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Huma Nawab making a comeback in dramas


Huma Nawab  the artist known for her performance in the decade of 90’s is making a come back in dramas. The drama is directed/produced by Barkat Siddiqi. Huma Nawab is working in a drama after a gap of more than 14 years.

Huma Nawab started her acting career from drama Silsila in 1982 from PTV Islamabad Center. Huma took a break from acting after wards and resumed her career in the 1990’s. Chand Grihan was her most successful drama and her pair with Ayaz Nayek was quite  popular. Nijaat and Dhoop mein sawan are other famous plays of Huma Nawab. Huma Nawab migrated to USA in 1999-2000 and left showbiz scene.

Here are few snapshots from the sets of this drama named ‘Darwaza Khulla Rakhna’

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Rashid Nazir Ali

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