Humaima Malick Leaves Her Fans In Utter Dissapointment

Humaima Malick’s first look in Arth was just revealed. Soon after, a short teaser trailer of her appearance in the film rolled out on social media. However, whatever the producers and cast was expecting from it might be turned into shambles. We can feel the bone deep disappointment emanating out from fans and followers after this teaser has appeared:

Adding to the obvious stupidity shown in the teaser, people have been questioning various aspects that can be seen in Malick’s trailer. Though the streets of London and cinematography is breathtaking, there are points that need to be ponder upon.

Who steps out in the street midday with headlights on? Other than this, Humaima’s walk seems so superficial and too much model practiced that we can’t think of her as an experienced actress. She looks like a wannabe who has been offered a role in film for the very first time. Sorry, Humaima but that is what your confusing walk depicts. Moreover, walking straight in the middle of the lights coming out from Rolls Royce. Man! Who is gonna see this lady in front of a road beast?

Well, the teaser might have failed to impress the fans but we know there is a lot that this film has to offer. Maybe next time, the producers and directors will have something better to show. Maybe!

Kainaat Maqbool