Humsafar – The drama & The novel

Starting from the times of Ptv,novels have always been adapted and dramatized for our tv audiences.None of these dramas has gained the immense popularity that Humsafar earned. Humsafar is based on a popular novel by novelist and now drama writer Farhat Ishtiaq. This drama has fans all over the world and many credit it with reviving the Pakistani Drama Industry.Having read the novel and seen the drama adaptation,I thought it would be interesting to share with you differences between the drama and the novel

1- Sara’s character

In the novel Sara was just a cousin of Asher who liked him and wanted to marry him,she was never shown to be his business partner or working with him.Although Naveen Waqar portrayed the character brilliantly,however,she could not match the physical description given in the novel i.e. being very fair skinned and beautiful yet finding no favour with Asher.

2- Khizar’s character

In the novel Khizar was just a pawn used for creating mistrust between the lead couple Asher-Khirad. He wanted to pursue studies abroad but didn’t have the money.He was sponsored by Fareeda aunty and Sara’s mother in return for his ‘favour’ to them. The novel never saw Khizar interested in Sara nor did he ever return once he moved abroad for studies

3- Age difference between Asher-Khirad

Asher of the actual story was atleast 7 years older than Khirad and because of the age difference he suspected Khizar-Khirad relationship as he mistook that she might have mental compatibility with someone of her age.Notwithstanding how much we love the lead couple of drama,their age difference did not appear much.

4- The apartment and the house

Once Asher gets to know that he’s a daughter who’s seriously ill and needs treatment,he moves his wife and daughter to an apartment not his own house.

5- America & Northern Areas

The novel was set somewhere around 2006 wherein Fareeda Aunty goes to Northern Areas for doing earthquake relief work from the platform of her NGO. In the drama, we see her leaving for USA.

6- Self-realization & Khizar spilling the beans

It was self-realization on Asher’s part that Khirad can never be unfaithful to her after which he comes home and finds the letter while in the drama Khizar tells Asher that it was a plot hatched by Fareeda aunty, sara and sara’s mother with his help.Later on,he does find the letter.


After finding out the truth,Asher stoops down to Khirad’s feet and asks her for forgiveness.No such thing happened in the drama.

Apart from these,Hareem had a bigger role to play in the novel where she was quite fond of dressing up and having mehndi etc which was not shown in drama.If you find any other dissimilarities between the novel and drama do let us know.

Haseeb Ahmed


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