Humayun, Mehwish and Farhan made Humayun Saeed’s Birthday Special!

What’s so special about birthdays? Isn’t it just another day?

Well, birthdays are a celebration of your life and the people who are apart of it. It marks the day you were conceived.. It is the day you found your seat on the roller-coaster of life.

Every year your life is extended. Meaning, new people come into your life – some good and some not so much. The ones important in your life celebrate the fact that this was the day you entered the world. This was the beginning of your journey.

Celebrities are the same. They celebrate their birthdays with their friends and family. And just like our friends try to make our birthday special, celebrities’ friends try to to the same. It becomes even better when your friends are talented celebrities themselves. Watch the video below to find out how Humayun’s friends made his birthday special:

Arsala Khalid