Humayun Saeed and Mahnoor Baloch indecent video leaked

While half of the Pakistani audience is still questioning about the airing of foreign content that promotes vulgarity within the country, Pakistani actors too are playing their best part in promoting vulgarity by shooting bold ads. Reframing the limits of cheapness and bold shoots, Humayun Saeed’s and Mahnoor Baloch’s latest movie song has been leaked in the social media which reveals all the filth of the movie ‘Main Shahid Afridi hoon’, or may be just a glimpse of it.

The song “Masti main doobi raat hai”, a song which has been pictured on Humayun Saeed, Mahnoor  Baloch and Mathira is an item number which has been shot in a bar. Giving it a typical bar-touch, most of the ladies are seen wearing two-pieces only and making it worse, their deep necks are further exposed to camera intentionally. The country which is known as an Islamic republic state seems to have forgotten the ethical boundaries that it should have followed. The song has nothing but vulgarity reloaded in its true meaning where Humayun Saeed is seen enjoying being surrounded by half nude girls and Mathira is found seducing him with every curve she could have showed on screen.


People have always admired Mahnoor Baloch for her not-so-revealing age but despite of the fact that she is beautiful, one shall not forget that she is in her mid-50s’ and doing such bar dances are something that really do not suit her.


Now that the short video of the song has been leaked, it is high time to question the newly formed government of Pakistan about the constitutional laws which we saw been highlighted recently when the PML-N government announced to place huge taxes on the airing of foreign content within the country in order to preserve the local, traditional principles of Pakistani entertainment industry.


The movie will be releasing nationwide this Eid-ul-Fitr and to give the local content a better exposure, four Indian movies are been banned in Pakistan. It is further worth questioning that aren’t we offering similar vulgar flavor of entertainment to our viewers that they hate it when they see it coming from across the border.


Share your views,

Nida Zaidi



  • Iqra

    Cheapness on it's peak! :@

    • nida_zaidi

      Cheapness is a small word Iqra. This is even beyond that! I doubt the credibility of our censor board anyway

      • ainy

        yes u r absolutely right nida

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        NZ, dont know whether you have a chance to watch pakistanis films of past or recent past being a regular viewer of pakistani cinema for past twenty five years it is perhaps nothing what is filmed and released in our punjabi and pashto films which are also passed from the censor board. all such stuff is available in plenty on youtube for reference.

        our urdu films also have enough like this, even urdu films of 70's have item and club songs similar to this, i remember film banjaran of neelo(shan mother) in early 60's in which she appeared in choli and short gharara, like south indian films, and it was also criticized at that time for being against our culture at fhe floor of then national assembly.

        but all i want to say is do criticize it if you feel its wrong but please dont expect to find complete pakistani culture in a pakistani film, pakistani films have such things which perhaps not prevail openly in our society, and its not something humyaun has filmed for the first time, its a continuous trend from past.

    • ewais

      then cry for film industry if you have that much small mind

  • hoorya

    mathiraa intehaa ho gye be shrmiii ki
    doub maro logonw :@ :@
    kia expect kia tha movie se awr kia kia dkhne ko mil raha he
    indian filmz hi ko copy krna ta tou yahan realize hi ni krni ti :@
    kia diference reh gya he hum m awr un m
    bht afsos hua ye dkh kr πŸ™ πŸ™

    aik baat tou batao lgn ? K
    kia hum ye movie family k saath dkh skte he ?? :@ πŸ™

    • nida_zaidi

      I wont.. I would rather watch Josh.

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        I will also watch josh on this eid alongwith this film, as producers who make movies like josh need encouragement to make more movies like that. Sadly one good and serious film Chambaili without any items songs was released in end of april this year, which cinema goers has not welcomed to great deal,

        I am no one to dictate our audience, but can just request while our cinema goers come in masses to watch indian bollywood movies containing all type of masalaa, nudity, obscenity, vulgar, cheapness at its extreme, producers who make films like chambaili and josh also needs encouragement to make more films like that.

      • Emad

        I think Josh will much better

    • hoorya

      kia ho gya hai hamare mulk ko :'(
      itni vulgarity πŸ™
      doub marne ka makaam hai πŸ™

  • Mubashir Ali Unar

    I think Humayun's trying to emulate Mahesh bhatts touch into the films that he probably thinks the way to success 4 his movie which is totally wrong n wont work for him here, I being a Pakistani n Pakistan's drama viewer strongly condemn this!!!

    • Ewais

      ager ye sab nahi hoga to pak awam film nahi dekhi gi

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        i think key hamary producers kee perception yehi hai kay yeh sab kucch naa ho to film nahin chalti, but recent times mein bol, khuda kay liye mein item songs nahin thhay but phhir bhi woh hit huween, so hamaray producers ko apni aik rewayeeti mentality change karnee chahiye kay yeh sab kucch ho gaa tabhi film chalay gee.

        • adan

          apni gandi soch ko wo film ki shakal main dekha k kehty hain k awam ye sb chahti hy is sy tu sirf ap ki gandi soch or zahniat ka hi anadaza lgaya ja skta hy…….

          • Rashid Nazir Ali

            adan, haqeeqat yehi hai, kay hamari awam bari tadaad mein indian film dekkhnaay aati hai jin mein khoob vulgarity, nudity, obscenity hotee hai, ab jab indian films itnaa accha business kar rahee hain, to jo pakistani producr film banaye gaa, woh bhi yehi reason day kar apnii film mein koi item song daalay gaa, kay public demand yehi hai. aur mostly indian films jin cinemas mein lagtee hain, woh hamaray cities kay elite areas mein hain like defence, bahria town, jahan sab parhay likkhay log rehtaay hain, so ham yeh bhi nahin keh saktay kay un-parh log indian film dekhhnay aa rahay hain, jesay kay ham punjabi films per kehtaay haain

            yaa to hamari awaam indian films ko reject karain, unkoo cinema jaa kar na daikkhain, jab unkaa business nahin ho gaa, to pakistani producer bhi waisee film nahin banaye gaa, kucch different karay gaa,

            iss saal april mein aik bohat acchi, saaf suuthhri , pakistani politics per bani film Chambaili release huwee jissko hamari awaam nay lift nahin karwayee, jabkaay indian films murder full of obsecene material jo iss saal release huwee hit ho gayee

            iss saal eid per aik serious film JOSH bhi release ho rahee hai, lets c, agar woh hit hotee hai to producers aur josh jaisee film banayein gaay, but agar woh business nahin kartee, to producers phhir indian films jaisee film hee banayain gaay

          • adan

            hmm……..films bnana itna zrori tu nai….ye b tu sary amm zina ki aik shakal hy………kya hmara mzhab is cheez ki hmain ijazt dyta hy?????
            india agr dozakh main jany ki hr mumkin koshish kr rha hy tu hmare log ye soch rhy hain k hm kuon peechy rhein………kya ye sb kuch kr k hm ye sabit kr rhy hain k hm b modern hain………kya km kapry pehnny sy hi hm modern kehla skty hain…………agr media chahy na tu buhat kuch acha b kr skta hy………..logon ki islah b kr skta hy inhain films k zeriye……….jitny halat hmry mulk k bd sy bd tr ho rhy hain ab b hm na sudhry tu phr is yehi dua ki ja skti hy k allah is qoam ko tabaho brbad kr dy jaise k pehli qoamon ko kiya………………….zara sochiye khudara…….hmain in filmon daramon ny nai bachana……………….

          • Rashid Nazir Ali

            bhai agar mazhab kee baat karain, to jo ulema or taliban kehtay hain, yeh tv, film, radio, computer, internet, camera, education of women everything is forbidden jaisa kay taliban nay afghanistan mein kiyaa, i wont comment on the opinion of taliban kyon kaay mujhey issi mulk mein rehna hai, meray paas itnay wasayel nahin kay iss mulk ko chor kar kahin aur chala jaoon, mein nahin chahita kay meray ghar per khud-kush hamlaa ho, so my lips are sealed when it comes to religion

            masla india kay dozakh yaa phhir jannat mein jaanay kaa nahin, ham is forum per aik pakistani film kay item song ko criticize kar rahay hain, pakistan mein zyadah films nahin ban raheen iss saal shayed yeh tesree pakistani film hai, iss say pehlay "dil praye des main" aur "chambaili" release huwee theen, agar saari pakistani films band kar dee jayen, to kiya hamara muashra paak ho jaaye gaa, baat yeh hai indian films to release ho rahi hain naa, aur woh dekhhi bhi jaa raheen hain, to bhai maslaa yeh hai, kay khaali actors yaa producers ko kosnaay saay, yaa pakistani films band kar denay sey kucch nahin ho gaa, hamari public ko koi gunpoint per nahin kehtaa kay indian films dekhnnay jaao, asal baat yeh hai kay yeh nude, vulgar indian films dekh kar inko hit kara kar hamari public jo kay mostly muslim hai kiyaa sabit kar rahi hai??

      • Anonymous

        Shoaib Mansoor ki movies "Khuda k Liye" or "Bol" mein aisa kuch nahe tha phir bhe Pakistanis ne wo movies na sirf dekhen balkay unhein appreciate bhe kiya. yeh aap k damagh k khrabi hai jo aisa sochta hai k Pakistanis gndi movies he dekhty hein. kuch app jaise he logu ki waja se aisi baatein mashoor hein waise Pakistanis are sensible enough k unhein pata hai ghalat or sahe ka….bohot se parhay likhay jahil bhe hty hein jin k damagh ka gnd taleem bhe saaf nahe kr sakti…you seem to b one among them.aap jaisu se tou wo unparh behter hein jin ki soch ka standard aap se kahen behter hai.

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          anonymous, yeh sahi hai "khuda kay liye" aur "bol" hit theen, unn main koi item song nahin thaa, but issi saal aik aur film "chambaili" jo kay aik bohat acchi film thee politics per banee thee 26th april ko release hoyee jo kay kucch zyadah business nahin kar sakee, so means, kay hamari public har acchee pakistani film ko hit nahin karatee, "khuda kay liye" aur bol hit theen, unn mein koi nudity nahin thee, but phhir bhi shoaib mansoor ko khoob un films kay subject per khoob khoob criticize kiya gaya, ussko yahoodi, raw, mosad pata nahin kiss kiss ka agent kaha gaya,

          sab log barabar nahin hotay, but yeh pakistani public hee hai, jo kay indian films cinemas mein jaa kar dekhhtay hain, unkoo hit karatay hain, indian films mein iss song say kahin baray darjaay kee vulgar , aur nude scenes hotay hain, but pakistani public hee hai jo family kaay saath jaa kar daikkhtaay hain, yeh claim karnaa kay pakistani sensible hain, aur sahih ghalat ka faislaa kartay hain, to phhir jo indian films jaa jaa kar dekh rahay hain cienma mein unn per aap kiya kahain gaay, iss saal murder release huwee or accha business kar gayee, pakistani film chambaili release huwee accha perform nahin kar sakee these are facts.

