Bay Emaan Mohabbat- Episode 10 Review


Naeem’s insecurities are taking their toll and he finally mustered the courage to confront Dania. She knows he’s smitten by her and uses it to her full advantage. She casually accepted that she was in fact with Babar but that was only since they wanted to surprise Sobia. After Shah Ji’s persistence, he called Sobia and asked her to meet him. But Dania found out and gave him a piece of her mind.

Sobia and Naeem are very much alike- they are both naive and blindly honour their relations. Despite Dania’s rudeness, Sobia continues loving her like a sister and wants only the best for her. She seems genuinely concerned for Dania even more now that Dania has expressed her interests in another man. If nothing else, Dania should at least feel rotten about how she’s abusing Sobia’s trust. Babar once again proved his intentions are anything but noble- even under such insinuating circumstances, he continues trying to string Dania along without any word of a commitment. For her sake, I hope Dania sees him for the scumbag he is and dumps him before he dumps her. Babar seems laid back but in reality, he is extremely calculated and plans things according to his advantage. He knows the repercussions of breaking off his engagement to Sobia and that’s not a chance he’s willing to take.


Dania tries to get her father to confide in her- she’s desperate to find a reason to call off her engagement with Naeem. But her father trusts Naeem and loves him like a son and wouldn’t dream of it. At the office, Shah Ji has managed to pull some strings with the help of Nabeel and called off the inquiry but for it to take effect, Qazi Sahab would need to leave too. Qazi Sahab is seemingly upset since his life’s savings depend upon his pension and retirement fund. His financial situation is a real worry for him and also the reason why he chose Naeem as Dania’s partner.

Maria tells Nabeel that she wants to adopt a child but Nabeel isn’t even remotely interested. Nabeel’s marriage to Maria was for his own personal gain. He didn’t realize he would be in it for the long haul but with each passing day, it’s becoming harder for him to keep up with the pretenses. Maria is content that Nabeel remains with her- and that’s reason enough for her to remain happy.

Next week’s preview shows Dania dumping Naeem and I think this will pave the way for Dania to finally see through Babar and his lack of support. Things aren’t moving fast enough for me- I really want it to get to the point where Nabeel and Dania meet each other. Did you watch today’s episode?

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Kanwal Murtaza


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