Pakistan Idol Week 18 – Ninth Elimination!

Ohkay so another week ended with a sad elimination. I know it was really sad but we all had somehow anticipated this would be happening.

I really didn’t understand Bashar Momin’s promotion in the middle of Pakistan Idol. I think GEO has already created enough hype about it & also usually a promotion happens before the show starts. Now when already 4 episodes have gone on-air, I don’t think the promotion was required once again.

It was Ali Asad Zaidi & Rosemary who came in first to get their results. As expected Ali Asad Zaidi was safe because of his awesome performance & Rosemary made it to to the danger zone solely because of the unusual song that was allotted to her.

Next & the last three who came in for their results were Zamad Baig, Mohammad Shoaib & Kashif Ali. I knew Mohammad Shoaib would be safe because of his perfect performance & thought Kashif would be safe too but it came in as a shocker to see Kashif Ali finally making his debut in a danger zone leaving Zamad Baig safe.

Then it came down to Kashif Ali & Rosemary so that the final announcement can be made. I felt the moment Rosemary was told that she didn’t make it through to the top 4 she seemed like she was expecting this result & so did her family.

Definitely sad at her elimination because she was capable of making it to the Top 3 but I am glad she came & proved her talent that too at such a young age of 15. Judges really had some great things to say about her & Bushra Ansari rightly said that Rosemary doesn’t lack talent, she only lacked some votes. She did survive till the Top 5 & that is something definitely huge at this age & I loved what she said to her co-contestants. It was rather sweet.

So, with this we’re left with the Top 4 & they are Ali Asad Zaidi, Kashif Ali, Mohammad Shoaib & Zamad Baig. I am not sure if we’d see any variety at this stage of the competition but I do hope they choose different genres to perform in the next round. No one is expecting them to step out of their comfort zones but a little experiment in the genres is definitely required.

I hope they had allotted a better song to Rosemary because even though they had to sing the songs of Ali Zafar, Rosemary could’ve performed another duet because the contestants who have performed these sort of songs have always been eliminated previously. This is why Ali Azmat always emphasized on choosing the right song which does make some sense.

I wish my favorite Rosemary all the luck, success & a bright future.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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