I Respect My Father’s Decision Of Leaving Pakistan, Says Azan Sami Khan

Azan Sami Khan is the son of celebrated Pakistani actress, Zeba Bakhtiar. He is music composer and writer as well. His father is a well-known singer, Adnan Sami. Back in 2015, he gave up his Pakistani identity to become an Indian citizen.

Azan Sami Khan in a recent interview with BBC Asian Network talked about his stance on his father’s decisions and their relationship. He expressed how he is a true Pakistani and wants to work in Pakistani industry.

“I feel like the industry in Pakistan is my family. It is an immense pride for me and hope and ambition that I can contribute to an industry which I call home.”

On asking upon, how much he has learnt from his mother?

He replied, “I think after God wherever I am is cause of her. She has been in more than anything else she is not a person who’s ever you know told me what to do but she’s set certain value system that’s very clear. She is extremely disciplined, honest and patriotic woman. If I have certain values it comes from her.”

He further added, “I grew up with my mother. I always go to my father for advise and it’s very interesting relationship because we may not speak  at times for months but when we do we just get each other. As a child, I think it’s not our place to comment on what our parents do. It’s not our place to tell them what to do.”

On asking upon his father’s decision, he replied, “So the truth is, I have never spoken about it before. He is my father, I love him, I respect him. He has made certain decisions of where he wants to live but what I choose to call home is now my choice and now I choose that I want to work in Pakistan. “


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