Dil-e-Muztar Episode 3 – A New Phase

This show is getting better by each passing episode. It has created thousands of fans in mere weeks because of the gripping story and superb acting. We got to see the aftermath of the marriage in this episode and the loss of a wonderful character. Adeel’s mother passed away in this episode on the very next day of her son’s wedding. The scene where Adeel gets tea for his mother and realizes that she is no more was the most heart breaking scene of the episode! Imran Abbas was absolutely superb in this scene. Watching Adeel cry gave me goosebumps!

Adeel’s extremely dislikes Silah at this point and his rude treatment with her clearly reflected it. He still holds a huge grudge against her for forcing him into this unwanted relationship. He is right in his place too. Everybody should get the right to choose their life partner. Nobody paid any heed to his opinion or his choice and he was emotionally blackmailed by his mother into this marriage. He thinks of Silah as a spoiled rich girl who turned out to be extremely selfish. He keeps on taunting her that she got what she wanted and her wish came true as the things turned out just the way she wanted. All his anger on his Chacha and Chachi has also been diverted to Silah and she has turned into a punching bag for him. He leaves no chance to humiliate or taunt her. At his point, I can understand him because his self respect has been bruised by the accusations Silah’s parents had made on him and his mother. He just could not stand anyone disrespecting his mother in anyway. He has also lost the only person who was the most important figure in his life. It will take time but his attitude will slowly improve.

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I felt extremely bad for Silah in this episode. Her only fault here is that she loved Adeel and wanted to marry him at any cost. She became selfish for a bit and managed to hurt both her parents and Adeel. She is trying her best to be patient and make Adeel happy. She is ready to adjust with him in all kinds of situations. She has always led a very comfortable life but did not say a word when Adeel brought her to their new house whose disheveled state shocked her. She worked the whole day to clean the house and make it worth living and in return she expected a good word from Adeel. But he ignored her efforts and instead starting taunting her! She is trying her best to win his approval but is failing miserably. Adeel went so far as to ask her if she wants to end their relationship! I am pretty sure that Silah will win Adeel’s heart very soon. I hope his cold attitude towards her improves in the next episode.

Safeena and Zamaan leave no chance to humiliate Adeel and his mother. Even after his mother’s death, they were seen bad mouthing them. They still think that it was their plan to trap their daughter and get money out of them. Adeel and Silah leave the house despite Zamaan and Safeena’s disapproval but Silah chooses Adeel over her parents and leaves them heartbroken. They know that Adeel will never be able to give her a comfortable life and warned her not to come back to them when she cannot endure her new life style, as living with Adeel was her choice. One can never be happy after hurting your own parents and that is an established fact.

There were also a few scenes in the episode which managed to bring a smile on my face. The scene where Silah comes back running in the room when she hears sounds outside and complain to Adeel was the best scene of the episode for me! Silah gave the cutest expressions when she innocently asked Adeel if she can sleep inside. Another scene which I found extremely cute was when Silah brought tea for Adeel and he asked her what it was and she said ‘Chai’ with the most innocent expression on her face!

Now coming to the show stealer of this episode! It is hard to choose between Imran and Sanam as both have performed brilliantly in this episode but Imran got an upper hand because of the extremely moving scene in which he cried. Usually male actors are very bad at crying but Imran did a very good job! He managed to beat Sanam just by a small notch!

The preview for the next episode seems very interesting and I am eagerly waiting for its next episode. What will happen to Silah’s father? Will Adeel’s attitude towards Silah finally improve?

Keep watching to find out!

Mariam Shafiq.

Fatima Awan

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  • I came like a thousand times just to read the review! Don't be late next time :P For the episode,yes it was nice.Everyone watching would have been felt the same for Sila.But i guess it won't be too long since we can see a little change in Adeel's behavior after she falls ill.haha yes ! Sanam is extremely cute and adorable.That bubbly image is suiting her quite well.Really looking forward!

    • Awww.. I am overwhelmed. :) I won't be late next time.
      His attitude will hopefully improve when she falls sick. *Fingers crossed*
      I am just loving Sanam in this show :))