IGLOO’s New Seductive Commercial

We are used to seeing the ice cream commercials of Walls and Omore on our TV screens. It has been ages since an IGLOO ice cream was advertised on a large scale. But behold, the day that this brand’s commercial makes an appearance on our TV screens is finally here! But we and the internet have a problem with it.

Look at some of the pictures from the new ad:

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

Now, if you didn’t know the answer, what ice cream brand would you think was being represented? My guess is Magnum by Walls, right? LIke Walls, Igloo’s commercial revolves around the similar brand appeal and use of seductive advertising tone.

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

I was a bit confused when I was looking at this picture. If I wasn’t aware of the context, I would’ve totally believed this is an advertisement for some lipstick brand as the “Ice cream” is barely visible in the frame! The lips though…

Have a look at the Commerical yourself:

Igloo – Moments Bar

IGLOO creates Moments like no other. Rich vanilla ice cream dipped in Premium Chocolate. A thick, creamy & chunky bar that will become your No.1 in no time :)#IglooPakistan #MomentsBar #PremiumChocolate #DilKyaKaray

Публикувахте от IGLOO – Pakistan в Четвъртък, 29 юни 2017 г.

Khalid Alvi Marketing Next, an online advertising forum on facebook, received the reactions of many people on this TVC there.

These guys didn’t beat about the bush and directly criticized on the overly seductive advertisement for an ice cream:

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

These champs discussed the marketing strategy that IGLOO should use and not use:

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

And these people were just disgusted by the ad:

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

Last but not the least, in fact, my personal favourite, were the sarcastic comments that were found under the post:

IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial IGLOO's New Seductive Commercial

What did you think of the commercial?

Arsala Khalid