        • Saman

          guys we cannot speak over this bcz paanchon ungliyan barabar nhn hti aur har jagah par har tarhan k log hotay hain bilkul aisay hee pakistan mn kuch log aisi movies ko pasand kartay hain aur kuch log nhn bhi kartay hain

  • Rose n joje

    Aoa … pkistani ho k ap logo ka ye hal hai… veena malik ko bura ku kehty haibn sab ku….. ap logo ny to kalma parha hai phir b e kam… Mathira ko to hollywood mai bhaj do bht ajeeb lga ye daikh k k hmary mulq ka b ye hall hogya… Allah hidayat du… ameen

  • princes khan

    shrm nai ati in ko muslm k nam b dabha han yeh tamam muslim orton ki insult ha yeh ..yahi kam krna ha to vena ki trha india chly jahy wo log to bht wlcme kry gy in ko atleast pakistan sy nkl jana chahehy in ko,,in ko ALLAH pk sakth saza dy ga ,,yeh log bhool gy han k qbr m b jana ha or us ALLAH pak k smny jana ha,,,

  • ewais

    cut the crap ager asa he hai to rote raho k film industry tabah hori hai thora to broad minded bano yaar

    • anil

      u r right hum munafik log hain munni or sheela teri lat jaise ghatya songs grh beth k family mein sara din dekhte hain or critisize krte hain sirf pakistani product ko shame un sab logon pe jo cheap hindi film ko to admire krte hain lekin apne ache kam ko dekh k in ki ghairat jag jati hai

    • jarral

      Dont worry about industry, worry about your akhrat bro

    • Sam

      G brought mind bno or Allah ko bhol kr aish kro or phir akhirat ko achi terha tabah kr k jahanum Mae Maroo……had hoti hae bysharmi ke …pak film industry tabah he in chezon ke wajha sy hoi…Mae USA Mae rehti ho pr na hum jaty na hamary bachy jaty hae indian movies dekhny …..baat Apny Apny iman ke hoti hae ….hum chahain to pak k brought minded logo sy zeyada brought mind bn kr dekha dain …..or jis ko ap brought mind Hona keh Ry ho woh jahanum ka rasta hae ….so as a Muslim na khud Janus Mae jaloo na Apny bachoo k muj teem bno or un ko aag Mae phainko… industry ho na ho is sy Kia farak Prta hae zindagi ruk Nahi jati ….pr jab in chezon ko dekh kr ulaad waise BROUGHT MIND bn jati hae to na to zindagi Mae sakoon or khushi milti hae or akhirat to bohat he bheyanak ho jati hae Apny bachoo ko khud ko bcha oooo…….plz think about it………films Nahi Allah k ahkam boooohat important hae…

      • awais

        Khany dollar baten eeman ki.. USA me reh k nationalities le life time sukoon aish ki life choose kr k kon sa eeman bcha rhi ho ap?… sabar ki talqeen ha … khud cinema nai jaty o pr ankhon ko wese b eeman ki roshni nzar aati e rehti o gi naked women r guys dekh k.. bus kr jo yar jo b ho ap.. pak ko USA me beth k na sudharo.. hollywood ko sudhao wahan ja k tableegh kro jahan bethy o wahan ki correction zada farz ha ap pr… aa gye hen eeman sikhany USA se..

    • Urva.M

      This is not 'broad-mindedness' you're talking about, this is cheapness. If being liberal for you means to steep to such a low-level, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Najeeb

      There's a huge difference b/w vulgarity & broad mind.

    • Faraz

      remember this reply. tell the same to munkeer nakeer insider your dark grave when ur left behind by your relatives and freinds. then they will tell u what broad mindedness is.

  • sadd

    yahan sb sy bri zeadti afrdi k sath hui hai. do all of u agree

    • ahlam

      yes i agree, he is nice, cultured and religious person

    • Ammar

      kya mtlb???????

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      well afridi is also a human being, a human can do both right and wrong things please dont say afridi is an angel,he is a human, having both high and low in his life.

      for past seven eight years or so we do see portrayel of a religious shahid afridie, but in start of his career on his second trip afridi was penalized for saying obnoxious things to air hostess. during a tournament in lahore perhaps in 1999, again afridi came into limelight this time, he, hassan raza and attequ zaman (the then wicketkeeper) were penalized for calling call girls in their room in lahore.

      • sadd

        theak hai wo ho ga. bt is trhan sar e aam us k naam ko misuse krna theak nahi. ap ka kia kheal hai shahid afridi ye sb psnd kry ga

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          mein kabhi shahid afridi say nahin milaa, nahin kah saktaa kay ussay woh yeh pasand karay gaa kay nahin

          but agar shahid afridi ko aitraaz hotaa to woh iss film per court mein jaa saktaa thha, kay uskaa naam misuse ho raha hai, uss kee bajaye uss nay iss film kayliye video shoot banwaya hai, agar shahid afridi ko yeh pasand nahin hai, to kyon video aur photo shoot karwaya iss film kay liye??

    • Emad

      yes you rite

  • Abbas

    We all need to grow up. Our film industry has since the past 30 years been making films which have aired what ‘vulgarity’ with the likes of shahida mini, saima, anjuman, nargis reema etc doing dancing with semi pornographic dances with erotic lyrics and the camera zooming in on their breasts and backsides. Why all this noise now?? At least this one is done aesthetically and also we are all enjoying katrina kaifs and kareenas doing the same. Why has our morality been challenged only now?

    • anil

      u r right

  • Abbas

    please youtube the songs of resham, nargis and saima and you’ll learn the meaning of what vulgarity truly is, this will seem innocent in comparison

  • anil

    is song mein kuch ganda nhi hain gandgi logon k zehan mein hai us ko saf krna zruri hai

  • farzana Islam

    kaheen sey ghareeb country nahi lag rahi .sub khosh hal hen n besharam bhi sub raj khaney ki mastian haen.tabhi to koi app ki sonta nahi hey.or ghareeb aaj bhi waheen ka waheen hey apni sub problumes k sath.think about it.

  • abubakr atiq

    lanat hai na aisy musalmanoo parr jo khud ko is b bad b musalmaan kehty hai…… waisy tw hum india ko duniya janan ki galiyan daity hai sirf un ki aisi harkatn par or apni bar tw hum ny had e kar di hai lanat lanat lanat….

  • Arooj

    khanay ko mulk mai roti nahi or yeh sab wahiyaati.. or kitna zawal lao gay pakistan mai badbakhto??????

    • nizam

      ha AROOJ sahe bat h sis,,,,,

    • mailahamail

      ji urooj ap ne bilkul sahi kha

  • Hammu

    How does Humayun expect people to go with their families to see such crap? HOW?

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      well why not humayun expect to families come to watch this, lts the fact is pakistanis families are going in masses to view bollywood films in cinemas for years, which are more vulgar, more bold more obscene, more nudity then this song for sure,
      leave our entertainment channels, just watch our news channels, they love to play indian vulgar, cheap semi nude item songs like sheela kee jawani, munni badnaam hui, fevicol sey in the background of news clippings and even play full song videos in news, every news bulletin of one hour has some indian scene mostly more bold than this song.

      come to entertainment channels apart from ramzan geo entertainment telecasts a semi nude indian award show every saturday night, which also receives good rating, our music channels play all kind of indian songs, including french kisses scene, and these channels are on air at airport, bus terminal lunges nobody complains, by guessing this behaviour anyone like humayun is rightful to think and produce such song?

  • maryem

    cheap video ………..aur mathira tou uffff usko tou dil chahta hai shoot he kr dia jae………dusri veena :p


    mahnoor baloch sa ase umeed nahi thi .. borri ho gai hai lekin ab b sharam nahi athi

  • tahir

    she is looking beautiful, good job … best of luck for movie

  • Hassan

    what's vulgar in this song?

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      it is a belly dance song, which is a traditional arab dance, performed mostly in middle eastern countries.

    • Anonymous

      Mathira or Mahnoor ki angraaiyaan or Hamayun saeed k chaskay…. :@

  • Haya

    ALLAH TAALA ya to in logo ki hidayet de de ya phir tabah o barbad kar de.At least hamari naslo ko to mehfooz rhne do.

    • hira chudary

      aameen……….phr hm rona roty hain hmara pakistan tabah ho rha hy, yahan aafat na aein tu or kya ho?????????
      kya in logon ny allah k samny hazir nai hona…………aakhir kya ho gya hy muslmano ko????

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      ladding further, ALLAH TAALA un logon ko hidayat daay jo jaa jaa kar indian films daikhhtee hai, unkoo hit karwatee hai, jiss kee wajah sey aur laugon ko encouragement miltee hai, kay woh indian films jaisee, nude, vulgar, cheap, tiny dresses, item songs waali film banayen kyon kaay public bari taadaad mein aisee film daikkhnaay aati hai.

      i am with you in this pray, yaah to aisaay logon ko hidayat de de ya phhir tabah o barbad kar de, at least hamari naslo ko mehfooz rehnay dain

      • hira

        ap ye kuon bhol rhy hain k wo kafir log mrzi krain……..aik agr konwain main gir rha hy tu kya dosry ka b girna zrori hy?is main sb sy zyada qsoor hmari hkumat ka hy…….aisi wahiyat filmain or dramay bnnanay walon ko phansi dyni chahiye…… hmari nojwan nasl ko tabah kr rhy hain………..

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          u r right, indians are non-muslims, but jo pakistani public indian films dekh kar unkoo hit karwaa rahi hai, woh to mostly muslim hain naa,

          pakistan mein to films ban hee nahin raheen, yeh film shayed iss saal release honay waali third yaa fourth pakistani urdu film hai, agar pakistani films naa bhi banain, tab bhi indian films majority mein release hoti rahain gee, jo hamari hee public daikhhtee hai, aur shayed rahay gee

          • adan

            pakistani awam or hukumat ko tu waisy hi joton ki buhat kmi hy……….pata nai hmari hukumat kahan soi hy jaisy koi khaber hi nai k yahan kya kuch ho rha hy……….

