“I’m Passionate, Honest & Calm,” says Junaid Khan

Despite being a very popular singer, Junaid Khan decided to kick start his acting career 6 years ago and he managed to impress us with every piece of work! He’s currently seen some meaty projects and is leaving his mark in the industry.

We love our celebrities and it’s never enough to know more about them. Hip had a chat with Junaid Khan and asked him some 20 candid questions for the rapid-fire round!

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Passionate, honest and calm.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Lahore.

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Who discovered that you were a great singer?
It was, in fact, my neighbour with whom I used to jam with discovered my talent.

Which song of yours is the most favourite?
*Sab Bhula Kai* has to be the one.

Favourite colour?
I just love white.

One word which you use the most?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Definitely a morning person.

Favourite food?
I’m not fussy and I like all kind of foods, but if I have to choose my favourite then it’s *payas.*

Best leading lady, you enjoyed working with and why?
Mahira khan because I like how she is so honest with her work and not to forget that she is very sweet at heart.

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Three major turn offs?
Pretentiousness, diva attitude and body odour.

Last book which you read?
Oh, gosh now that was a few years back and they were the ones which I read during my MBA.

Facebook or Instagram?

Best gift ever received?
You know I’m not into material gifts but I do think that a mother’s love is the best gift that God has given me.

Favourite travel companion?

Biggest inspiration?
Life itself.

Hard work or luck?
Both go hand in hand, I’m a firm believer of that.

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If you had any one superpower which would you choose?
I would choose to fly because I love travelling and exploring.

List any three all-time favourite dramas starring yourself.
Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai, Sun Yara and Mata e Jaan.

What is an ideal day for you?

An ideal day would be when I am able to make myself and others around me happy.

Lastly, what is next for Junaid Khan the actor?
A few tv serials as well as reading a few film scripts so let’s see what works out.

Rimsha Butt