the helpless Shamim. We also again see the tortured back flashes of Shamim. Here I must mention how artistically the frames were shifting during those flashbacks and that entire scene…it was as if Shamim was looking directly into her past life and reliving it; not through Kulsoom, but through her own eyes. If you look at Samina Peerzada during that scene and her narrative, you can see her own pain coupled with that of Kulsoom’s.  Especially when she says “Aur Kulsoom ko bhi meri tarha aakhir yeh baat samajh agaye thi ke jahannum se uski ‘rehaai’ ab mumkin  nahi.” Visually, that was the best scene so far and hats off to Samina Peerzada, the editor, and Mehreen for pulling it off so artistically.

The audience sees a new Kulsoom who is apparently now 13 and expecting (yet she seems to be clueless about her own pregnancy). Vasim goes to congratulate Chacha disgusting and thanks him for selling his daughter to him. He is also now being really nice and caring to Kulsoom because he thinks she will give him a son. He even suggests that whereas she can’t go to school, Akmal can come and be her teacher in the evening. In all of the attention Kulsoom is getting, Shehnaz feels ignored and has become extremely evil…to the extent that she plans and kills the unborn baby with the help of her sister and the ‘Shah Jee’ who has done a ‘chilla’ for it (If only the Shah jee could have taken that pill himself)!! After Kulsoom loses the baby, Vasim goes back to be being a jack a** and whereas Shamim knows Shehnaz was behind the miscarriage, she doesn’t tell Vasim. I was actually surprised at how calm Shamim seemed. Shehnaz just killed a baby, yet it seemed as if all she got was a slap on the wrist by Shamim. I don’t understand that.  The episode ends with Vasim finding out Shehnaz gave Kulsoom the pill that killed the baby a nd throws her out.

Like I said above, this was a much more digestible episode and on a whole it was pretty strong. A few things I didn’t get though. First of all, how is this new Kulsoom 13? The girl looks at least 16 if not older. Second, how does Kulsoom not know she is expecting? Vasim even tells her that she will be giving him a boy. How did she think that was going to happen? Even when she loses the baby, she is shown to be clueless? I would think that as soon as Shamim knew Kulsoom was expecting, she would have said something. I’m baffled by this. Third, when Kulsoom miscarries and the doctor asks for Kulsoom’s age, Shamim says she is 14 and the doctor says the girl doesn’t at all look 14. So is the doctor saying its’ ok for a 14 year old to be married and pregnant? If Shamim was going to make up an older number why couldn’t she say 17-18? Lastly, I’m still appalled at how tamed Shamim’s reaction was to Shehnaz killing the baby. I don’t care if the baby wasn’t born yet…it is still horrifying that someone is shown to be so insecure they would kill an unborn baby.  I don’t agree with Vasim strangling Shehnaz when he finds out, but I don’t completely blame him for throwing her out. Now I understand that if that baby was going to be a girl, he would not have done that, but still, she killed an unborn child and I don’t at all feel bad for her. I understand Shehnaz has been wronged and has been physically and emotionally abused by her husband, but that is not Kulsoom’s fault. She had no right to take that anger out on an unborn child. I really wish Shamim’s anger was shown to be stronger since she seems to be so rational, religious, and level-headed.  Aside from these few things, like I said, strong episode.

Acting wise again, everyone excelled except for the older version of Kulsoom. She seems to have a mostly blank expression on her face. Noman Ejaz has delved into his character so strongly that I hate his face as soon as I see it. He is absolutely fabulous and he absolutely deserves the award for best actor!

Well done Team Rehaai!