          • Saman

            hukumat k log khud hee bhi tou aisay hee hain na (majority) tou wo kiisii ko kuch kaisay keh saktay hain

          • Rashid Nazir Ali

            har baat mein hum hakumat ko bura kahain gaay, khuud apnaa aap ko nahin daikkhnaa, hakumat hamain force nahin karti kay jhoot bolo, milawat karo, qatal karo, dakay daalo, vulgar content dekhho,

          • adan

            han ji hukumat hmain force nai hukumat is ki rok tham k liye tu buhat kuch kr skti hy na……….hm jitni mrzi daleelain dy lain lekin jo sach hy wo hmeesha rhy ga or sach ye hy k ye sb kuch gunah k zumry main ata hy…….yahan hmari kisi daleel ka koi faida nai ye hm sb janty hain…….lekin jst hm apny ap ko jhoti tasali dy k satisfy krny ki nakam koshish krty hain……….ye keh k hm mutmn ho jaty hain k log india ki movies b tu dekhty hain kya wo log theak krty hain???????ap ka kya kheyal wo un ki pakr nai ho gi?ya ye keh dyna yahan islam ka kya kam ye sb mehz hmari batain hi hain… kehty hain k hm parhy likhy hain…modern hain……kya kapry utar k hi hm modern kehla skty hain…… tu hm zmana jahleeyat main wapis ja rhy hain jb insan k pas jis dhanpny k liye libas nai tha……..or aj jb k hmary pas sb kuch hy tu hm wo utar k bara fakhr kr rhy hain k hm modern hain…..india b tu aisa kr rha hy……..or do char batain mzhab k bary main kr k smjhty hain hm theak hain………hm kuon apny uper ay hoy 2008 k aazab ko bhol jaty hain….last year any waly seelab ko bhol jaty hain……..kya wo log zyada gunahgar thy agr wo log tabah ho skty hain tu wo time hm py b aa skta hy…………….bhai mehz batain kr k hm gunah ka sath tu dy skty hain mgr ye mt bholain k allah ki pakr sy b bach skty hain………… cheez ghalt hy km az km us ko ghalt tu kahein…………hm kaisy muslman hain ye sb janty hain.or ye keh k tasli kr lyty hain k kuch nai hota aisa krny sy………dosry b tu krty hain na………….ye tu phr wohi bat ho gai na k mery aik dool pani na dalny sy kya frq pary ga………..zrori nai k hm talban ya molvi kehla k hi apny mzhab ki baton py amal krain…..ya burai ko bura janain. behasiyat aik muslman b tu hmain kuch krna chahiye………..jb quran main wazeeh tor py likha gya hy or urat ko us ki hadood bata di gai hain tu phr hm kuon un ki himayat kr k mazeed gunahgar ho rhy hain????????

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    the dance in this song is arabian belly dance, which is a normal thing in dubai, egypt, and other middle eastern countries, infact if we go to any arabic restaurant in other country like china, thailand, they also have belly dance, its part of middle eastern culture,

    dressing of mathira is same as a belly dancer of dubai or egypt or Lebanon, those who got a chance to visit middle east may have observed it there.

    It seems that concept of song is humayun is in a bar perhaps in dubai, where mathira is performing belly dance, and in mathira he visualizes his own love mahnoor baloch, so in actual is mathira who is dancing but in his eyes he is seeing mahnoor baloch.

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    NZ, on MAHNOOR BALOCH age, she is not in mid 50's, she is in mid 40's, in recent edition of largest circulated urdu weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan, this news is available on showbiz page, as per which mahnoor is 43 years old and bon on 14th July 1970, but she was married at quite young age so her daughter is now teenage.

    Here is the url of the akhbar-e-jehan, please do correct this infromation in the article thanks, we applaud for its authenticity and so i hope it will be corrected.

  • naoman

    nice effort….bravo….

  • basit jadoon

    begrti ki b had hoti ha.. yh hamra Islamic culture ha.. shamless actors.. noobs

  • sarah

    o dosto
    indian aur english movies dekh sakty ho tu ye q nhi dekh sakty ho?
    khud hi tu aisi demand krty ho k hamari filmi dunia achi nhi
    phr soch ko badlo..

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      sarah, bilkul sahih kaha, yeh ajeeb baat hai, hamari public kee majority english aur indian films khoob pasand kartee hai, indian films, unkay actors kay fashion style sab kucch copy kiyaa jaata hai, baray fakhar sey copy kiyaa jaata hai, ham main sey kissi ko indian celebrity kay saath picture lenay ka mauqa mil jaaye to fakhar sey usko sab ko dikkhhaatay hain, tab naa apna cutlutre, naa apni values, naa apnaa religion kucch bhi yaad nahin aata, indian songs hamaray her radio per chal rahay hain, shadiyon mein indian gaanay , radio per indian gaanay, car mein indian songs kee cds, tv news bulletin mein indian gaanay, music channels per her time indian content,

      but pakistani film yaah award mein agar kucch ho to fatwaa baazi, fata-fat shru ho jaati hai, acchanak yaad aata hai, ham islami jamhooriya hain, agar koi acchi yaah serious pakistani film banay to mostly flop hotee hai jaisay kaa chambaili jo kaay iss saal release ho kar kucch khaas naa kar sakee, aur agar chal jaaye jaisay bol aur khuda kay liye, to bhi film kay producer/director shoaib mansoor ko khoob galiyan dee gayeen, kay islam dushman film banayee , yahoodion ko khush kar diya, america kay liye film banayee

      yeh kaisi munafqat hai, kaisi daughlee policy hai,

    • Rana

      Sarah madam …. this is not in demand …… this not rational……. English & Indian waly jo bhi karrahey hein its their culture so always will be remained optional for Muslims whether to see it or not and also rewards are accordingly ….. the point is that Why our women want to show off???????? still agar hamara media hamary actual culture ko support and promote karey tu you girls will definitely see the results ……. but this is not the rught act ………

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        rana, how demand of anything is measured, indian films are doing spectacular business in pakistan, despite their nudity, vulgar and cheapness to extreme limits, it means the pattern of indian film is in demand and way for a successful film.

        main hoon shahid afridi is not the only film to be released on this eid, a very good film, without much masaala JOSH is also releasing in which heroine amina sheikh is in full dress, lets wait and see the fate of this film, if JOSH become successfull then definitely it will be a parameter that our audeince demand serious and non-masala films. Earlier this year a very good pakistani film, Chambaili is released having good dressings and good story, but most of the public ignored it,so u can say kay hamary media mein aisay log hain jinhon nay apnay actual culture ko films mein project kiyaa jaisay kaay chambaili and results are awful, un producers kaa paisa doob gaya aur unko loss huwa, bhai yeh facts hain, kay jiss nay actual culture ko promote kiyaa uss nay munh kee khhayee

        NZ who has posted this article also done review of film chambaili on… and interestingly the visitors of has also ignored this post of NZ, nobody watched a good movie, and bothered to read a review on it as well, so these are the results and facts. For more results lets wait to see how public responds to josh.

      • KareenaSaif

        I agree vid Sahra all paki new generation want that nudity European Indian. Culture

      • Saman

        i agree with u rana agar mn apni baat karun tou mn agr indian ya hollywood movie dekhoon tou bhi in scenes k liye specifically nhn dekhti aur in ko fast forward kar deti hn.. but agr hamari country mn ye sb promote he na ho aur apna religion and culture promote hon tou hmari nayi generation bhi ye sab naapasand hee karay gi. the problem is that our youth and we also need guidance but nobody is providing us with that … aur hamaray mulk mn har taraf PAISA BOLTA HAI

      • laila

        par bhai this is demand,warna muslim pakistani public indians ko business kiyun deti,agar dena to unn k meerasion ki bajaye apnay meerasion ko do,aur aap ko kis nay kaha ye pakistan ka culture nhi,ye sab isi culture main hota hai,aur yahan clubs bhi hain,so just chill,han ye aap k ya meray jaisay logon k ghar ka culture nhi but it is too common may be you are inderestimating it and all thiese actors belong to that just chill,i dont like bollywood style movies meaning with movie,s with songs,i want good story,screnplay and acting like our dramas have,and we have not seen the movie may be its just this part that is bad,may be the other half is good.
        aur sach sach batai jab aashiqui 2 dekhi hai to iss pe kiyun aag lag rahee hai?
        our women want to show off becoz our iman ali's ads was given to priyanka,you can see she her earning vanished becoz of us supporting every gul ahmed catalogue has indian cover girl.albeit the last do you want to see ayyan career going down like that too,i think she is much prettier than katrina or kareena but she does not have ads in pakistan they have,many pakistani designers ask indian actresses to model for them and then when pakistanis talk to indians about their girls being more beautiful(which is true) they say then why all your designers want our actresses.
        you will understand if you think it from this perspective.

  • Purple Gem

    It is certainly a true fact that one could not watch this movie with family. I mean, after watching the trailer , no one would want their children to go and watch such a movie. I will prefer to watch josh instead of this. Such bold scenes b/w hamayun saeed and mahnoor baloch donot represent the true culture of pakistan.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      purple gem, fact is this, mostly pakistanis families go in masses to watch indian films, which have nudity, obscenity, vulgarity to high extreme, these indian films release in our cinemas and have high priced tickets and run to full houses, and mostly literate families come and watch and enjoy these indian films.

      whereas serious and neat and clean pakistanis films are mostly not welcomed by pakistani public like chambaili a good film released in april this year, another serious and neat film JOSH film is coming on eid, lets wait and c its box office report how many families come and watch JOSH

  • RS!

    well i think that mathira like always is trying to show off her ugly body but i would have never expected mahnoor to act this way. i mean seriously she is married and has a daughter. please people you live in pakistan why do you do this. i live in a foreign country and even i in my whole entire teenage years have i seen this here. like seriously get a life people especially mathira and Humayun.

  • Sadaf Aamir

    I feel sorry for Mahnoor………..she is not accepting the fact that she has aged………. ……..trying to copy Katrina Kaif…………..very indecent .

  • rahila

    movie hit karne k liye ganey kam krna zrori ni hota achi story n acting is demand. larki poore kaprey pehen kar b weivers k dil jeet skti hy if she has talent. bs ALLAH hum sb pe rehem kare r hamyn hidayat de ameen.

