‘Humsafar’ to air on Indian Channel ‘Rishtay’- Public delighted!

Every era has its own gem and this one, for sure has ‘Humsafar’ to make itself proud even after decades. Just like we adore ‘Dhoop Kinare’ or ‘Tanhaiyaan’ still, Humsafar  is one of the similar  serials which would be remembered after 50 years from now onwards. These days when the Pakistani showbiz industry is all over loaded with the foreign content, there were people who complained  of the fact that if there is no harm in airing foreign dramas then the Pakistani dramas too, should be aired on channels of countries like Turkey, India and Iran. 

It is surprising to find that its Humsafar which is going to be on-air on an Indian channel ‘Rishtay’ evey weekend, that is, every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 pm. If you notice, this is the same time when it used to be seen in Pakistan, every Saturday, 8pm and the difference of time in between the two countries is half  an hour to be accurate.


The news is amazing but not shocking because already it was known that Humsafar had its fans all over the world and Fawad Khan and Mahira are frequently discussed on India-forums (The largest discussion forum of India) where Fawad was also wished on his Birthday. No doubts about the quality of the serial in every sense and it well deserves to earn respect and recognition of this level.

The local audience is over joyed with the news as it has been taken as a symbol of respect that even the Pakistani dramas are no more less than any other drama and in fact, Pakistan has all the potential in every field to meet up the race of the world.

We are delighted with the news, How about you? Share your valuable views,

Once again, Humsafar, we are proud of you <3

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Nida Zaidi


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  • Well now Indians will know and learn that a play or drama can hit without any vulgarity, rubbish dialogues, item song or vulgar dances and 3rd rated romance shown in their movies or star plus dramas.

  • bullshit
    humsafar se behtar drame hain yar yahan…. inko yahi chawal drama mila tha with zero element of surprize, saas bahu jhagra, beti ko cancer, villian ki suicide and then patch up

  • Qudsia… : ) Agreed…u got the same opinion about hindi movies n dramas that i have got.. :)

  • along with humsafar other master pieces of hum like sheh e zaat and dur e shewar should also b aired in india

  • yea right qudsia .. thats the reason you all watch indian movies , lissen indian songs… and yes thats the reason why atif aslam also had to come to india to make his carrier… before critisising india .. better hav a look on your own things .

    • agger itna hi shouq hai dusroo ko judge kerne mei … toh pehle khud ko karo bhai phir dusro mei khamia nikalna…

  • No doubt their is no comparison with pakistani dramas but there is just one thing to add on is to come with English subtitle because Pakistani dramas are going to all over the world, being an USA residents I have a strong suggestion for Pakistani media to work on it, please. We have a big community who now’s that Pakistani dramas are better then indian dramas but because they do not understand Urdu they do cannot watch.

  • Pakistani dramas have always been of excellent quality and far superior to the I dian TV serials. You should be proud of the dramas your country makes. Best wishes from India.

  • Humsafar was a complete pckg…………….full of emotions,suspense,glamor and romance…….it was a classy drama by all respects……i just simply <3 it :)

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