Marasim – Episode 2!

Ohkay so this was another episode of Marasim. Even though they have been showing a lot of flashbacks from the past but still the story is moving forward. I am not disappointed by the direction & feel things are moving on normally. Definitely, I am not going gaga over this drama but it ain’t that bad either.

As expected, the news of Abdullah’s wedding reached Gaitiara & Deeba. Deeba was shattered because she was forced to fall in love with her cousin as they were supposedly engaged. Daood assured his sister of finding her a better partner but she chose to refuse his offer & not only that but now she has started to have an issue with Momenah too. This is definitely a story of vindictive people who have been involved in years family politics & hatred.

Even though a lot of years have passed but Gaitiara hasn’t found a closure till now. She keeps on reminding herself of all the hardships she had to endure because of her late MIL & also that her SIL Sherbano had an important role to play in snatching away Gaitiara’s peace. Even though it was Daadi’s decision to get the grandchildren married & despite all the hatred that had harboured in between them over the years, no one dared to break off the engagement because the cousins already had inclined towards each other emotionally. Momenah’s only saving grace was the relation of Abdullah with Deeba & vice versa but now when Abdullah has walked out of the commitment, Gaitiara has found a concrete reason to call of Daood’s engagement too.

Momenah thought it was her duty to assure her MIL-to-be about how she keeps them all closer to her heart & therefore she didn’t feel ashamed in literally begging them to make her a part of their family by forgetting what Abdullah has done to Deeba. Momenah may love Daood wholeheartedly but she really doesn’t know that Deeba will treat her like her mother Sherbano treated Gaitiara & Gaitiara will treat her the way her MIL used to treat her plus definitely Momenah’d have to pay the price for all the ill-treatment Sherbano put Gaitiara up with.

Times have changed & just now when Sherbano knows her own daughter’s happiness is at stake, she feels remorseful & ashamed because of her behavior with Gaitiara & clearly she can foresee what Momenah would have to endure because Gaitiara has lost all the respect for her in-laws. Sherbano thought that Gaitiara might’ve forgotten all the insulting she ever got from her but she was shocked to hear her confession of how much she has hated them all these years. This was definitely an eyeopening detail for Sherbano because she never must’ve thought that ever in her lifetime Gaitiara would come to a position where Sherbano won’t be able to look into her eyes with the same pride she once had in the early years of their lives.

Gaitiara dreaded seeing her son getting away from her as Daood was the only one who took a stand for his mother in front of his father & grandmother but now when she saw that Daood found out about Abdullah’s wedding & planned his own with Momenah so as to protect his engagement from breaking, Gaitiara can’t tolerate her only son being snatched away by those people whom she has hated all her life. For now, she has officially called off their engagement & seems like Daood will resist & try to undo his mother’s decision. Let’s see what happens next.

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