  • Sabeen

    isi cheapness ki waja se humari industry tabah hui hai agar yeh log tameezdar movies banain toh kafi kch thk ho jai………copy catz india ko follow krtey hain apne culture ko bhool gai hain

  • sad pakistani

    lagaate sath hi andaza ho gya k kya gand hy bnaya n shukr hy k off kr dya ,shame on them n azaab me sb shamil hon gy jo b in ko promote kren,mahtira is for sure psychologically unfit.these all deserve to be in india with veena malik.humyun saeed is so frustrated and mahoor baloch ,bhoori ghori laal lagam

  • Rana

    hahahaha πŸ˜€ … BTW she is looking sexy & also beautiful but unfortunately doesn’t have appealing bidy figure but …… anyways I do not understand what culture is being raised these days ….. Every second Girl/Women wanna look beautiful & attractive but not in their homes also outside so that they can be praised by everyone ….. I know the fact that women are really beautiful creation and till end of the world will be the source of attraction for men but it doesn’t mean that women start showing off. …. If you see our Films, Dramas, Stage Shows, Professional locations, Social Gathering, Markets etc. everywhere you will see women is showing off…… why these women hates their cloths???? And if they wear cloths then why so much body fitted ????? ………………….. every inch of her you can see which cannot be ignored … impossible

  • arslan

    kiya ye Muslims hain????? in logon ko Musllim to kiya Pakistani kehtay bhi sharam aati hai….. Ye tasveer Muslims ki puri dunya ko dikhana chahtay hain????? inhe logon ki waja say aaj ye nobat aa chuki hai.. sub log dislike karen

    • laila

      i think yehi tasverr dunia ko dekhanay ki zarurat hai

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      arsalan haqeeqat yeh hai, kay bahir ki duniya mein koi bhi pakistani films nahin dekkhtaa, even jo paksitani mulk sey bahir rehtaay hain woh bhi hamari majority people kee tarah, nude, vulgar, obscene, indian films hee dekkhtaay hain, so iss baat mein parishaan naa hon,poori duniya mein yeh film nahin dekhhi jaaye gee

      haan magar poori dunya mein jo pakistan kee tasveer dikkhaayee jaati hai woh hai,
      yahan mazhab kaay naam per imam bargahon mein dhamakay hotay hain,
      minority sect (mostly shiite ) per khud kush dhamakay kar kay unko target kiyaa jaataa hai
      mazhab kaay naam per khud kush hamlaay hotaay hain, jin mein civilians maaray jaatay hain
      jails per hamlaay hotaay hain, or baray baray terrorist bhaag kar asaani sey chalay jaatay hain
      panchayat beth kar aik aurat ko rape karnaay kaa hukam deti hain jaisa kaay mukhtara maayee kay saath huwa
      honour killings, vanee, sawaraa, karo kaari, tezab phainknaa,

      heroine, charas, drugs kee smugling

      yeh sab bahir kee duniya mein hamari tasveer bana kar dikhhaya jaata hai

    • Rija

      correct sir, THUMBS UP… uper aik sir hain Rashid Nazir Ali, who cant get it and u are a guy so please help him get your and mine point of view…

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        rija, mein nay pehlay hee arsalan ka jawab likkha hai,

        pakistani films, pakistani audience mostly khud nahin dekhti aur naa hee mulk sey bahir koi dekhta hai, to yeh sawal worthless hai yeh movies bahir kee duniya mein pakistan kee tasveer dikkhatee hain, being a media student aap ko iskaa bohat behtar pata ho gaa, aik saal mein mushkil sey 6-7 pakistani urdu films aati hain, so yeh samajhnaa kaay in 6-7 urdu films ko hee pakistan kee tasveer bana kar dikhhaya jaaye gaa, aik baseless baat hai.

        jo tasveer bahir pakistan kee dikhhayee jaati hai woh mostly terrorism, women rightes, suicide , killing of minorities on the name of religion

        haan aik aur interesting baat bhi aaj kal social media per pakistan kee tasveer dikhha rahee hai kay pakistan is number 1 gay intolerant country but number 2 when it comes to searching gay porn as per google analytics, while number 1 country is a muslim majority african country NIGERIA. and most of this gay porn is searched from peshawar , capital of Khyber "Pakhtoonkhaa", ab iss per kiya kahain, ham-nay apni text book mein parha thaa, kay khyber pakhtoonkhawa kay log baray "jurrat mand, ghairat mand, mazhab kay rakkhwalay" aur pata nahin kiya kiya hain, magar wahan kay log to google per kucch aur hee tasveer dikkha rahay hain.

  • lubna

    fite muuuuuuuuuuu

  • Saman

    hey nida u are so right they are just trying to follow indians and nothing else.. yar matlab look at them na in ki age ko ye baat suit karti hai aur religion wise tou…. i can just only be sad on what are they doing and also nida it’s nothing new in our industry ..We, being Pakistanis,,and being muslims should take care of our every act individually bcz we represent our country and religion .. what will the people of other religions think that IS THIS ISLAM??? IS THIS PAKISTAN WHICH WAS MADE ON THE BASIS OF ISLAM??IS THIS WHAT ISLAM TEACHES PEOPLE.. well I am not surprised to see Mathira and Mahnoor performing these kind of acts nor Humayun..most of our filmstars and showbiz persons are like that but it’s nothing new.. Now it’s our duty to show them that they are nothing and we can do this by not watching and not promoting this song and movie ..we have to realize and make them realize that we being Pakistani Muslims are going towards destruction and darkness.. I hope all ov u understand what am i saying!!!

  • Saman

    hey nida u are so right they are just trying to follow indians and nothing else.. yar matlab look at them…. i can just only be sad on what are they doing and also nida it’s nothing new in our industry ..We, being Pakistanis,,and being muslims should take care of our every act individually bcz we represent our country and religion .. what will the people of other religions think that IS THIS ISLAM??? IS THIS PAKISTAN WHICH WAS MADE ON THE BASIS OF ISLAM??IS THIS WHAT ISLAM TEACHES PEOPLE.. well I am not surprised to see Mathira and Mahnoor performing these kind of acts nor Humayun..most of our filmstars and showbiz persons are like that but it’s nothing new.. Now it’s our duty to show them that they are nothing and we can do this by not watching and not promoting this song and movie ..we have to realize and make them realize that we being Pakistani Muslims are going towards destruction and darkness.. I hope all ov u understand what am i saying!!!

  • Aiman

    Uff ho…saare k saare hypocrites hain is page per even writer… Aashique 2 k hero k q-mobile add sign karne per khushi ho rai thi bohat bcuz woh film aapne dekhi bhi aur pasand bhi kari…kia woh Family movie thi?

    • nawaz haq

      movie dekhna haraam h quran mai humare liye mukammal guide line h bs phir kia jesa quran kehta h wesa krte jao or apni taraf se fatwe na jhara karo

    • mir

      People have no problem with movie, if it's vulgar then why you are showing on front page of the websites, actually Humayun CKB want to tell people that this film is vulgar plz come and watch, if people only like vulgar videos then why pakistani drama is successful? Humayun cotti kay bachay this called black-advertisment!!!

    • laila

      agree aiman the writer is double standard,

  • Aiman

    Pakistan ka bacha bacha 'arohi arohi' kar raha hai ab takk…woh jaise family movie thi bari Islami usoolo k mutabik…
    Bss indian film shok se dekho aur apni film per Islamiat ki buk khol lo…halankeh hum log khud in producers ko majbor karte hain k aisi movies banai bcuz hm dekhte aur pasand karte hain 'masala' ko…
    Honestly speaking insan cinema 'entertainment' k liye jata hai 'documentry' dekhne k liye nai…m not at all interested in Josh….bs Naveen ki waja se thori si excitmnt hai…
    Luking forward to MHSA….

  • Rija

    and how do you know kay wo logon nay family ma beth kay dekhi ha… That was Indian culture thk?? but humara ya culture nae ha… jahan tak movie ki bat ha(aashiqui 2) it had one bold scene… to hum bnda ko kuch nae kah sakta and yes I am very happy aswell and looking forward for the AD… and writer na kuch galt nae kaha..

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      rija, if its not our culture its indian culture, then why our public is crazy for this culture and this type of stuff. indian films are doing spectacular business in pakistan, just take some time out and visit a cinema with indian film screening and mostly families, then teenagers come and watch and enjoy indian films atleast i have witnessed it personally many many times.

      mein naay ashiqi2 nahin dekkhi, but if u say kay agar uss mein aik hee bold scene hai, to yeh bhi ho sakta hai kaay MHSA mein bhi yehi aik item song ho. or baaqi film theek ho?

      also the ad of QMobile is on our screens now, aur shayed aik din mein aik channel per woh ad 40 times chal raha hai, uss ad mein 5-6 female models khaasi tiny outfit mein hain, yeh ad tv per chal raha hai,ab TV to ghar per sab hee daikkhtaay hain, lets hope kaay NZ jinhon nay aap kay mutabiq kucch ghalat nahin kaha, iss ad aur iss mein dekhhaye gayee female models per bhi aik article likhhain,

      • Rija

        yar I know.. And i mentioned it above that I am a media student, I know a lot about movies… Ya sab movies humara cinema ma isliye hoti hain cuz our government is crap.. or maina yeh jawani hai dewani dekhi cinema ma and it was censored so I like that..
        Ashiqui 2 Indian movie ha so no one would dare to object and we cant.. But, MHSA is a Pakistani movie so we should stay in our limits.. We can stop all this nonsense.
        QMobile kay add ma larkian hain, but they are not wearing shorts.. THEY ARE WEARING A DRESS CALLED MAXI….

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          rija, glad to know you are studying in the field of media, indian films hamari cinema mein islye nahin hain kaay hamari govt crap hai, it is public demand, MHSA is saal release honay waali teesri pakistani film hai, pehli do "Dil praye des mein" was dead flop while "chambaili" was also a low scorer, jabkaay indian films murder3, jawani deewani, ashiqi 2, aur bhi kucch aur movies theen sab accha business karkaay gayeen. koi public ko gunpoint per cinema nahin laata, its a fact, majority of public is crazy for indian films, despite all their vulgarity and nudity

          Q mobile kaay ad mein jo dressing girls kee hai, uss say milti julti HUM TV aur lux style award shows mein thee, but believe me kay unper bhi bohat criticism huwee hai, i mean wohi baat kay kay pakistani award shows daikkh kar hamain apna mazhab, culture yaad aa gaya.

          but yeh kiya logic hai, jo hamaray majority ppl detay hain, kay indian nonmuslim hain so woh yeh kar saktay hain, ham muslims hain ham nahin kar saktay hain

          to kiya is logic kay yeh matlab nahin kay aik islami jamhooriya kay majority muslim people kay liye, indian kee nudity dekhna theek hai, pakistani actors kee dekhnaa theek nahin. kissi nay is forum per likkhaa kay aisi pakistani film dekh kar hamari naslain bigar jayen gee, to indian dekh kar kiya hamari naslain sudhhar raheen hai? apna culture , apna mazhab sirf pakistani content per yaad aata hai, indian veet cream ka ad hamary channels per hai, showing katrina in mini skirt, aur koi aitraz nahin huwa kay aik islami jamhooriay mein yeh ad kyon chal raha hai, issi ad mein agar reema hoti, to phhir culture, aur mazhab yaad aa jaata? mathira kaay ad per pemra ko complaints kee line lag gayee, but katrina ka slice ka ad bhi to slice juice ka ad khoob chal raha hai

          my mother tongue is punjabi and a famous punjabi proverb "lakh dee vee chori tey kakkh dee wee chori" means chori chori hotee hai chahay laakh kee ho chahay aik paisay kee, agar nudity ghalat hai, is ko dekhhna ghalat hai, to phhir chahay indian ho pakistani donon ghalat hain, yeh kiya huwa kay aik ko sab dekhain, aapas mein discuss karain, aur doosray per apni values yaad aa jaayen.

          kiya hamara yeh attitude munafqat kee aik behtreen aur aala darjay kee misaal (example) nahin hai. aur shayed yeh munafqat hamari qom kee current situation kee sab say bari wajah hai.

