“I’m not going to Nueplex Cinema ever again,” Shares Shamoon Abbasi

Syra Shahroze and Kent S. Leung starrer Chalay Thay Saath’s premiere was held on April 20th, and many celebrities attended the premiere. However, something unfortunate happened with Shamoon Abbasi as he was asked to leave the venue.

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“When I entered the cinema hall there were no empty seats so I sat on the stairs instead since the film had started,” Abbasi told Instep. “I was invited by Zhalay [Sarhadi] personally so I decided to attend the premiere otherwise I had stopped going to certain events for the past one year.”

However what happened with him at Nueplex Cinema where the premiere took place urged him not to go there again. “I’m not going to Nueplex Cinema ever again,” he stated.

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Abbasi informed that while he was sitting on the stairs many people were courteous enough and asked him to take their seat but he refused. Suddenly a guy from cinema staff came and asked him to leave upon which he told them that he had been invited but since there was no seat he sat there and would leave shortly. “I didn’t want to create any scene as the movie had begun already,” the actor said. “But they came again and then the security guy grabbed me by the shoulder saying ‘Chalo chalo utho yahan se’ on which I was surprised and left right away. It was very rude of him to do that as if I’m a criminal or so.”

The incident went viral on social media and the cinema management responded saying it’s against their policy to allow anyone to sit on the steps. Abbasi said, “It’s the same cinema house that used to call me when Waar was running there. We went there several times, sat on the steps while they served us nachos and popcorns. Where was the policy at that time?”

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