Nazr e Bad Episode 9 & 10 Review – Absolutely Incredible!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were again quite interesting but came with quite a few scary scenes too. I love how this drama has turned out to be such a complete package where it has a message, it shows all sorts of human emotions like jealousy, hatred, envy, sorrow & grief, it also has some family politics & most importantly it is dealing with the subject of black magic in a very appropriate & believable manner because nothing has been overdone & nothing has been over-dramatized to chip in the ratings. In fact, I feel they have kept things quite -subtle because I feel if they had taken it a notch higher, the faint-hearted me who watches this drama at night wouldn’t have been left with the courage to watch it anymore, so thumbs up for Team Nazr e Bad for making such an interesting drama & showing everything in such a convincing manner that it has become one such drama that I look forward to every single week & honestly, I find 2 episodes a bit too less!

So, Parvez continued to target Maham & Aftab’s new formed relationship & unfortunately, everything that Parvez was trying to achieve started happening because Aftab has become paranoid who can’t get the idea of Parvez & Maham being involved with each other out of his head. Even though Maham on her own is suffering too & she can’t find a solution to her problem because she also doesn’t want her mother or her family to stay concerned about her all the time, but looks like her fear has subsided & she has stopped feeling the discomfort that she used to feel when Parvez started off with his black magic. This time around it looked like Parvez directed all his black energies at Aftab because he knows that Maham might not leave him but Aftab can do that if he will continue to burden him & his soul.

I found it actually quite believable that Parvez made sure that Aftab faces some mishaps in his professional life too because that is something which actually becomes a bone of contention between a husband & wife as usually husbands get so entangled in their professional life issues that they don’t really pay much attention to their wives. This is exactly what happened that when Aftab learned about the robbery at his office, he called Maham & just because she received his call after a little while, he made an issue about it too. It seems that Aftab is now finding a reason to get agitated with Maham because he is not himself anymore & he has no control over his emotions.

This is exactly something that I had in my mind all this while too when I saw Shahista siding with Parvez & was trying to malign Maham’s reputation, like I would always think that why was she against Maham whereas she was just as much of an aunt to Maham as much she was to Parvez but the entire thing got revealed & it seemed quite convincing too. At first Shahista really took pride in the fact that just because she called Parvez to Maham’s home & reminded everyone about the friendship that Maham & Parvez shared, Aftab sent Maham back, but it was good that Nursat not only heard what she was saying but confronted Shahista as well. I felt really bad for Nusrat when I found her pleading in front of Shahista to not create further misunderstandings between Maham & her husband. Just because Nusrat disapproved of the guy Shahista was interested in before her marriage, Shahista was now making Maham face the brunt for it which actually was so mean & bizarre but most certainly believable because you never know what & how many grudges people can harbor in their hearts against you. I found Shahista quite shallow that just because she couldn’t get married to the one she loved, she was now after Maham because back in the day, Maham’s mother stood against Shahista’s wishes & didn’t allow her to get married to him.

So, finally Almas found out what her son was upto & even though she felt a little uncomfortable, she couldn’t say anything because she herself believes in such things & resorts to black magic thinking it will solve all of her problems. Almas’s gave Parvez a nod of approval just after confirming that whatever Parvez was doing would guarantee him Maham. What Parvez is doing at this stage is only because of Almas as she got him introduced to this dark world & she made him so immune to all of this that he doesn’t find anything odd. Almas made sure that Parvez nourishes Maham’s love in his heart & now when Maham didn’t reciprocate those feelings, he resorted to such extreme measures. They showed that Parvez was not only practicing black magic because he wanted Maham in his life, but he now turned it into a money-making business because being the only son, he had to take the role of a bread winner too. Almas & Parvez might think that things are shaping up for them but little do they know what this black magic would do to their lives!

Even though it came as a surprise but it was good to see Shahista realizing her mistakes & telling Parvez to forget Maham. Looks like Shahista has understood that everything that she was doing, especially to someone’s daughter could come & bite her in the future too because she has a daughter as well but Parvez gave her a reply which she wasn’t expecting. It seems that Shahista has also learned that Parvez is into black magic but I am waiting to see if she will inform Nusrat about it or not, I really wish she does because Nusrat wants a validation to the feeling she has always had about Almas & her family. I think this would be a huge favor that Shahista would do to Nusrat’s family & she should in order to redeem herself.

I will say I loved the note at which the 2nd episode ended, like they showed that Parvez was trying to cast magic on Maham but because she was offering prayers, Parvez couldn’t do anything & was shocked as to why his magic wasn’t working. It subtly highlighted the importance of prayers & being in touch with your spiritual & religious side because every time someone complains about these things, those who do the spiritual healing tell the affected people to hold strongly onto the Holy Qur’an & Prayers. In the initial episodes, they also showed that when Maham started feeling uncomfortable because of Almas’s amulets & practices, every time Nusrat would recite Holy Qur’an while being on her side, Maham would feel better & normal again. I really think the writer & the director should be commended for maintaining a balanced approach where they have not only shown that black magic is powerful & the evil is winning over. Even though they are showing that right now just because Nusrat’s family hasn’t put the finger on what actually is the root cause of the problems that Maham & Aftab are facing but I am sure once that will be revealed, they will definitely show the power of Holy Qur’an, Prayers & everything related to it in comparison to black magic, but yes, I will once again say that so far they have dealt with the entire subject brilliantly & for that the entire team of Nazr e Bad deserves a lot of appreciation!

Overall, I had a great time watching the episodes of Nazr e Bad this week, even though this drama deals with darkness & the widespread evil but it gives me enough reasons every week to tune to it the next time because everything that has been showed so far is quite convincing & realistic. The first 10 episodes of Nazr e Bad have been quite amazing & the story has been revealed brilliantly, I just hope they keep their game strong right till the end & turn it into a memorable drama which conveyed a strong message to the viewers & showed how getting involved in these prohibited things ruin the lives & the families. I will say I feel bad for both Aftab & Maham because they have no idea why they are facing so many issues at such an early stage of the marriage. Also, I can’t stand Aftab’s mother, like she is that bitter lifeless woman for no good reason who is finding solace in seeing her daughter in law & her son suffer. I love Nusrat’s character, like the way she feels for her daughter & goes out of the way to make sure her daughter isn’t dealing with any unnecessary pressure goes to show what a mother is capable of & what she can do when it comes to her children. I am not too thrilled with Abreea/Ahmer track, I am sure Nusrat won’t approve & I really hope Ahmer doesn’t wage a war against his mother for Abeera’s sake, like this entire family has caused enough stress in their lives, so Nusrat shouldn’t deal with anything anymore. I will say all the actors especially Fazila Qazi, Sakina Samo, Ali Abbas, Sara Khan & Azfar Rehman have done a commendable job, they have made their characters quite realistic & believable & can I also add how gorgeous & beautiful Sara Khan looks!!! I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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