        • laila

          @raja iss ko bhi akele baith k dekh lena

    • laila

      to iss ko bhi akele baith dekh lena

  • ami

    WHAT THE SHACKKKKKK is this ?? Yay hum kahaaan jaa rahay hain bhaai ?? Is this ISLAMI JAMHOORIA PAKISTAN ????? Yay hay culture hamara ??? SHARAAAB KHANAY MAY naaachnay waali larkiaan… huh… Waddaaa filthy movie THIS WILL BE… Yar koi sharam koi hayya kuch nahee hay inmay ?? Yay Mathira tho khair haay hee is type ki… But is budheee MAHNOOR BALOCH ko dekho… Booorhee gori laal lagaam …
    Thabhi tho is mulk k halaat nahi badal rahay.

  • Rija

    Asalam O Alikum everyone.. Yar guyz listen… We are Muslims and we people have some barriers that are not to be crossed at any case. What ever is shown in the movie is not a part of our culture.. Though, we are too getting very modern and Dupatta is no more part of us. But, still nudity is not what Muslims are represented with… Yes, we not only watch Indian movies but Hollywood movies too but not in families, but we cant object on their content because nudity, vulgarity, is part of their culture. I have been to Europe and honestly you cant walk on street with your parents but we cannot even object them. . Imagine that vulgarity on road in Pakistan.. Wont you go/ your parents go to stop them.. I bet they would.. Tell me while you watch porn movies don't u watch it alone or do u sit and watch it with your family? Do your mothers and sisters roam on the streets without having a dupatta?? Someone up there was commenting Aashiqui 2 was a bad movie.. I dont think so… It is part of them.. Their movies cant be a blockbuster without that but ours can be.. Isn't Bol and Khuda kay Liya?? I know my cousins in India were yeeling at me that when is Bol releasing?? They were going crazy to watch it… Weren't those movies a hit?? They were.. And we loved to watch them.. Secondly, Mahnoor Baloch is a Muslim?? I just cant get that how can she take of her clothes?? Koi khof-e-khuda nae ha?? And Mathira.. Now what should I say?? When in a morning show she can talk about the usage of a condem ad, in a Ramadan show so we can expect anything from her?? I can write an article on this topic even. I am from a Syed family and all these things are strongly condemned in my family.. And In my opinion the best way to tell the cast and crew of the movie is that we dont wnt such content is that not to go and watch it.. Rather, take your family to watch JOSH and enjoy your eid with them.
    And also the movie is 'Main hoon Shahid Afridi', I do not know that how this movie links him but I guess that they would show his career in this movie.. Right?? So I would love to remind my dear readers that Shahid Afridi is a Pathan and do you remember the case in airport when he hit a man just cuz he was trying to I dont know push his daughter.. His wife wears a net burqa from which u cannot even see her face.. Now I dont think the name suits, This movie is a copy of Indian movie filmed on Shahrukh Khan ' Chak de India'. I have seen the trailers on air of this movie and the dialogues are same too… This is a shame for PAKISTAN ! !

    • a.khan

      Allah Allah kar ke toh ek different topic pe movie bani hai yahan.. zarooori nai hai ke family ke sath jaoo. akele chale jao.. lekin this is waaaaay better than our typical lollywood movies jin mai yehi sab aur is se bhi zyada ho raha hota hai.. bas unko koi dekhta nai is liye no one's complaining about them..

      • nawaz haq

        astagfaar tm jese log hi h jin ki ghatiyan soch hoti h humara maashra tm logo ki soch ne hi bigara h qayamat k din tm log hi wo log ho gay jo ibrat ka nishaan bano gay

      • Rija

        mat dekho lollywood movies, who says?? there are indian and American movies u can watch.. and u can find all the stuff u want in them… Humara muashra ku ganda krna ha??

        • naima

          TO aap kaisay keh rahee hain/rahay hain k hollywood dekhnay say aur bollywood dekhnay say muashra ganda nhi horaha?
          unn say bh ganda horaha hai,uss k sath sath new generation has developed some identity problems,like they think bollywood is our movie industry and salman katrina are our actors,just ask anyone who is their facourie actor/actress,they will automatically assume that they are being asked about bollywood actros.
          Its better to have our movies,so we have something to show about our culture,i know this does not usuallty happen but i think its showing a place outside pakistan,and i have seen pakistani women wearing dresses,(liek mahnoor's)
          even in pakistan but in selected this is not too different.(dont kill me plz,,you al know it)
          mathira is a different story,she probably does not have pakistani nationality,and her dress took it too far,that is bely dance costume dress.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      you r rite bol and khuda ke liye were hit, but both these movies flopped badly in india. Also bol and khuda kay liye were hit, but the producer/director of both these films shoaib mansoor was cursed by most of our social media, with abusive language and filthy wordings, one can go to youtube just search bol and khuda ke liye and read the comments, shoaib was declared agents of jews, hindus, usa and much more .

      while bol and khuda ke liye were hit it doesnot mean our pakistani audience has appreciated every clean and good film another very good and clean film chambaili released in this year 26th april and went unnoticed. you are right the best way to show producer that we dont want to see a movie like MHSA is not only to ignore this movie but also ignore, vulgar, nude and cheap indian films which are much more than what is in MHSA.

      on Shahid afridi i would say he is a human, not an angel, and like every other human he has his highs and lows in his life, while mentioning his wife wears burqa, it should also be mentioned in start of his career he was penalized for using obnoxious and filthy words to an airhostess, he again came in limelight in 1999 perhaps, this time he, hassan raza (a batsman) and attiquzaman (wicketkeeper of that time) were penalized for calling callgirls in their hotel room while staying in lahore.

      lastly, on copy of an indian film, maybe its true, those who have watched that film of shahrukh can better comment

      • Rija

        U are absolutely correct sir,, but tell me was BOL and KHUDA KAY LIA a bad movie?? I dont think so.. They were giving a great message, but for those who want to learn.. We being Muslims should atleast not produce such movie… Mahnoor Baloch being 50, It not suit her wearing shots…. And I never mentioned Shahid Afridi being an angel… no one is an angel… Yar its all personal.. Though Islam condemns all these sins but still we perform them… That's ones personal matter and I am no one to interfere in them.. Callgirls and stuff.. but u should not made them go public…

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          rija, bol and khuda kay liye were gud movies, but the director of these film shoaib mansoor, received so much curse from general public for making these movies, also those who say that these movies were representative of pakistani culture, then they are admitting kothhaa culture shown in bol is part of our society.

          mahnoor baloch is not 50 she is 43 year old, here is a reference, please do correct it

          the shahid afridi reference, it was a very hot news in press at that time, PCB issued press releases at that time, so its not me who is making it public it is already in public, i just want to clear the stereotypes that are typically associated with pathans, you wrote " i want to remind my readers shahid afridi is a pathan" , so i thought to remind the readers about some forgotten facts about his career and that pathans are also human who have highs and lows like every other racial or linguistic group, i

    • naima

      well i live in states aur yahan aisa kuch nhi milta roads pe k aap parents k sath na dekh pao,and hollywood is american not european,hollywood has way more nudity and openess than regular folks here.
      same as pakistani media does not represent pakistan as it s,hollywood doesnt either,and even bollywood,india is conservaitve but bollywood isnt.
      har mulk ka media thora ziada azad hota hai general public k mukablay main

      • Rija

        I guess u have not clearly read that I have mentioned EUROPE not states… And secondly I too live in States (Seattle)… I know how people are… And I am a media student so I know what is States, HOLLYWOOD and Lollywood…

        • naima

          @rija you said hollwood has nudity and its their culture,thats why i said that.american culture is not that open may be LA is ,but rest are not
          I dont know how to insert part of your comment here

          • Rashid Nazir Ali

            u r rite, idhar pakistan mein bhi koi pakistani film pakistani culture daikkhnaay kay liye nahin jaata, jis nay pakistani culture daikkhnaa hota hai, un kaay liye lok virsa museum hai

            agar films ko culture ka representative maan liya jaaye , pakistan mein pashto films mein sab sey zyada vulgarity hoti hai, to kiya woh pathan ka culture represent kar raheen hain, aisa nahin hai,

    • hamza

      muni aur shella dkhte hue sharam nae aati pakistan m asa kch hojae tu phatny lagty hy tumare

    • natalia

      i totally agree with you rija… we represent a Islamic republican state and we are posing ourself as nudes to the world….people object to us only Because we have a prominent religion, which we do not follow properly… in other cultures as in india ,America or Britain etc. it is casual for them to be posed as nude, and it does not go against their norms and values, We muslims have forgotten our own identity so we have forgotten our values, but just to show the world some of us follow our norms, which is being continuously erased…. we should follow our own culture and stop following others, Thats should be our moto, and instead of spreading our culture we are adopting the nudity …. thats why people object to us so much!!

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        natalia, fact is that, not many persons from outside world ever watches any pakistani film to get any idea about pakistani society. pakistani films have limited audience in pakistani only these are never released globally, so expecting or saying that these are showing face of pakistan to world is totally wrong.

        its the media reports, news reports from major channels that show the face of pakistan to world,

    • saadi

      i strongly agree with u i think thats the comment we should expect from muslims!!!!! agr hm burai ko rok naii skty tu kamuzkam dil my bura tu jaan skty h hm is movie ko na dekh ky buraii ko philany my hisadar tu naii bn skty nd i also agree ky khuda kay liye jesi moviez hmy dekhnii chahey i herself not use to watch indian moviez expect one or two that r just abut frndship nothing more

    • sana khan

      u r rYt !!!

  • bushra

    is ko culture nai beshrami katy han.ya muslim nai han

    • nawaz haq

      besharmi begairti or nafarmani kehte hain

    • faraz

      Bushra hn tu muslim lakn mare ap k jase hn bs msla srf itna h

  • nawaz haq

    humare kaam hi aise hain ,phir hum kehtey hain k zalzaley arahe hain seelab arahe hain govt corrupt h mehangai h target killing h loot maar h aisa hoga to ye sb to hona h
    meri khuwaish h k ye sarey acters 1 vane mai ho or wo vane blast hojaye ameen
    i hate films acters darama etc
    bagairton pr khuda or us k rasool ki lanat

  • adil

    dekha abhi film ai nahi logo k sawalat phele se ot na shoro hoge k pakistani culture

  • laila

    abhi tak ye samjh nhi aai k ye ALLAH walay log tv dekhtay kiyun hain aur entertainment webiste pe aatay iyun hain,5 wakt ki namaz aur Alllah k zikr se wakt kaisay milta hain in ko aa kal ki khurafat k liye.
    jab sab abhi nae film main deepika ko kam kapron main deh k abaithay ho,katrina aur kareena k sab se baray fan ho to mahnorr bechari nay aisa kia kia hai,they are artists,ye Allah log nhi,inn say wo expect mat karo

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      ur question is very valid, but such questions are not answered with argument, instead the asking person is bombarded with all type of wrong stuff.

