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Aunn Zara Episode 07 – The Apology.

So, there it was. Another complete package from Aunn Zara’s team. But this time I must say it was good to see the focus shift to the seriousness of their relation & expectations the two have from one & other. It dealt with the issues Zara is facing because of Aunn’s ego. I; like always, enjoyed the whole episode but did find a few things over the top. Plus I feel the comic touch has subsided tinsyyyy bit but I am hoping we get to share more laughs ahead & for that I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally Manzar & Shella have begun their mission to help their two friends in distress, however, Shella has no idea where Manzar’s intentions are progressing. Shella may seem to ignore a lot of his gibberish but will eventually understand his hits on her. I like how they both are trying to eradicate the problems of their friends & want to fill in the gaps they think Aunn Zara have in terms of communication. At times, I find Manzar’s flirt a lot more cheeky but always love Shella’s ‘not-bothered’ attitude towards him.

At this moment, Zara’s father is just not getting the point that Zara loves the new turn in her life & she is completely happy with everything she is experiencing, I feel it is his upbringing which has made her so stern in what she wants, which for sure is a good thing. Jamshed being the ‘Army wala’ always wanted his daughter to be focused, disciplined & someone who can make the right decisions & stick to them. Well, there he has it. All his values paid off & he has done his job perfectly as a father because Zara has taken everything good from her only parent. At this point, where Jamshed still feels Zara is a young little girl who can’t handle the Zoo-like in-laws, he is mistaking her endurance & the capability to extend & grab the love she had, all her life, longed for. I admired how Zara clearly reminded Jamshed of what she always wanted & how content she it. Even though, Jamshed had his own idea planned for Zara’s life & is kind of taken aback by what Zara has to go through but eventually he will get hold of the reality.

It was interesting how the scenario of an accident was unfolded just in order to make them draw more closer to each other. Aunn’s lifelong supervision by the women has made him incapable of understanding the needs & wants of every lady related to him. To Aunn, every woman of his family is either there to boss him over, is there to be ignored by him or is there to be in a competition with. In Zara’s case, unwillingly he formed some prejudices too. He is seen competing with Zara or always was on his own trip where he wanted to get rid of all the attention & used Zara as a shield to hide behind. He never really took her seriously (vice versa) & never really understood her position.

What made the situation more tangled was when he just tried to prove a point to Zara, which was unnecessary on his part, leading to the accident just because he couldn’t take how Husna trusted Zara more than him with her car. At first, he wanted Zara to take all the attention but now when she is happily doing that he has started to have certain issues. Zara’s cover up for him once again did make a few things clear to him & he was seen sympathizing with her & restless because he then understood what actually he did. I liked that he understood the whole situation & was willing to fix it with an apology.

The whole ‘naraz’ case was a treat & each & everyone’s idea of ‘narazgi’ & ‘manana’ was worth a laugh. Nighat, being too thick headed couldn’t really help him. Chacha tried to show how hard it was but he had his own ideas because you just can’t get away without apologizing & then Parveen Bano pe to narazgi hi khatam thi. Aunn’s response ‘kahin appko Dada manatay manatay hi to nahi khatam ho gaye’ was such a thigh-slapper. I think it has to be my favorite conversation rather the whole ‘kisi ko manatay kaisay hain’? issue was funny. I feel that the utmost attention & limitations of Aunn has made him a bit more sensitive then he would’ve been & for that reason he was being so considerate towards Zara, which I totally enjoyed. The flower gesture was way too cute & was probably the best way to prove a point of apology but alas! Zara’s allergy, her not being able to get the right picture & her misapprehension took it a whole new level of misery for them both. :)

I like the pace of the drama for sure & how they are making the characters grow each & every time. I feel it’s a high time that we get to see more of Husna as well because she has gone in the background & needs to be brought forth a little bit. I really want to see what hardships she had to go through after Aunn’s father left & what ‘bharam’ she spoke about when Aunn got married. Her character is so peacefully mysterious that I just want to know more about her.

I was wondering, was it just me who found the ‘Sahir Lodhi’ thing a bit un-necessary? I think Osman Khalid Butt has some dislikes towards him (like all of us) because even in one of his advert’s he spoke about the guy too. I know all the sane Pakistanis get creeps from him but to openly pin point Mr. Loathe-ee is like giving him the undivided attention (which he yearns for), isn’t it? I feel if you don’t like anyone, never give them the pleasure of your attention even – be it in a negative way or in your even in your critique. But yeah I agree, because of SRK people dislike SL or vice versa, but yeah, you just can’t ignore him, haha!

Ohkay, the thing which I found a bit over the top was a lot of comfortable skin-ship in the episode. I feel the story is so strong, the characters & actors are strong as well & by keeping this sole reason in mind they could have skipped the whole ‘raat wali harkat’, ‘subha wali harkat’, ‘koi aisi waisi harkat’  flick easily, because it seemed unnecessary. I feel even if this whole thought wasn’t stirred in the first place, my mind wouldn’t have even gone there because they are too innocent & I love the story & the show irrespective of all this as well. I feel everyone knows the beauty of a relation that the husband & wife share, so there’s definitely no need of any such constant reminder. I must say I was never really a fan of ‘Humsafar’ but what I appreciate the most about the drama is the strong chemistry which spoke volumes where they didn’t have to rely on any such meaningless contact between the couple. I know, I am talking about two completely different dramas with the different genres but let’s keep in mind the newly wedded couple for this instance. Aunn Zara, ever since it started, has an innocence etched in it & if they’d maintain it, I feel people would still love it – in fact a bit more. I would for sure.

Anyhow, I love the show & how the director has taken out the best in every actor. Every single thing is awe-inspiring & I love how our realities & the beauty of our culture is portrayed so nicely without any negativity as well. There have been so many moments where you can relate to each one of them by absolutely enjoying them in a whole new perspective & light. That’s the beauty of this drama & for this I give them all a ‘THUMBS UP’.

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Zahra Mirza.