Bashar Momin Episode 3 & 4 – Changing for the better?

I had completely given up on this show by the time I saw the 3rd episode. The whole episode was filled with the good and evil sister-in-law drama. Saira could not stand Adil giving so much attention to Rudaba, and she created a huge drama to get attention. She thought that Rudaba had complained to Adil about her attitude when the poor girl had done no such thing.

After that, Saira openly showed her dislike for Rudaba and made her feel like a stranger in the house. But not in front ofAdil of course, in his presence she was at the best of her behavior. The way she taunted Rudaba about Buland in front of her sister and brother was simply pathetic. This track was dragged to the limit and by the end of it; I had completely lost interest in the show.

Tayabba and her desperation for marriage is getting on my nerves by each passing episode. How desperate can a person get? It is not the end of the world if your engagement breaks. She kept on whining about how unfair life is and kept on blaming her brother’s illegal work and bad reputation for her broken engagement. This track is seriously getting very repetitive. The crying and whining continued in the 4th episode too, and it was simply frustrating to watch Tayabba’s scenes.

However, the fourth episode managed to capture my interest, and now I have some hope for the show. Why was the episode worth watching? The answer is simple: Faysal Qureshi. I was disappointed with his loud and rash character; all the pointless screaming simply made my ears rings. But I had forgotten how well Faysal can emote through his eyes, and that romance and Faysal Qureshi are a perfect combination.

We saw the start of the attraction phase between Bashar and Rudaba. Rudaba is scared out of her wits when she is near Bashar, but she still manages to challenge him even though she never means to. He was amused by the ‘monster’comment, and simply shocked by the detailed and honest comment about his behavior and character. The best part about his eyes is that they can emote both anger and softness. We saw the soft look when he was admiring her and the angry look when he was furious with her.

Rudaba was staying at Bashar’s house because Adil and Saira had to go abroad for some urgent business work. Bashar never gave a second glance or thought to Rudaba, and treated her rudely (that’s normal behavior for Bashar). For him, she was no more than Parizey’s care taker, but with each encounter, his opinion about her changed. She disobeyed him and took Parizey in the rain. That was the first time anybody disobeyed him so openly and calling him furious would be an understatement. He unleashed his wrath on Rudaba and the poor girl simply fainted. Yes, FAINTED! I was surprised and a bit amused by her fainting spell.

The look on Bashar’s face when Rudaba fainted was priceless! It was obvious that he felt guilty for his behavior (a first for someone like Bashar), and he had never expected her to faint all of a sudden. For the first time, we saw Bashar  acting in a normal way as he gently tried to wake Rudaba. It was funny to see Bashar speak so softly and act in such a gentle way! Their next encounter in Tayabba’s bedroom was also pretty amusing. Faysal’s eyes did all the work in this scene.

Bashar has not realized that he is attracted to Rudaba, but he will soon. Judging from the preview for the next episode, he would be speechless after he sees Rudaba all dressed up and this would make him think about her.

Another highlight of the latest episode is that Buland is officially back. Buland and Rudaba’s  first encounter was pretty filmy, there was no electricity plus there was rain. Rudaba was standing outside the house with candles in her hand and Buland was under the umbrella. The expressions of both the actors were perfect. But then if someone asks me who is a better romantic hero; Faysal Qureshi or Sami Khan, then my answer would be Faysal. Ushnah Shah has good chemistry with Faysal, now let’s see how her chemistry with Sami turns to be!

I would recommend you to watch this episode, its better than the previous ones!

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Mariam Shafiq



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