  • laila

    sorry this was a reply to Rana

  • nida_zaidi


  • Angel

    ye sab indian influence ka asr hai i hate it and people allowing our media to show this type of songs are shameful…………… ya Allah in sab ko hidayat de………. upar se Ramzan k ba barkat mahine main toba astaghfar…………..
    Ya Allah mere mulk ko kya ho ra hai………….ya Allah tu hum sab ko dozakh aur qabar k azaab se bachaa…Ameen

  • Aimen

    Ye log sirf naam k musalmaan hain……agr sach mai hote musalmaan to kbhi in ka zamiir inhe ye karne ki ijazat na deta…………………….

  • maliah

    ALLAH ki lanat ho asy logon pa AMEEN

  • javed

    kam say shahid afridi isay nai rahen hon gay

  • malik

    @Aimen u r wrong.. hum nahe kehty producers ko aisy films bnany ka balky ye culture hm pe thopa ja raha hy.. or ager tmko aisy entertainment pasand he tu behter hy ke kisi european country chaly jao jahan ye sb tmko dekhny ko mily.. hmary culture mein is ke koi gunjaish nahe

  • fahadashraf

    bohot afsssos ki bat hai sham on ur self of these ridiculous videos

  • razla

    I Thought that i would watch this movie in cinema but now its no no ….bohat zada kharab song…jiss mae dressing ke bhe parwa nhe ke…indians ko hm khatay hae ky yeh song itny karab kaproo mae kui banaty hae aur hmaare movies mae bhe bilkul wsay he kapray even bad……Josh,bol,khuda ky leye jese movies banee chaheye…..not like this crappy indian copied movies

  • HIna

    Hum logon ko sirf COPY karna kyon aata hey??? Kuch different nahi bana saktey, kuch apna nahi bana saktey.

  • faisal


    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      intresting note on khilafah, but its easy said than done, who will elect khalifa, and will arabs accept an irani khalifah, or irani accept an iraqi khalifah, will afghani accept a pakistani khalifah, will egyptian accept a sudanese or african khalifah, will brunei accept an indonesian khalifah

      forget about rest of muslim countries, in our country will wahabis accept a shia khalifah or deobandi accept a brelavi khalifa? what will be the sect of khalifah, is there any sect nowadays that is accepted universally by all muslims?

  • Faisal

    KHILAFAH lasted 1342 years from the time of our beloved prophet till 3rd march 1924 in turkey. Read about it search abt it and find out abt it. It was not an imagenary state and it will come back according to hadees e pak. If we don't work to bring it back Allah will choose others and make the muslims and establish his deen. Remember the history or TARTARS ( changaiz khan) and Iqbal's Ayyaan hai shurash e tatar ke afsaanon sesher Pasbaan mil gaye kabe ko sanam khanon se. Read the story behind the sher.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      true khilafat known as khilafat rashida was only for about 30 years, after that there were mulsim emperors and kings who continued the title of khalifa, , a true khalifa cannot order the brutal killing of family of our PROPHET PBUH.

      you are rite tartars, embarrassed islam but change of religion had not prevented them from their barbarian act, one such example Temur Lane a famous muslim tartar was know for its brutality, it was who attacked the capital of muslim kindom of hind new delhi during tughlaq dynasty and ordered genocide there killing both indian muslims and hindus, also temur lane fought with bayezed the turkish ottoman ruler and some historians has written that he presented him in cage in his court while the queen of bayezid was made a cocubine serving vine in front of her.

  • faisal

    sorry I forgot to write (sallalahu aleehi wassalum( peace be upon him our guide our leader.

  • sadia

    mahnoor baloch pata nahi humayun saeed par itni q mehraban horahi hai ke apni itni achi image kharab kardiya…..itna nanga tu shaid kareena kapoor bhi ayi hu jo ye 3 bacho ke maa above 45 ye chezain humayun saeed ko khush karne ke liye kar rai hai

  • rana

    veena ny to ja k india ma kea yahu in logo ny to Pakistan ma he had kr di .ALLAH Hadayat day sab ko

  • hamza

    sharam unhain aani chaeye jo indian movies m muni aur shella ko shauck se dkhte hain aur pakistani movie m kch asa ae tu batain krte hain tum logoun n he Pakistani cinema ka ye hal kia hay begairte ke had tum ne khud par ke hay na wo indian movies khareda kru jin sb se ye gand shuru hua tu na he pakistani movies ko sale krne k liay is gand ke zarurat pare

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      aap nay bilkul sahi tasveer kashi kee hai, hamari qaum kaay majmooyee mizaaj kee

  • Lawangeen

    some questions…..Q1.Asay video aur pics dekhnay k bad he humain kiu yaad ajata hian k hum muslim hian???…
    Q2….aghar hum kud ko es qadr sachy aur pakay muslim samjatay hian tu asay videos aur pics dektay he kiu hian??…
    Q3….keya hum sab dodh k dholay howay hian….???….

    • salar amyn

      muslim ye sb nahe kr skty kia aur allah ne ankhain dekhny k leye de hain

    • attia

      me b ye he soch re the isko dekhye ge sub or bad main he critisise kre ge,,,phle jinho ne upload ki jo critise krte hn wo he chahte hn k ise sub dekhe

      • salar amyn

        Criticise krna he nhe chaheye……….. bollywood mai muslim ye sb nhe krty kia enhun ne kia tou knsi qayamat agye

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      i want to add and change some in your first question

      Q1- Sirf asay "pakistani" video aur pics dekhnay kaay baad he humain yaad ajaata hian k hum muslim hain???… "indian films mein iss say kahin ziyada dekhtay huway kyon yaad nahin aata????"

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    @saman, the dance in this item song is traditional arab belly dance, it is part of arab culture and is common in restaurants of dubai, egypt and rest of middle east (apart from saudia). dressing of mathira is same as a regular belly dancer of dubai

    though story of this film is serious its easy to show humayun is in dubai in a restaurant, where mathira is a belly dancer, while mathira is dancing, humayun instead sees her own love in this film mahnoor as dancing in place of her.

    • Saman

      ok.. now i got to know… thanks Rashid for telling!!

  • Rahma

    we should condemn all these things that threaten our culture, we have to raise our voices ,i cant beleive so called descent ladies can be go so far just for money, and also we should condemn the director who made these ladies to act nudity….it's so offensive, Gentlemen and ladies in the centerboard shouldn't give certificate of show to such movies.

  • omer

    na koi copy hai ….na kuch naya na purana movie banae hai soooo every1 chup chap dhko warna na dhko agr movie ban jaeey tu masla na bane tu masla hamein apne kam se kam rakhna chaiey ok …..waisy bhe kon sa aisa kam hai jo hum muslims nae karty sb kuch kya mard kya aurtein dating drink smoking sex ……..sirf hum iss liye aisa keh rahay hain kay hum ny kyun nae kiya …….dont take me wrong guys………thanday dimagh sy baat sumjh ayeee ge

  • maila hamail

    ap logo ko sharam nai ati ha jab vina malik ne aisa kuch kiya tu ap logo ne boht kuch kha us k bary main tu ab ap ya sub kuch karty hu tu sharam karo kuch MUSALMANO ager ya kuch pakistan main hoga tu pakistan or india main kya farq reh jay ga.

  • laila

    mathira just wanted to show her ugly body
    mahnoor just wanted to live upto her ever young avatar
    i will watch it

  • hoorya

    cheap and vulgarity on its PEAK :@

    • Umair

      wow, you guys are having double standards. when ash, depika or anyother actress of bollywood showcase an item number . tum loag wah wah kye bughair nahe reh sakte. wohi jub yahan pe hota ha to tum klgon ko sharam cheapness or vulgarity yaad aa jati ha!!

      • hoorya

        4 ur kind information i dnt watch indian movies :/

  • guest

    dont b so emotional guys ,phaly sab apny giraban ma jhankoooooo…………………….. phr dsory ko bura kehna …………..


    media k sab log asy he hoty haSO DONT EXPACT from them.ya sab in k asali face hain………………….in ko moka cheya hota ha open hony ka..apni body ko show off karny ka …….chy wo nida yasir ho jo apny show ma matira ko pump kar re te.or kud bari siti sawatari bani hote hain ……chay phr ya budhi mahnoor baloch.LANNNNAAATTTT HA IN LOGO PER..

  • Roomy

    Khuda ka kahuf kro bahi is mein kia vulgarity hai. Kbhi apnay stage drams dekho wahan kia ho raha hai

  • Devout

    I dont understand our nation's minds… When Dirty Picture was released then sooo many people went to watch it and horrifically some people even took their pre-teen children to the cinema on the pre-text that "they already know everything" this is quoted from The NEws newspaper You magazine… I was shocked beyond my limits… i felt ashamed to be a pakistani, dil kia k kissi trha main Malaysian Muslim hoti ya Saudi Arab main paida hoti lekin ISS ghaleez aur Hypocrite muashray ka hissa na hoti…
    And now people are creating such a Huge fuss on this song, but they Very comfortably watch Chikni Chameli, Munni Badnam and Sheila ki jawani.. One day Munni Badnam was on TV and I quickly wanted to change the channed cz I didnt want my 13 year old niece to see it, but she laughed and said "ye gaana to maine 10 dafa dekha hai"…………
    Agar MUSALMAN banna hai to SAHIH tareeqay se banno…. In a country where the Dirty Picture is a Hit , what religious can you expect from the public????? Ban EVERY kind of vulgarity IN EVERY format, Indian, Turkish, AMerican, and ALSO stage Dramas,,,, THEN think about creating clean PAK movies of PAKistan…

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      u r right, hypocrisy and double standards is the ugliest aspect of our society.

  • Umair

    To the people here and out there, who claims to be muslim. Actually YOU know you are having double standards. you can watch dirty picture, sheila ki jawani etc in-front of your parents boldly. you can't stop praising them when kareena, bipasha and other bollywood actresses comes up with an item number wearing bikinis you watched them again n again. When same goes here you can't stop blaming the media, actors and actresses. when same production standards meet here in our movie then you are predicting as muslims. Then you can't stop preaching about Islam and it virtues. How many of you ladies don't wear jeans? How many of you ladies wear Hijaab? lets take aside Hijaab. How many you ladies wear duppata even, so stop blaming Veena, Mathira, Mahnoor and stop acting like a muslim when you see them!!First change your own standards you have made for yourselves. Stop preaching when somethings like that happens here. It is happening everywhere and stop cursing the culture. If these people are bad for making your culture worse you are equally responsible for because you like to watch these things. You like to watch item numbers, you like to watch actresses in bikinis and you can't praising them if it happens in bollywood or hollywood. When some things like that happens here you can't stop making loud sounds with words of cheapness and vulgarity. CHANGE your DOUBLE STANDARDS and try to take things on lighter notes if you take things lighter when you watch some things of bollywood. Nothing is BAD about this item number Mahnoor is looking superb and mind it. these things are happening in upper class and if they depicted YOU then nothing wrong about it. Lokking forward to see MHSA

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      well umair the biggest problem our society have is this double standard, its not only in films its in every aspect of our life and perhaps it is a major reason for our current plight.

  • izza

    felt extremely bad about it we muslims are doing such things which are not even able to be seen for longer then 10 sec……….this is xtremly shameful
    dont you even feel good about it …………………………no words

  • ali khan

    ye film jo arahi hay wesay tu public demand per hay lakin pakistan ki sarzameen men fahashi ku mazboti sy hawa denay bhi aham kirdar karay gi aur wesay tu hamen musalman hunay k natay 2 ki movies trend dekh kar move banay ki bajae apna trend st karna chahey jesay eurpion apnay mutabiq aur hinu apnay aur mosalmano ko indian ki nakal kay bijae apnay tarz ki mvi banatay tu acha huta lakin ab kia kar saktay hain yeh hamray liay sharam k ilawa kuch bhi nae

  • seema

    india me ja k jo kuch kia jata hai wo ab apko yhin mlega, wah indian movies me pakistani actresses k kam pe tnqeed ki jati hai aur yahan jo horha hai usey koi nai dekh rha? ye hai tarakki pakistani media ki, shrm se doob mrna chahye, phr azaab nai ayega to kia ayega.

  • sumair

    mujhay aaj tak sumjh nahinh ayee k her cheez ko islam say kionm mila deya jata hay pakistani cinema mein tumam muslaman india ki nungi buchi heroin eik rumal jitna kapera uper eik rumal jitna kapera neechay laga k aap l samnay nunga dance kerti hay kissing kerti hay bar mein dance kerti hay humaray crickters wahan ka k bar mein dance kerty hain juwa khelaty hain rat guzarty hain clubon mein phir bhi hajii hain sub indian movie muslim dekh sukty hain or ghuteya movie ko bhi yhe kom hit kerwa sukti hay or bad mein apni industry ko bura bhula kehna humara shewa hay islam ka film ya syasat say kia taluq khuda is kom ko aqal day oh bahi ager is thera k ganay mein heroin burqa phenay gi tuo bbhi aap hi log hongay hahahaha kernay walay ager crickter bar mein gaya hay tuo yahai dikhein gay ana or bahir bhi yhe film isi ganayu ki waja say dekhi jay gi kion k hum sub begert hain india nay hum sub ko nunga ker deya hay isi ki adat hay hum sub ko suchi btat huzm nahinh hoti hum say bus bat itni hay k hum kabhi bhi taraqi nahinh ker sukty kabhi bhi nahinh murty rahao angerozon or hindunon ki dum chaty rahao yahi muqader mein hay is kom k

    • emad

      sharam se doob maro tm b

    • saadi

      wahhhh g kia hub baat kii h indianz agr kapry naiii bi phnti tu wo non-muslims h ur hm being the muslims hr chez ko islam sy compare krty h ur jaha tk ye bt ky muslims indian movies dekhty hy tu jo dekhty h tu wo un ka iman ur jb ye movies non-muslims dekhy ghy tu wo phir islam ky bary my kia sochy ghy whts the difference between muslims nd strange!!!!!! i m not believing ky ye aik muslim ka comment ho skta h. buraiii ko baraiii na samjhna bii bi aik buraiii h!!!shame on u!!!! isiii liye tu naii hmry mulk my silab zalzly aaaty jb hm muslam ho kr bii buraiii ko appreciate krye ur i think being a muslim hmy is cheez py hush hona chahey ky hmri film industry flourish naiii kr raii hmy is cheez ki tension naii ky hm islam sy kitny door hoo rhy h hmra mulk q tabah ho rha h jb aik muslam is cheez kii tension lyy gaa ky behayaii q kam phel raii h tu i think is mulk ka tu is sy biii bura hal hona chahey

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        mein aapkaay zalzalay aur sailaab walee baat per comment karoon gaa, zalazaly kyon aatay hain, shayed iskee haqeeqat KHUDA ko hee pata ho gee and iss mein KHUDA kee hee koi maslehat hoti hai, kyon kaay zalzalay aur sailaab aisay mulkon mein bhi aatay hain jahan ham sun-taay hain kay religion per poori tarah amal hotaa hai, aisee bohat saari misalain hain jesay

        1- Saudia mein shayed 2 saal pehlaay sailaab aaya khaali jaddah mein 70 persons kee death huwee us kee wajah sey, saudia dunya ka wahid mulak hai jahan koi cinema nahin hai

        2- february, 1998, afghanistan mein zalzalaah aaya, almost 30000 log mutaasir huway, jabkay 3000-4000 kee death huwee, afghanistan per taliban kee hakoomat thee, jinhon nay tv, dish, cinemas, vcr sab kucch band kar diya huwaa thhaa

        jahan tak baat hai kay behayai kyon phail rahi hai, iss mein pakistani films ka bhi haath zaroor ho gaa, but aik saal mein kitni pakistani movies aa rahi hain, pichlay 4-5 years year 20 sey bhi kam urdu films aayen aur mostly flop huween, aur iss saal abhi tak 2 urdu films "dil paraye des mein" aur "chambaili" release huween, jin mein koi item song nahin thhaa, actors kee dressing theek thee aur woh flop raheen, MHSA teesri film hoti but yeh ab delay ho gayee hai. kiyaa aik saal aanay walli ye 20 se kam pakistani films hee saaree behayaee kaa baayees ban raheen hain, indian films jo kay har saal khaasi bari taadaad mein release ho raheen hain, woh kiya society ko ba-hayaa bana raheen hain, kyon kaay aap kaay mutabi jo indian dekhtay hai wo un ka iman, to phhir jo yeh MHSA dekhhay gaa us ka apnaa iman, kiya indian aur pakistani film dekkkhtaay huway, mazhab kaay bataye gaye asool badal jaatay hain??

        yeh film agar na bhi lagay, indian kee har tarha kaay gand aur nangaypan sey barphhoor films aik islami jamhooriya, 97% majority muslim state mein khoob business kar raheen hai, yeh fact hai, is fact ko dekkh kar koi bhi kiya result nikaalay gaa, kaay muslims aur nonmuslims mein kiya faraq hai, non-muslim bhi nudity dekhtay hain aur aik muslim country mein indian nude film itnaa business kar gayee, how strange!!!!!!!!

        yeh kaisaa munafiqaana attitude hai, agar katrinaa aaye to kahain gaay wow kitni hot lag rahi hai, reema aa jaaye to kahain gaay how cheap, yeh to hain hee third class

        is song mein jo hai, woh hamaray mazhab kay mubatiq zaroor burayee hai, there is no question or argument on it, yahan iss per behas nahin ho rahi kay kiya ye song ghalat hai yaa sahi, but yahan baat munafqat aur double standard kee ho rahee hai, kay iss say kahin ghaleez indian content intehaaii shouq se dekkhaa jaa raha hai, uss per koi nahin boltaa, aur aisa kucch pakistani film mein aa jaaye to fatwa per fatwaa, kiya munafqat hamaray mazhab mein behayaai sey bari burai nahin?

        • saadi

          u r right bt waha jo zalzly silab aye wo allah kii trf sy azmaish bii ho sktyy h bcz naik logo py allah ka azaab naii azmaish atii h ur ye ap jo yeh khy rhy h ky jo MSHA dekhy ghy un ka apna imaan.obviously un ka apna imaan bt i was trying to say ky jb muslimz movies bnaty tu unhy ye zaror soch lena chachey ky hm being the muslims muslim culture repesent kr rhy h jaha tk ap kii ye bat ky hm indian moviez py critisize nai krty tu plz is bt ko yad rkhy wo non-muslims ur hm muslimz h so un ky ur hmry darmyan frq hona chahey but its ok everyone has its own point of view

        • asifa

          ap k kahny sy to esa lg raha jesy ap kah rahy hun k saf shfaf mov bny gi to wo hit nai o gi….. tary smeen py, or kai es jesi moves hit hoe han q???? kia es ka mtlb hy k hmary dmag mn itni gandgi agai hy k hm ak achci bt saf chez ko accep e nai kren gy…. pakistani dramaz q hit ooo rahy q k wo hqeqt k qreeb bnty han …. hmari phchan yun knw kia hy pak istan…….. pak jga…… ap ka kia kyal hy adr hmari tahzeeb 50 persnt indea ki wja sy dmag oo ri hy to 100 persnt paktan esi flms bna kr kud krab kr dy ga…. ak nau muslim lrki sy jb kaha gya k ap full slevs phna kro to us ka reply tha k pakistani girls b to esi kapry phnti han …. hm mn sy koe ak acha muslman nai bt hm ak achy represnt to bn ee skty na… q k ap prcticle lif mn b jao ap jesy mrzi insan hun by replisntiv jb tak nai hun gy koe faida ni ap succeed ni kr skty

          • Rashid Nazir Ali

            asifa, aap nay jo bhi kaha hai sahi kaha hai ideally aisa hee hona chahiye but tare zameen per indian film thee, indian film jesi bhi ho saaf ho yaah ghaleez ho pakistan mein hit ho jaati hai, but mostly indian films jo aa raheen hain jesay recently, race, murder 3, aashiqui, dabang, yeh jawani hai deewani, chennai express, jism 2 and many more , ko sab kucch kaha jaa saktaa hai , atleast saaf nahin kaha jaa saktaa.
            yahan mainly baat pakistani film kee ho rahi hai, tare zameen per sey kahin achhi pakistani saaf films, nain chal sakeen jesay kay iss saal april mein release honaay waali chambaili, or shayed iss eid per aanay waali film "Josh" ke saath bhi yeh ho. khuda ke liye aur bol different films theen unn mein dressing poori thee, koi item song nahin thaa, aur superhit raheen, but in donon films kay director shoaib mansoor ko khoob galiyaan bhi pareen,

            mein nahin jaantaa kis kaay dmag mein gandgi hai, yaa sifayee, naa hee mujh mein yeh capability hai kaay kissi kaay dmag mein kiya chal raha hai yeh pata kar sakoon, but jo news hain facts hain, kay indian har tarah kee films mostly ghaleez aur vulgar superhit ho raheen hain cinemas mein, woh to sab ko nazar aata hai,

            please also note kaay pakistan kee pehchaan pakistani film nahin hai,naa hee kabhi pakistan kee shohrat pakistani film industry rahi hai, jesay india kee shohrat bollywood kee wajah sey hai, hamari films pakistan mein sab pakistani nahin dekkhtaay, naa hamari films pakistan sey bahir release hoti hain, pakistan kee mostly shohrat world mein terrorism, corruption, civil and minority rights, taxila, moenjadaro, indus civilizatin sey hai, films iss representation kaa part kabhi bhi nahin raheen, past 65 years say kabhi pakistan kee representation ka part nahin raheen, so yeh baat kaay yeh films hamari pehchaan bantee hain, is not correct

            hamaray drama, hamesha mostly hee family entertainment rahay hain ( kucch exceptions hon gee zaroor), but drama aur film mein bohat farq hai, zaroori nahin jo style drama mein hit ho woh film mein bhi ho, meri zaat zarra beynishaan aik super hit drama thhaa, per shayed film mein woh hit naa hota, roohi bano tv kee hit actress rahi hai, films mein nahin chal sakee, tv aur film kaa style farq hotaa hai

            pakistan mein urdu films bohat kam, naa honaay kaay barabar ban raheen hain, atleast last 5 years sey to saal mein 10 sey bhi kam urdu films aatee hain mostly flop hotee hain, jabkee india kee 30+ films aa raheen hain mostly hit hotee hain, so shayed 90% hmari tehzeeb per effect indian films kee wajah sey par raha hai

            film aik commercial thing its a business , yahan jo bhi investor aaye gaa urdu film bana-naay to zahiri baat hai yehi dekkhaay gaa ka demand kiss cheez kee hai, aur saaray facts and figures batataay hain yahan indian kee mostly masla films kee demand hai, so jo investor aaye gaa, woh yehi chahya gaa kaay waisee hee film banaye. is film MHSA mein initially yeh item song nahin thhaa, but continously indian films kaay item song pakistan mein itnaay hit huway jesay chikni chameli, sheela, munni badnam huwi, fevicol se, kay humyaun saeed naay apni fim mein bhi yeh item song daala, may be agar indian films kaa item songs kaa trend pakistani viewers mein hit naa hotaa, to shayed yeh song bhi naa film mein hota,

    • umafra

      or mujhay aaj tuk ya samaj nai aati akhir muslim kiun apnay deen per fakhar nahi kerta jo sab sa achaa or sachaa deen ha kiun in hindu or yahudion ko follow kerta ha halanka hamara Quraan paak man Allah na saaf kaha hoa ha inko follow karo ga to nakaam or zaliil hogay jasa ka ho raha ha muslim kiun samajhta ha nanga honay sa tarakki hoti. tarakki apka achay akhlaaq imaandari or islaam ko hamaray Quraan ko follow kerna hogi in logon ko follow kerna sa nahi hogi jo shaitaan ko follow kerta han Allah hum sabko hidayat da

    • Najeeb

      bhaiya pakistan ISLAM k naam per liya thaaa ALLAH se …

  • sumair

    yahan libert def mnein jao dekho aam lerki kia ker rahi hay ramzan mein shurm ati hay in k kapery dekgh k or mualman lerkay lerkion k i hurketein dekh k kia yhe sub dekh k humari gurdenay nahinh jhukti afsos hay is double standard k muashery pay lanet hay

  • sumair

    mr humaeyon dont feel bad i saw its all traiors and songs its a lovely movie and inshallaha it will be a super duper hit and best of luck and best wishes 4 all our new relezes on eid and after eid also up coming movies too pakistan zinda bad and fuc to all hypocrates and no need to feel such kind of people tc allaha haifiz

  • adan

    pakistani mujra hy ye films………..wo aurtain rat k andhery main ye kam krti hain or hmary actres or actress din ki roshni main…………phr b bri naik bibiyan bni phrti hain………….

    • aqsa ashiq

      u rite exactly Quaid ne Pakistan es leye nae banaya ta bs log bhool jaty hy k marna b hy aik din

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      adan, iss gaanay mein mujraa nahin dikkhaaya gaya, mujra sub-continent kay dance kee form hai jo h kothon aur mehfilon mein kiyaa jaata hai, mujraa mein mostly kathhak, yaah phhir doosray classical dances ko milaa kar perform kiyaa jaata hai, plus mujraa kee dressing shalwar-qameez, yaah saari, yaah phhir laacha kurtaa hoti hai, is song mein aisaa kucch nahin, so yeh mujraa nahin hai

      jo kucch is song mein hai, who arabic belly dance hai, mathira kee dressing bhi bilkul uss kay mutabiq hai, belly dance pakistan mein nromally nahin hotaa, dubai, egypt, lebanon, aur pooray middle east mein apart from saudia,yemen, belly dance, hotels, bars, restaurants, gatherings mein perform hotaa hai,

  • Moazzam

    its not a cultural film and its cinema so don't blame anyone if u don't like don't watch

  • Saman

    Yar is tarhan dekha jaye tou phir tou hollywood movies bhi tou hain… unki storylines kitni meaningfull hoti hain and just see how simply and beautifully they portray all their thoughts without showing any kind of glamour and vulgar dances… instead bollywood is always trying to copy hollywood which they can never succeed in they don't have their own concepts they are trying to follow the concepts of hollywood and sadly lollywood tries to copy bollywood .. it's desperate.. So bcz ov this i always prefer hollywood instead of bollywood

  • shabigujar

    ase logon ki waja se hamare mulk ki ye halat ha astagferullah

  • ramla

    phr veena malik aur her india men kam krny vali larki ka koi qusoor nae..jub pak men he sub kuch ha to

    • maryam

      exactly…… mahnor baloach ko abh itni ziada age main aese harkat karny ki kia parhi thi……mathira veena jaise actress ma naam likhwany ki

  • maryam

    Mahnoor baloach 53 year ki ho k yeh sab karny ka kia show kr rahi,its really bad ,pata nahi pakistani actrs and actresses ban kyun nhi hoty

  • faraz

    Assalam o Alekum

    its me faraz ye hn mare pakistan k kbsurat dil rakhne waly log life ki kbsurat si gari ko enjoy krtay huey DEEN aur MAZHAB ki hudood ko torna koi eaib nhi smajte me khud es me shamil hn me kisi ko kia bolun pta nhi ku ye DIL pe lga hua zang ku nhi utarta KASH aur UMEED k sath future ko dekh rahy hn k shayed ye sb badal jaeyga
    keep smiling t.c bye n ALLAH HAFIZ

  • faraz

    Me ne buhat talash kiya muje zameen me koi farishta nazr nhi aya sb insan thy aur sb me koi na koi eab khami ya gunah shamil tha muje bara dukh hua jb me inko bura bhala kahta rha aur khud ko yaksar framosh kr diya halanke me bhi esi zameen me rahne wala ak insan tha

  • Farhaj

    isi liye me geo ke khilaf hn

    • Samoona

      Ab iss mn geo ne kya kiya…?? ARY is its media partner…:-/

    • bhatti

      issi liye tum pagal ho

  • nidi

    oye saaalo agr koi aisi movie ban hi gai ha to tanqeed to mat karo agr yahi india banata to sub pasand kartay

    • Lawangeen

      indian or pakistani culture mia kafi difference hai…yahan per song ko pakistani culture k hawalay se dekha ja raha hian…….hamray pakistani log b kafi munafeq hian india k vulgur dance,movies sab kafi shoq se dekhtay hian enjoy kartay hian…lakin baat pak movie ke hon tu baray masoooom ban jathay hia ..yani vulgur movie ,dance dekhna tu koi gunnah ke baat nahi indain movie mia…lakin pakistani movie mai gunahh kabera hian….

  • laila

    Ye jin logo ko akhirat ki fikar hai wo iss webiste pe kia kar rahaya hain.?

  • Asmara Khan

    now a days all these scenes were also picturized on television we r becm shameless country.

  • 2 billion (sales) company garners 20% of revenue from traditional grocers, 20% from Whole Foods and 40% from independent natural foods stores
    new balance m576

  • awais

    yh woh mulk ha jahan "chennai express ki tickets pury karachi me 1 hour me sale o jati hen … housefull u know… jitny b yahan comment krny waly hen sub (including me) ne e films dekhni hen sub ne e man of steel dekhi ha sub ko e indian songs aaty hen sub e yh video b dekh rhy hen sub e film b download kr k dekhen gy but sari ayashi kr k jaty jaty "geret, jazbae eemani jese fake comments chor jaen gy".. o shram kro kis ko dhoka de rhy ho apny ap ko?? na dekho to kahan se bny yh films? India ki movies ko housefull kya farishtey dety hen ? facebook pr mstian krti ha sari qom r baten eeman ki… o bus kr jao … pleaseee bus kr jao… khud ko thek kro

  • rao faheem

    saray haji hain. Pehlay apne giray ban main chanko. Thek hai islam k khilaf hai magr aik bt btao kon hai jo movies nai daikhta

  • iioiooi

    i guess you guys are biggest hypocrites,you have an entertainment webiste with alll osrts of ads on your webiste,alos you love aashiqui actors and then you put up some harmless song and say blah blah,have you seen any pakistani film before?they have shown much more than this.

    • Sara Sohaib

      then my bitch why bark on veena punjabi malik that balochi whore is more frustrated then her and her supporter panders pathans as usual homosexuals lutti pathans

      • Sara Sohaib Slut

        wtf you ignorant fuck, you illiterate asshole. you fucked up sick mentality. Sara sohaib go and fuck with your dad.

  • TheAverageMoe

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, don’t need to force your morality onto other people.

    I don’t see people like you speaking up against violence and misogyny shown in many Pakistani movies/TV shows, but you’ll speak up against women dancing.

    Dancing semi-naked isn’t a threat to Pakistani culture; terrorism and and religious fanaticism is the biggest threat to Pakistan culture.

    I guess you don’t know what ‘vulgar’ means, if a guy kisses his wife in public everybody will make a big deal about it, but if he hits his wife in public people won’t even bat an eyelid.
    That’s why Pakistani culture is so f***ed up.

    The reasons why 4 indian movies were banned in Pakistan, weren’t because of “vulgarity” but because Indian/Pakistani relations are good these days.

    • Stevie

      i second you. but what is wrong must be called wrong regardless of what issues are more important.

    • Stevie

      Dancing semi naked is a threat to Pakistani culture indeed, because culture means the way of life, they way people do things. so this vulgarity shown in the films and tv is a big threat because each and every person from a child to old watches it and if the media is promoting it and its all over the channels 24/7 then people specially kids attracts to it.

      • TheAverageMoe

        No, it’s not, it’s not the media’s responsibility to monitor your children, that’s YOUR job, if the media wants to make movies like this, then they’re free to, it’s your responsibility to teach your children morality, don’t blame anybody else for your failure as a parent.

    • Stevie

      This is the biggest problem in Pak that people dont want to accept if they do wrong or defend their points as far as its in their circle of views.

    • sadia

      and what your points actually are, they dont have weight. because what you stated are very very rear. and they arent the stuff people remember and attracted to. people are attracted to vulgarity. did you get my point?? so fuckyourself.

      • TheAverageMoe

        Lol, I don’t understand a word you typed, you need to take some English lessons and then get back to me. πŸ˜›

  • jq

    loved the video, would love Pakistan like this πŸ™‚